ben sandwich

Things I’m Currently In Love With

I was tagged by the lovely @gwenjewel! Thank you!! ♥

one song: Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
two movies: Arrival, Spirited Away
three tv shows: Reign, Salem, Once Upon a Time
four people: Tom Hiddleton, Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Sebastian Stan
five foods: Pizza, Pasta, Veggie Sandwiches, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Salad
six people to tag:
@marimccabe, @thblackwidow, @spacecaptains, @bartonromanoffs, @outlawquake, @jontargaryns


Okay, okay, we’ll get the writers to fix it. Come on, Ben, we got the best writers in town!

Yeah, that’s all I hear, Matt! They’re young. They’re hip. They’re fun. Hey! Do your jobs!

Michael Jacobs’ & BMW director/producer Jeff McCracken’s kids play the Kid Gets Acquainted with The Universe writers. Including GMW writer Joshua Jacobs as the one who says Ben is poopy.

on my last day in paris im buying a sandwich and putting it in my suit case so that when i come home me and my brother can enact the “jerry horne comes home from paris and gives ben horne a sandwich and eats it in front of everyone” scene from twin peaks