“I can’t help myself but get involved when the world seems to spin into disarray and you don’t feel any control or that your voice counts. So, any way I can help voice the concerns of those who don’t feel they have a platform. There are causes that we should all be aware of and support and push all the time in terms of equality for race and gender.”

Happy 37th Birthday Ben Barnes! (August 20, 1981)


Ben has been cast opposite Julia Ormond in the new emotional thriller Gold Digger for BBC One, a six-part series about a woman falling in love with a much younger man and the effect it has on her already damaged family.


Happy Birthday, Ben! โค

Hereโ€™s the day weโ€™ve all been waiting for - our manโ€™s birthday! For this day, youโ€™re free to do whatever you want to show support to someone, because of whom weโ€™re gathered here. We wish Ben everything whatโ€™s best in life, especially health, love and a lot of success in his outstanding career ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŽ‰ Let the celebration begin!

Am I Intimidating? - Sirius Black X Reader

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Request:   Would you mind doing a Serious Black x reader where he’s really nervous around her at first?

Word count: 1087
Author: Joana M. / CeceSunshine


The day Sirius Black fell in love with (Y/N) (L/N), the world stopped.
Who would guess?  The infamous Sirius Black was in love, but it wasn’t the kind of love he was familiar. He didn’t want to make out with (Y/N), well, he wanted, but he also wanted to hold her hand, cuddle with her and more.
 Sirius noticed the (Y/H/C) girl for the first time in his sixth year when Lily brought her friend to one of James’s parties after Gryffindor won a Quidditch match Slytherin.

–Lily! (Y/N)! –James said as he witnessed the two girls enter the Gryffindor Common Room. –So glad you two came! Great match, don’t you think? –The boy quickly approached both of them and gave them a hug.
–James! Great match pal! Emma Vanity’s face was unbelievable, she really thought Slytherin was going to win! –(Y/N) cheered as she stopped hugging James.
 –Right there! Let’s go!

The three teenagers approached the couch where most of their friends were. Frank and Alice were kissing, Sirius was having a hot make-out session with Marlene McKinnon, Remus and Peter were drinking pumpkin juice, trying to ignore their friends making out right next to them.

–Guys, look who’s here! –James said in an excited tone while he pointed at you.
  –(Y/N)! –Remus and Peter exclaimed happily as they saw you.
–Hey guys! How’ve you been? Haven’t seen you in ages? Remmy! Sick scar! And you Petey, looking good!

Quickly, you were hugged by the two boys. (Y/N) (L/N) had quite a story with both of them. As soon as Sirius noticed his friends hugging someone, he shoved Marlene out of his lap. He never saw Remus being close with a girl, neither saw Peter having human contact with…a human.
 Sirius cleaned his mouth with the back of his hand, letting some peach flavored lipstick in the place.
 The young Gryffindor started coughing, trying to get the girl’s attention.

–Oh. Hey Black. Good to see you. –She gave Sirius a half-smile and then turned her attention to the boys again. –So, would you two dance with me?
–Absolutely. I’m tired of seeing Sirius and Marlene snogging here.  –The scared boy replied dragging the (Y/H) girl and Peter to the dance floor.

The music blasting from nowhere (James cast a Music Spell) was a replica of one song from a new wizard band.

“No one asks me for dances
Because I only know how to flail
I always hit like I’m drowning
Dead arms around him
I’d rather stand still, hold tightly to the walls”

Sirius watched the girl amazed, as she jumped around like a fool, smiling all the time, the (Y/F/C) dress she was wearing suited her body perfectly.
Peter and Remus grabbed her hands and did a silly dance, seconds later Alice, Frank, James, and Lily joined them holding hands and dancing.
Sirius only paid attention to her, the beautiful (Y/N) with her silly dance moves and gorgeous smile. He wanted to go there and join them, but he was too nervous to do that, so he watched her all the time.
 He saw her again 5 days after the party, hearing her (Y/H) robes walking to the library. And for the first time in years, he entered the library.
Everybody glared at him, why the hell would Sirius Orion Black be in the library? But he didn’t care, he followed her.
(Y/N) was on her tiptoes, struggling while she trying to reach a book in a very high shelf. That made the Gryffindor boy smile and gave him some confidence. He walked to her and opened his mouth but the sound didn’t come out. The girl, eventually noticed him and he face was full of confusion, why was Sirius looking like he saw a ghost? He couldn’t talk.

–Hello Black. –(Y/N) greeted him with a welcoming smile.
–Hi…Hey…Hello…How are you? –In his head, Sirius was slapping himself
–I’m fine, thanks for asking…How are you, Sirius?
–Good, good…very good. –Sirius attempt to sound smooth was miserable and he was aware of that. –Wait, did you called me Sirius?
–Yes, that’s your name, right? I hope I didn’t get it wrong after knowing you for the past six years. –She chuckled and smiled at him, slightly blushing.
–S-Six years? –He finally realized that he never noticed her. How could he not notice the prettiest girl in school?
–Why do I get the feeling that you don’t have any idea of who I am? –She guessed it right.
–I know you’re Lily’s friend, I know you were at James’ party last Sunday and I know your name is (Y/N) but…I have no idea of who are you. I’m sorry, but you’re a cutie. –He tried to save the conversation with a wink, that made the young (Y/H) rolled her eyes.
–I’m (Y/N), like (Y/N), Peter’s neighbor and childhood friend, does it ring a bell?  Or maybe, Remus partner in Potions?
–Oh shit, of course! Why didn’t I recognize you?
–Because this is our first conversation…ever. –She said. –It’s okay, we never got the chance to interact, so I’m not mad.
–Oh, nice…You are beautiful, and I have quite a talent when it comes to beautiful things. Not that I’ve been looking for other beautiful girls! I have my eyes all on you! –He quickly realized the weird sentence that came out of his mouth. –Not that the other girls aren’t beautiful! Every girl is beautiful in their own way.
–Sirius, are you okay? –(Y/N) asked, putting a hand on the boy’s shoulder. –Why are you so nervous? We are only talking.
 –You’re a little…intimidating. –He was so nervous, that he wasn’t making any sense.
–Intimidating?  How am I intimidating? –Questions invaded (Y/N)’s mind. How could the boy she fancied think she was intimidating?
–In a good way! It took me some days to manage to speak with you, and well, it’s not going as expected.
–And what were you expecting? –She frowned her eyebrows, feeling curiosity dominate her body.
–I was expecting to ask you out, and then you would say yes. And the only thing I did was embarrass myself, so it’s not going as I expected. –Sirius scratched his neck and looked at his feet, avoiding eye contact.
 –You know you can still ask me to go out with you, right?
–So if I hypothetically asked you on a date, you would say yes?
 –I would hypothetically, say yes. –(Y/N) giggled at Sirius.

She was kinda intimidating, but he would face his fear.

Sirius Black & Moira Finnigan (OC) // Harry Potter Marauders Era

She looked up from her work when she felt his eyes on her. โ€œWhat?โ€

โ€œNothingโ€, he replied with a hint of a smile. โ€œYou look beautiful like this - surrounded by flowers and with sunshine in your hair. Thatโ€™s all.โ€

โ€œOh pleaseโ€, she rolled her eyes. Hard. โ€œDoes this crap actually work with other girls?โ€

He grinned. โ€œYouโ€™d be surprised.โ€

She would never - never ever - tell him how very much it had worked with her, tooโ€ฆ

Day 19: hair - again! [ Ben Barnes Appreciation Month ]

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Haha, you thought I was done talking about Benโ€™s hair. I AM NOT. However, I do not want to be repetitive, so tonight I am not talking about his hair in general, but - get ready for it - his facial hair.

Thatโ€™s right: I love his beard. I love all beards, to be fair, but if the man who grows it is special, then so will be the beard.

The facial hair always made him look a bit older than his actual age and, I have to say, I always liked that (I have kind of a thing for older men and, besides, Ben looked extremely young until he was about 30, soโ€ฆ) - plus, it just looks really nice. It covers his cheeks nicely with almost no empty spots, itโ€™s the same colour as his hair and doesnโ€™t look frizzy at all - I donโ€™t know whether thatโ€™s by nature or because the man takes care of it, but, really, if you canโ€™t tell, does it matter?

Of course, Ben looks good regardless of whether heโ€™s growing a beard or not - but, still, when I see his stubble growing into a thicker, denser bush, my heart rejoices. No idea whyโ€ฆI guess thatโ€™s just my thing.

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(GIF by trashbinbarnes)




Benโ€™s birthday is now extremely close - and Iโ€™m a bit late with the second to last post of this challenge. But! Better late than never, right?

My two favourite songs by Ben are Southbound and 900 Miles - however, I love them all. I would pay to hear him sing more, heโ€™s got such a sweet voice and heโ€™s just so talented.

I really hope to see him behind the mic again sometime soon.

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I want a Netflix original series based on The Chronicles of Narnia that goes through the series start to finish with cameos from the old cast either reprising their roles or in bit roles. I tweeted Netflix about my idea and messaged them on Facebook, but since I’m a persistent little punk and don’t think I’m the only one who would want a series like this, I wonder if any of you would also tweet Netflix about the idea, or at least reblog this post so others can see it. The hope is that if enough people ask for it, maybe they’ll at least respond to the idea.