Two Months Prologue

Pairing: Prince!Ben Solo x Reader
Warnings: Light cursing.
Summary: Ben Solo has two months to marry before being put in an arranged marriage. In a fit of rage he runs away and stumbles into The Cantina Diner where he meets a beautiful waitress. 
A/N: This is an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now. Ben Solo seemed like the most perfect character for this story. This will feature angst and fluff. Maybe a little smut if I’m feeling it. 

Chapter I/Chapter II

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Can I really trust you? (Hogwarts Mystery Imagine - fem!reader x Ben Copper)


Words: 2497

Pairing: fem!reader x Ben Copper

Summary: You have been staring at Ben more often than you like to admit. Rowan would point out he might have to do something with R you would tell Rowan that Ben wouldn’t lie to you. Once you follow him out of the Great Hall, something happened. Perhaps Rowan was right after all. Ben might not be telling the truth, or is he?


Ben noticed you have been staring at him more often lately. He just didn’t understand why though. Did he do something wrong? Didn’t you trust him anymore after Rowan became suspicious? It didn’t make sense though, because you said you believed him. Those letters from R were addressed to him, but he just couldn’t remember them. Or perhaps he did remember them, but he tried to forget about it. He didn’t want you to be suspicious of him, after all, you were a really great friend. You have helped him out when he needed it. You even duelled Merula, because she called him a Mudblood. He hasn’t said anything weird to you lately, has he? If he did then he would have been embarrassed about it. No, it couldn’t be that. There must be another reason why you were staring at him. He was sitting in the Great Hall, eating his lunch, when he caught you staring at him again. You quickly looked away when your eyes met each other. What was going on?

Rowan sat next to you and elbowed you. “What are you doing, Y/N?” She asked. “Nothing.” You mumbled, blushing a little. “Oh, so staring at Ben is nothing?” She asked, smirking slightly. “You have doing that a lot lately. You have to be careful, Y/N. He might have seen it.” She said amused. You knew he might have caught you staring at him often, but you definitely wouldn’t admit you did such a thing. “I wasn’t staring at Ben. I was just thinking.” You muttered. “Sure you were.” She said, rolling her eyes. “Let me guess, did those thoughts include Ben?” She teased you. You elbowed her “You are a terrible friend, Khanna.” You said with a grin. “Hey! I’m just looking after you. I mean, after this whole ‘R’ thing, I’m not sure whether Ben is telling the truth or not. I don’t want you to get hurt.” She said honestly.

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Falling in Reverse Ch. 4

Chapter 4: Care

Nick Sandow walks from one side to the other in his office. In front of him, sitting on a chair it’s Ben Solo.

“You know, doctor Solo,” Nick begins to say. “In all the time criminal (Y/N) has been here, she has never behaved so well. Of course, not considering the outburst she had last week.”

Ben frowns, not knowing where Nick is going with his talk. Is he praising him?

“I feel I’m making some progress with her,” he says. He doesn’t want to give too much away about how your treatment is going. Because that’s private, something between doctor and patient.

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anonymous asked:

Debbie Allen said that in the finale all relationships will come to a head: either they will make it or break it. We already know that Benly and Catherine and Richard are safe. Mer and Riggs are new, based on spoilers they are "make it", "Alex makes decision about Jo, it can only be make as it is currently break it. That leaves Omelia and Japril. Considering that they will not do "make it" with everyone that puts them in danger! Pls. Shed some light!

I don’t think Benley are safe at all. They spent the season mostly in good terms and I think Ben’s condition with his residency will backfire and affect their marriage. Also, Ben needs to know where to go from here and he seems very indecisive.

Catherine and Richard IMO are “safe” because I doubt they will give any more screen time to discuss their relationship.

Meredith and Riggs: I think now, just as they are embracing the relationship and finally accepting their feelings, deciding to be together, etc, things will change. Riggs has been pursuing Meredith for the entire season and she has been hesitant. Now that she is finally on board (which is why I think they made sure to show Maggie being supportive of it on ep 22), I think Riggs will be the one to have doubts about them and what may cause it are Owen’s news from ep 23. So I am not sure they will end the season on a good note.

Jolex: After being pretty much ignored for the past seasons, I think they will at least take a step towards reconciliation. My guess is that Alex will reinforce he wants to be with Jo by whatever action he is taking regarding her ex husband.

Japril: such a mess. hard to believe they slept together, have a kid together, supposedly live together and nothing has been addressed about it. Unfortunately for Japrils, I think Jackson will sleep with Maggie. Ugh, I know. I don’t think it’ll turn into a long run thing but it could definitely be a set back in Japril’s story. 

Omelia: I think Owen’s news will bring them closer together but won’t solve their problems and they will end the season on a better note but with a lot left to work on.

GREY’S ANATOMY, why can’t you have at least ONE COUPLE that doesn’t break up every 2 weeks for lack of communication? I would really like to see a couple working and struggling but being brought together while working on their issues instead of fighting and getting distant every time something happens. 

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Prompt: Space adventure

Hey friend! You didn’t specify, so I did my favorite trio and also made it SFW.  Hope you like it!

Finn wasn’t one to question his friends’ plans, especially those of Rey and Ben. When the two led their speeders out of town, however, into the desert every local at the cantina warned against, he’d very much have liked to.

“Ben knows where he’s going, right?” he asked Rey, as close to her ear as her loose maneuvering would allow.

“Of course,” she said confidently, or perhaps it was only the thrill of the ride. They’d been sailing through deep space before touching down, cramped in a small stealth ship. They hadn’t seen so much open space in weeks. “He got the maps from one of Luke’s old books.”

That didn’t fill Finn with confidence. He didn’t doubt Ben’s navigation or the authenticity of the late Skywalker’s library. What he did doubt was that in the centuries since the original cartographer’s visit, the desert’s landscape hadn’t changed. Whole civilizations could be buried in a single sandstorm; the likelihood of the temple they were searching for still being above the dunes was astronomically low.

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