“Fade Into You” by Ben Harper // Originally by Mazzy Star

This year's Starbucks sponsored Valentine’s Day collection, Sweethearts 2014 is stacked with musicians worth getting excited over - from Vampire Weekend to Phosphorescent to Fiona Apple. That being said, there are a few artists that normally, I wouldn’t be excited to hear. Not because I dislike the artist at all, but mostly because i never really found myself swimming in their waters over the years. Ben Harper is an artist that falls into that category. I’ve heard songs of his over the years that I thought were solid, but nothing ever grabbed me at that particular time and forced me to be a lifelong fan. Now, here - years later, I find myself hearing Harper covering one of the all time great songs in Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”, and loving what I’m hearing. The swooning slide guitar is gone, as is Hope Sandoval’s lilting voice that soars at the chorus - in it’s place, a heartbreaking, somber take finds Harper singing just above a whisper as a delicate piano leads his fragile vocals. It’s a lovely take on an oft-covered track. Another reason to pick up the Sweetheart 2014 compilation when it’s released on February 4th. 

How Many Miles Must We March
  • How Many Miles Must We March
  • Ben Harper
  • Welcome to the Cruel World

Exactly how much will have to burn
Before we will look to the past to learn
We walk along this endless path
Which has led us in a circle 
So here we are right back
We can’t let the future become our past
If we are to change the world
Won’t you tell me 
Tell me please
How many miles must we march
How many miles must we march