ben 10 reboot spoilers


“I’m sooo sorry I didn’t stick up for you. I should’ve trusted you more. You’re my cousin.”

The return of my favorite relationship of this franchise, and it’s more adorable than ever! ;3;

So, is no one really talking about this?

This is from the episode “Ben 24hrs”, the first episode we ever had a sneak peak off. Ben spends the first half by denying he’s sleep-deprived. The other half has him falling asleep and sleepwalking (or as Gwen puts it “sleep-aliening”), destroying the whole park in alien form.

The thing is, we see this green void twice in the episode, and every time, Ben switches to another alien.

This is new.

Ben managed to access his aliens in his sleep without timing out. His alien forms are just floating around him, reminding me of the Omniverse’s opening and the new Omnitrix’s selection screen.

Ben’s subconscious is directly connected to the watch. Even in his sleep, he has access to it and can control it on instinct. But if something bad were ever to happen to the watch, would it affect Ben’s mind too?

I just have so many questions right now, I can’t even find the words for any…


“Cousins forever.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner, drowning in feels.


Overall thoughts so far:

Ben 10 season 2 is pretty alright.

Now it’s no where as good as the original but for people who never watched the original that Season actually probably is pretty great even.

So far there have been quiet a few episodes dedicated to world building and characterization and also quiet a lot progressing the overal plot, with Vilgax as the ever looming threat who pushes the stakes up a lot.

It’s still pretty much a monster of the week deal and people, so far, can still watch the episodes out of order. But there is that ever growing feeling that there is more coming.

There are also way less technical errors with the writing of the individual episodes. They don’t really contridict themselves anymore and dailed back on the wakyness a lot. (There are one or two awkwardly edited scenes tho)

There is also the fact that they take their time to establish that their world is *very* *very* weird, making some of the odd creative choices a lot more acceptable.

Their morals as well are a lot more thought through. Even if the show gets a bit corny about them at times (but hey, it’s a kids show, it’s trying to be educational, that’s more then you can say about other certain reboots).

Also, similar to the 4 parter the concluded season 1 a lot of the issues I had with it are fixed. The animation got smoother and their stylistic decisions during the fight scenes make them seem more complicated.

The lighting also had gotten a lot better, making it feel a lot more polished.

What improved the most probably is the backgrounds. A lot of them seem hand painted and have this weird grain effect the original had. It’s a very nice improvement and helps distinguishing the show from other reboots.

It might not become the best show ever, however it does show a lot of potential and is something your kids can enjoy without being spoon fed harmful messages and morals.