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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5'4"

Sexual Orientation: ???????

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Colour: purple

Favorite animal: i don’t really have one theres so many cute ones!!

Average hours of sleep: six or seven? i’m kinda all over the place depending on the day

Cat or dog person: both! even though I’m allergic to cats

Favorite Fictional Characters: Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert, Patty Tolan, Abby Yates, April Ludgate, Ben Wyatt Human Disaster, C.J. Cregg, my Stranger Things children, lots more i cant think of at the moment

Number of blankets I sleep with: currently five because I’m home and my parents keep the house as cold as possible

Favorite Singer/Band: Taylor Swift, Melanie Martinez (don’t judge i liked her before it was a thing for edgy middle schoolers lol), Christine and the Queens, Hamilton cast.?? hit me up with music recommendations i feel like i always listen to the same stuff

Dream trip: literally anywhere, I’ve never been outside the US and Canada so I’d like to go anywhere in Europe. Also New York City to see SNL :)

Dream job: being employed lol

When was this blog made? September or October 2016 i don’t remember exactly

Number of followers: 244

What made you decide to create this blog? I really didn’t want to do tumblr again because i quit a few years ago when it became too distracting. But I just really wanted the username ghost tits after i saw the ghostbusters outtakes because wow relatable, so here i am folks

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The Founding Fathers as Parks and Rec characters
  • George Washington: Ron Swanson, like is this even a question
  • John Adams: April Ludgate
  • Thomas Jefferson: Literally Tom Haverford
  • James Madison: Ben Wyatt- Human disaster
  • Alexander Hamilton: Leslie Knope
  • Benjamin Franklin: Tammy Two
  • Bonus
  • Marquis de Lafayette: Chris Traeger

futuresuper  asked:

I really like you, but you are a terrible person to talk to about personal stuff.

Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster || accepting!

           “Good. I find it successfully deters most people from attempting to bring their personal dilemmas to me in the hopes of a long, drawn out, and unnecessary conversation about them. In most cases I believe that personal problems are so called for a reason — and should be kept personal.”

the signs as nicknames for ben wyatt
  • Aries: jello shot
  • Taurus: human disaster
  • Gemini: mean ben
  • Cancer: turd boy
  • Leo: ice town clown
  • Virgo: bento box
  • Libra: ben the numbers robot
  • Scorpio: calzone boy
  • Sagittarius: angelo
  • Capricorn: ben the jerk
  • Aquarius: benji
  • Pisces: rubber band