Trea Turner is faster than a black mamba snake but slower than a cheetah. You’ll have to listen to this week’s Resting Pitchface episode to find out just which animals can match his top speed, as well as our thoughts on baseball returning to the Olympics, whether Old Bay counts as a PED, Gio Gonzalez’s emoji cloud, and many other things.

One thing we’re all sure of: The Leaping Cephalopods is a great team name.

Episode 6 - Feelings Are Logistical

“Michael Jai White is playing Bronze Tiger and he is such a badass,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says of the claw-bearing killer about to rock Starling City. White will debut in the season’s second episode, which finds Stephen Amell's vigilante Oliver Queen drawn into a battle of pure brawn with the Suicide Squad member better known as Ben Turner. “He’s basically the best of the best, so he has come to Starling City to see if the Hood can give him a challenge.” (X)

Thomas Blake began his criminal career as a bootleg version of Batman. His gimmicks were considered laughable by the community, so he was never taken seriously; Blake left the game, becoming a couch potato. After several particularly humiliating run-ins with Green Arrow, however, he decided to shape up again. He was no longer exclusively a villain, working with good&bad guys as an on-and-off member of the Secret Six as the 6 ft, 179 lb Catman.

Benjamin Turner came from an upper middle class black neighborhood in Central City. When he was ten, he saw a burglar attacking his parents, so he proceeded to murder the man with a kitchen knife. In an effort to control the rage inside him, he turned to martial arts, then crime. He met the O-Sensei, studied under him, and then alongside Richard Dragon. They were approached by Barney Ling from the organization known as GOOD (Global Organization of Organized Defense), reluctantly working for him. Dragon discovered that Turner was brainwashed into becoming the 6'3", 240 lb Bronze Tiger by Professor Ojo, then used by Ling, who turned out to be a traitor. They were hired by King Faraday to work for the CBI (Central Bureau of Intelligence). Assigned to take down the League of Assassins, the two were discovered by the League, which resulted in them killing Turner’s fianceé, Myoshi, and proceeded to brainwash Turner, who was was rid of his demons by channeling them into the identity of Bronze Tiger, a masked assassin working for the League; he trained with Cassandra Cain during that time. As Bronze Tiger, he developed a fearsome reputation in the world, his identity remaining a secret to everyone but the League. Learning of his identity, Faraday set up a rescue squad of Rick Flag as well as Nightshade, retrieved Tiger, and he was deprogrammed by Amanda Waller, who ran the Suicide Squad.

Cat vs. Tiger, by Dan LuVisi.