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This is what pisses me off about “who is the wokest call out culture”. 

Evan Rachel Wood decided to take a quote that Kevin Smith said Ben Affleck said. 20 YEARS AGO. and “drag” him.

“Try getting raped in a scene”. is what SHE tweeted out in response.

Reminder. This quote is 20 yrs old. The quote is NOT from Ben Affleck, and even Kevin Smith said he was saying it in jest (to him, not anyone else) when he first read the script for Chasing Amy.

Now, what EXTRA pisses me off about this. Is that Ben Affleck literally a day ago got a humanitarian award for his work in the Congo. Guess what all the articles are about Today?

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that evan rachel wood/ben affleck giftset is true and she totally owned him rightfully so however the rest of ben's quote is that he didn't know it would be so hard for him bc he didn't realize how homophobic he was and then worked to better himself jsyk

good for him thank u

Having a litle EJ time...
  • EJ: *throws a lil salt into the skillet*
  • EJ: *shakes his hips a bit to the music*
  • EJ: *sprinkles a bit of garlic seasoning*
  • EJ: *hums along to loud ass Frank Sinatra playing*
  • EJ: *flips the contents of the skillet*
  • EJ: *sings into the spatula*
  • EJ: *slides the contents onto his best plate, and adds a mint sprig to the top*
  • EJ: *wipes a tear* it's p-perfect...
  • Jeff: you literally just spent an hour and a half cooking that fucking kidney.
  • EJ: Bon apétit.

Westworld was great. So I drew some fan art of it, based on the original film’s poster with Yul Brynner, replaced by Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores. Awesome thing actually, she retweeted this artwork on Twitter.

This piece was massive, and it took a lot of time trying to figure out what to include and exclude, and how to do it. The orange and brown colour scheme, a very 1970′s palette, was swapped for the more futuristic/modern cooler blues of the season, with William and Logan replacing James Brolin and Richard Benjamin’s guests from the original. And so many other little things you may spot as you look closer and compare it to the original.


where's [emo] Jeff?
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>BEN:</b> Where's Jeff?<p/><b>EJ:</b> One sec.<p/><b>EJ:</b> *walks to piano*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *clears throat*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *cracks fingers*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *deep breath*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *g note*<p/><b>Jeff, in the distance:</b> I THINK THE FUCK NOT<p/><b>EJ:</b> There he is.<p/></p><p/></p>
A few (boring) Creepypasta headcanons just because.

1. L.J. loves pulling pranks on the others and messing their work up, especially Jeff’s. That makes Jeff wish Jack was killable (not a real word???)

2. BEN can get tired, but he can recharge exactly like a battery. Also, he can charge up certain electric devices by just touching them. 

3. BEN is a math genius (don’t ask.)

4. Sally considers the other pastas her family and she looks up to every single one of them (Especially BEN, since they are both ghosts)

5. E.J. was (and still is) a big fan of books, and he learned how to read braille books (thank you,  kanda-the-butterfly for correcting me on this)

6. E.J. usually goes to the park at night all alone just to clear his mind and think about the future. 

7. Jane broke her leg once by falling on it while trying to run in high heels. 

8. When Jeff and BEN first met, BEN laughed at Jeff for half an hour because of the “My name is Jeff” meme. Jeff had no clue what was going on, and he ended up getting very angry. (they became friends afterwards. no worries)

9. E.J. is very curious and pays a lot of attention to a lot of details, so, every single time there is something major happening with the other pastas, he likes to stay back and observe the reactions that they have. 

10. E.J. also doesn’t talk a lot, but he is really good at giving advice considering different problems that the others have. The one that he talks with the most is BEN, because… 

11. BEN is very talkative. He can’t stand being lonely for too long. 

12. About Toby… Let’s say that he knows that The SlenderMan is not exactly as good of a guy that he thought he was when they met. Yes, everything was fine at the beginning when the creature saved him from the burning forest, but Toby came to realize that his mental condition was getting worse and that he killed a lot of people without having a concrete reason to do so. He can’t do anything about it. 

13. Jeff sucks at singing. period. 

14. BEN can remember anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, he will remember it. That is both a blessing and a curse. 

15. L.J. can’t take care of Smile because he will very probably give him candy. They can’t kill him, but they will make him extremely hyperactive. One more reason why Jeff hates Jack. (I still ship them tho)

16. E.J. and BEN don’t have a lot in common, but that makes them very curious about eachother. 

17. Toby went a whole day once with big gash on his arm, thinking that the blood on his sleeve was from one of his victims.