playlist to go to sleep to.

1. mad sounds - arctic monkeys

2. sense - tom odell

3. firefly - ed sheeran

4. holding a heart - toby lightman

5. nothing arrived - villagers (live from spotify version)

6. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys

7. she treats me well - ben howard

8. break the silence - the dig

9. work song - hozier

10. lilywhite - luke sital-singh

11. hot gates - mumford and sons

12. time of war - the vantage

13. losing you - aquilo

14. petrichor - keaton henson

15. shiver - lily rose

16. grand optimist - city and colour

17. broken - jake bugg

18. the end of all things - panic!  at the disco

19. a rush of blood to the head - coldplay

20. new slang - the shins

21. special death - mirah

22. konstantine - something coporate

23. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

24. berlin - ry x

25. skinny love - bon iver

26. chord left - agnes obel

27. follow you down to the red oak tree - james vincent mcmorrow

28. pictures - benjamen francis leftwich

29. in dreams - ben howard

30.  hey now - london grammar

31. arsonist’s lullabye - hozier

32. prayer in c - lilly wood and the prick

33. promise - ben howard

34. stay tonight - tom odell

35. smoke - daughter

36. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons

37. till i lost - tom odell

38. it’s hard to get around the wind - alex turner

39. piledriver waltz- arctic monkeys

40. hiding tonight - alex turner

colour of the trap - miles kane

Jesus I only planned to put twenty songs down.


Where to start with this beautiful, but very rarely seen young, woman. Tara Strong is so beautiful and she is such a talented young woman. Her voice acting is just like the best thing ever and is your childhood. If you never watched any of these shows growing up. You had no childhood just saying😆😆😆


<blockquote>some stills from the variety show rehearsal

how London Spy should have ended

Francis grins, and in a game show voice says “Danny, look under your chair!”. Alex is crouched down under the chair with a bouquet of roses and as he greets Danny. Confetti cannons go off and “Celebration” by Kool & the gang comes on over the loudspeaker. Scotty enters with an oversized cardboard check for 1 million dollars. The doctors run in with a negative HIV test, it was a fluke! Alex gets down on one knee as a flash mob begins to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” and proposes to Danny as the mob lifts him into the air and deposits him in Alex’s arms. A puppy is placed in Danny’s lap and licks him affectionately. The end.