My Juliet Marillier traveling book gif is complete! 

The locations are as follows: Big Ben, The Eye of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge/The Shard, Millennium Bridge, The British Library, Blackfriars Bridge, Southbank Book Market, Shakespeare Theater, Kings Cross Station, Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour, Private Drive, The Potter’s Ruined House, The Eye of London at night(x2), London Bridge at night, Big Ben at night, Brighton Pier(x2), Alnwick Castle(x4), Dunnottar Castle, Arthur’s Seat(x4), Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Loch Ness, Eilean Donan Castle, and the Fairy Pools.   


SUNDOWNER - ‘Cemetery West' 

  • ben winston: hey about this you and i video
  • ben winston: why not let the boys individually walk down a pier
  • ben winston: in slow motion bc dramatic
  • ben winston: oh and it should be like, really pissy weather
  • ben winston: and then let the boys morph into each other as the solos switch because it might look kinda cool
  • ben winston: finally they should all walk down the pier together and do some freaky time shit that makes no sense
  • ben winston: that's it
  • ben winston: that's the video
  • everyone: ...
  • ben winston: gENIOUS *high fives self*