ben... woods

This is what pisses me off about “who is the wokest call out culture”. 

Evan Rachel Wood decided to take a quote that Kevin Smith said Ben Affleck said. 20 YEARS AGO. and “drag” him.

“Try getting raped in a scene”. is what SHE tweeted out in response.

Reminder. This quote is 20 yrs old. The quote is NOT from Ben Affleck, and even Kevin Smith said he was saying it in jest (to him, not anyone else) when he first read the script for Chasing Amy.

Now, what EXTRA pisses me off about this. Is that Ben Affleck literally a day ago got a humanitarian award for his work in the Congo. Guess what all the articles are about Today?

Having a litle EJ time...
  • EJ: *throws a lil salt into the skillet*
  • EJ: *shakes his hips a bit to the music*
  • EJ: *sprinkles a bit of garlic seasoning*
  • EJ: *hums along to loud ass Frank Sinatra playing*
  • EJ: *flips the contents of the skillet*
  • EJ: *sings into the spatula*
  • EJ: *slides the contents onto his best plate, and adds a mint sprig to the top*
  • EJ: *wipes a tear* it's p-perfect...
  • Jeff: you literally just spent an hour and a half cooking that fucking kidney.
  • EJ: Bon apétit.
where's [emo] Jeff?
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>BEN:</b> Where's Jeff?<p/><b>EJ:</b> One sec.<p/><b>EJ:</b> *walks to piano*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *clears throat*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *cracks fingers*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *deep breath*<p/><b>EJ:</b> *g note*<p/><b>Jeff, in the distance:</b> I THINK THE FUCK NOT<p/><b>EJ:</b> There he is.<p/></p><p/></p>