Truth Is Beauty by artist Marco Cochrane, photographed by Ben Canales at Burning Man, 2013.

The inspiration behind the piece comes from the artist wanting a world where women can feel and truly be safe and free of sexual harm from predators. In his sculpted world, we’re all the better for 50% of our population not living in fear of letting their guard down or going/doing/being something that is frowned on simply from being a woman. I can relate to a version of this disappointment where I’ve heard multiple women say they want to go out and do night photography like I’ve come to love, but they’re afraid to be alone out in the dark. This is sad and is only a fraction of the injustice that still lurks in various cracks of our consciousness and society. It’s not ok. And it can change.



An online photographer friend of ours, Ben Canales, did this time lapse project of Portland, Oregon (which took 2 months to film), and it’s definitely worth the watch. Check it out!