As seen in the intensely awesome The Cursed Earth blog, a quartet of Judge Hershey pics by certified cool guys Ben Willsher, Colin Wilson, Phillip Bond and Nick Dyer. I would aggresively recommend the blog, ran by a fella called Wiggz, to anyone who’s even remotely a 2000AD fan, or likes art in general. It’s a fantastic vignette into dozens of amazing artists, both modern and classic, with really distinctive styles.

Also, is it just me or does Hershey just look a lot better in profile shots?

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles Series One (art by Ben Willsher from DWM #381)

  • Frostfire
  • Fear of the Daleks
  • The Blue Tooth
  • The Beautiful People

2000AD Forum Advent Calendar 2014- The Grave & The Cold!   -   Ben Willsher.

As it’s not particularly festive, but totally brilliant, I think we’ll have this as the final word on the advent calendar - Ben Willsher’s take  on Judge Dredd & Batman c.1960’s sensationally silly ’Brave & The Bold’-era, which inspired the camp TV show, and saw Batman team up with just about everyone in the DC Universe!

Brilliantly re-realised in the recent animation series on Cartoon Network, wonderful indulgent fun!

Having lured both sides of the human/mutant war that had raged for centuries to a paradise planet known as the “Lost Earth”,Durham Red means to end the conflict once and for all.
Hoping to bring about peace between the two warring factions using a mutant entity,the Offspring,to annihilate them both,Red believes it will end bloodshed throughout the galaxy.
However Offspring has been manipulating Red all along so he can take revenge on the human race who had imprisoned him.
By releasing an airborne pathogen that will attack only mankind,it would leave mutants to take their place as the dominant force in the galaxy.
Offspring’s plan works and Durham Red is left with the guilt of helping to cause the extinction of the human race!
Cover(Prog1261,26Sep'01)by Ben Willsher and Chris Blythe.
Vermin Stars”,Progs1250-61