ben grelle

Starting to become a bit disaffected with Reddit

I’m just getting fed up of how the hivemind seems to just relentlessly put a downer on one guy because of his particular brand of humour and his personal appearance. If they don’t like his stuff just move on to the next post and stop relentlessly picking at everything you don’t like. Get over yourselves.

I personally think the guy is hilarious and I don’t care what he looks like. In my opinion, his appearance just makes him even funnier because he takes it in his stride.
He has a condition which prevents any major exercise as his body just doesn’t have the energy for it so he puts his time into creating funny images and gifs for his fans. He does this for people despite the fact that he continually receives hate mail and that is definitely admirable.

I would personally like to say that The Frogman deserves better and if you agree with me reblog this post and spread it through Tumblr and the wider web if possible.