That scene in Mulan where all the ancestors are arguing about whose fault it was that Mulan ran off to join the army except with all the Force ghosts arguing about Ben Solo.

This is the greatest thing I have ever drawn I am so proud

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@sailorcrazypinklady Yes! This! All Of This! I 110% support this plan to be a TwinSuns enabler. Also, Ben. No. Ben, that is a Bad Plan.™ We do Not confront Dangerous, Evil, Sith Lords with designs on Galactic Domination in their own territory. And We Certainly Don't Confront Them Alone! DO WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK ABOUT THIS?!?!?! Please Moddy may we have some more? (・ω・)

Ben is dead.

Anakin can only feel an empty spot in his mind where the bond that always held him to Ben once was and he can’t move his eyes of the comm of the Resolute as a dull thump comes thinny through the systems. A body hitting the floor.

Ben’s body.

A spasm goes through his body and he swallows back the sour nausea he can feel building inside him along with the rage as every clone trooper under his command stand frozen, their eyes just as much directed at the comms as Anakin’s are.

“Well, one less burden to hamper with.” The voice is unmistakable Palpatine’s but Anakin can’t quite get it through his own mind despite realizing it from the moment the comms had flashed with the emergency Jedi broadcast code.

There’s a shift and then something soft slides against the floor. “Dead as a shot bird.” The chancellor’s voice sounds gloating and it takes Anakin a moment to realize that he must have kicked Ben’s body, the soft shift was cloth and flesh against floor.

He can’t move though, reaching desperately out into the Force for Ben still even as Qui-Gon rests a hand on his shoulder, the old man looking pale.

Cody is standing by Rex, Anakin can barely see them from the corner of his eyes.

The captain seems to be propping his vod up.

Right, Ben and Cody were… were… but Ben is now… gone.

“…Ben?” Finally escapes him in a quiet whisper as the comms suddenly fill with the sound of a door slamming open and Mace Windu’s voice.



They feel the life snuff out before they reach the office and it feels like breath is stolen from their lungs, the chaotic Force sensation that had always been Ben suddenly gone.

Not just leaving into the Force but gone as if its never existed.

Its enough to spur them on even faster and Mace will need a few long hours of meditation later to purge the amount of rage that goes into slamming the door open.


There will be no peaceful surrender.

Not when Ben lays by the desk in a limp pile of limbs, a clear hole through his tunic and chest through the heart showing exactly how he died for the Sith lord’s blade that was hidden right below their noses.

Jocasta gives a pained cry but Mace can’t give her the space to get to Ben as he engages Palpatine with Depa right behind him.

And then the Archivist tries to get in a hit too.

She’s not quick enough, whatever else can be said about Palpatine, he is quick and blocks Mace saber only to then take out a good chunk of Jocasta’s hip and almost takes her head if it hadn’t been for Plo pulling her back and Shaak distracting him before he could follow.

Mace and Depa work together, pushing the Sith back and away from the others even as Plo props Jocasta against the wall before he joins his fellow council members against the Sith threat.

Gripping her hip tightly, Jocasta hissed in pain before looking to the pale face of her padawan from a distance. Ben looks peaceful almost, she could almost convince herself that he was asleep if it wasn’t for the hole through his chest.

There’s a mighty crash and she looks up, glaring at Palpatine as wind rushes in from the shattered window as he barely misses cutting of Depa’s arm.

Ben is gone but Jocasta takes a un-Jedi like glee in the fact that Mace will not let Palpatine leave the office either.