ben's way of fighting is admirable


Requests: Hey could you do a request before kylo turned bad ? ( I know it sounds sooo basic ) but I think it would be cool to see how he was before and then he turns into kylo ren … It’s up to you ?? Thank u . ❣❣ LOVE YOUR FICS BTW … I’ve been reading them ever since soulmate came out :3 + An imagine where Ben starts turning into the dark side and the reader is scared ?? And tells him not to ?

A/N: Okay so this is mainly Jedi!Ben but there’s a hint of Kylo in it. Also, instead of making Ben have Anakin’s lightsaber, he has his own (quite like Kylo’s). This is something pretty different so thank you to the two anons for the request, I enjoyed this and I hope you do, too! Feedback is welcomed :) [P.S. the title is based off of this song]

Warning: None

Word Count: 5.5K+

The sound of wind blowing howled in your ears, hands pressed against the hard surface of the short wall you sat on, feet swinging as you sat and watched. From afar, a young man, around the age of twenty grasped onto his cross-guard lightsaber, the blue hue reflecting off of his Jedi attire as he carefully walked in a circle while eyeing the floating object. In front of him, an older man watched.

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HELPLESS (Ben Solo x Reader)

Request: i saw that you like hamilton & star wars so could u do a kylo or ben imagine to ‘helpless’?

A/N: Omggg hamilton is amazing, I chose ben for this just because I felt like it’d suit better xox

Song: Helpless - Hamilton The Musical


You sit quietly, watching Rey, your best friend, talking. Everyone’s caught by her alluring nature - all smiles and laughter. The First Order, run by supreme leader Snoke, is failing. It’s obvious that your enemies will soon be defeated. So, in celebration, the Resistance is having a party. Dazzling the room, she continues talking, standing proud as she then shows off her long dress.

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Summary: It’s yours and Ben’s first Thanksgiving, and Ben wonders if he’ll finally be able to ask you to marry him. Pure Fluff pretty much

Thanksgiving was rapidly approaching and with it came a difficult question, your house or Ben’s. The two of you had been dating for about a year now, getting together a little bit after the date that was approaching. Ben was a real sweetie, and had kept almost daily contact since the beginning of your relationship. He was surprisingly romantic as well, loving to make you flustered and embarrassed at his cheesy lines.

Of course, the sex was great, it was fire, but for the two of you it was an afterthought in your relationship. Ben wanted to abstain until he knew that you loved him, but he didn’t even make it to the third date, but it had all worked out. You were still together almost a year later.

“Hey Ben,” You greet on Facetime. He waves back.
“Hello dear how was your day?” He asks, because the two of you didn’t live with each other, Ben tried his best to make it feel like you never were apart; he could be a bit clingy. He wanted to move in with you but your traditional parents would disapprove so you decided against it. You tried not to think of your relationship too far into the future, you hadn’t let given your heart to him completely in that respect.

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Earth Moon Signs

Lately I have been reflecting on my love of Virgos and Earth sign placements in general. I have decided that Virgo Venus is my favorite Venus placement. If you ever want to hear me ramble about love, just bring it up. I will become frighteningly dreamy in a matter of seconds.
I also love Earth sign moons in general. George is a Taurus moon, and he is so kind and gentle while also being incredibly stubborn and hardworking and brave. Shelby is a Capricorn moon, and she is so caring and loving while also being adventurous, strong willed, and braver in some ways than I will ever be. Alexa, a Cap moon, is empathetic and compassionate, but will never hesitate to fight for herself or what she loves, and has always been a wall of strength. Ben is a Virgo moon and he is incredibly kind and dependable while also being one of the best, most developing, strong, and unbreakable people I know.
I admire Earth signs in general, but Earth moon signs are something beautiful and sturdy and undeniably strong, and yet I think that they care more than anyone, in ways that are intriguingly practical and subtle. An Earth sign moon will smile at you like they are your world, but only when you are not looking. They will give you kindness that will leave you misty eyed, but only when you least expect it. They will carry you, but only when you cannot walk. An Earth sign moon will allow you to grow and reach your potential, while silently protecting you from the sidelines, willing to catch you if you slip. And that is so beautiful.
When I tell Shelby and sometimes my stepdad about my depression problems, they are gentle, but they work with me and try to find solutions and patterns in my hardship.  Shelby has made me see that strength is not always black and white, and that love is not a weakness. George is always there to help me see the light in any situation, and show me that I am kinder than I realize. Alexa always offers me a hand and is willing to fight for me, and help me grow, and I am forever in her debt. Ben(my stepdad) has held my hand and helped me see past bitterness and purify my heart. While I was slightly confused at first, thinking that some of them were being cold, I quickly realized that this is the kind of caring that I need. We all need someone that will not only care, but someone that will say “I want to help you, let’s look at this and see what we can do.” They care in the most practical, helpful, beautiful way possible, and I adore that.
To all the Earth moon signs out there, and to all of my beautiful friends, thank you. I am forever grateful for you, and the beauty that all of you possess. I wrote this post not only to express my love for Earth moon signs, but to help others understand their unique and beautiful kindness. Hold onto these friends, because you will never find someone as kind and genuinely caring about your well being as they are.

To close the Poe-as-a-First-Order-pilot ideas in a trilogy [1, 2] of suffering, here have one more AU in which

  • Ben becomes a young senator after spending most of his life following Leia and his aunt Pooja around, so he takes the Naberrie name in order to become one of the representatives of the Mid Rim with Pooja for Naboo. He takes Rey with him to meetings and tries his best to maintain her far from the Resistance and the fact that her parents have disappeared. Thanks to the fact that he spend most of his life traveling with his parents in order to never settle in one place were Snoke could haunt him, he never get to met Poe or needed to go alone into training, especially when he speak his mind off and told his parents and uncle he didn’t wanted to be a jedi.
  • Poe, on the other hand, grow up in the middle of war and rebelion, the ideas of freedom and peace soon contradicted themselves in his young eyes when his mother died for the cause and then, after joining the New Republic Air Forces, he was witness of their lack of vision about the future and the strange movements of the so called First Order. He ends up leaving after hearing his war hero, Wedge Antilles, say he was tired of the lie of the Skywalkers getting to bring peace to the galaxy when the hope himself has disappeared and let his students be killed. Disappointed, he thinks of going home and trying to find himself a work, and a normal life when he mets very young and very rich and very hungry for power Brendol Hux Jr. who offered him an incredible obscene amount of money for just being his personal pilot for a few months.
  • A few months becomes years and soon they are both entering the Order, and even thought he was against them, Poe is now intoxicated by the sick and somehow idealist mentality of Hux and joins in when he hears a rumor lots of the old pilots of the rebellion has actually joined their side. The strange loyalty he has form to Hux and vice versa makes them jump rank after rank together, and soon Poe fins himself convincing Hux to take the work of becoming the voice of the Order so the high ranks will look at him and consider him their equal. “I know you hate people, but having someone talking in the Order’s favour in Hosnian Prime is just best chance to make a name for yourself and not in your father’s sake”. He takes it and Poe flies him to meetings and other political stuff that bores the shit out of him.
  • During one of their travels, he meets Rey who is tired of Ben’s boring meetings and finds funny Poe’s helmet. When she tells him it reminds her of her grandfather’s one, he just has to look at her to realize who she is and before he can say or do something else, Ben comes to her rescue and has his first meeting with the pilot. Being hostile as hell, Ben makes it clear he doesn’t want Poe near his cousin at all, let alone near him.
  • Even with their first meeting being explosive, Ben finds himself getting to see Poe more and more, especially when Rey keeps looking for him to talk to him during Senate meetings. It doesn’t matter how much Ben insists the First Order’s people can’t be trusted, Rey always replies with “but he isn’t bad, he just mistaken. Like you with the Resistance, you are mistaken about them”, she has it too damn clear at such young age. Still, she doesn’t like Hux and will make it notice every time they find themselves having to talk to the man; while Hux finds it hilarious to bother the young Senator with his ‘little monkey’ as he calls them, Poe just rolls his eyes and finds himself kind of irritated by Hux actions against Rey and Ben.
  • Soon he admits to himself he likes the little girl and has a soft spot for her, he gets candies for her and slowly starts giving her little and without importance information about her grandfather he finds in the documents of the Order, making her promise he would not say anything about it. Still, she doesn’t hold secrets to her cousin and shows him the little nothings like holos of fights of his grandfather, to him and Ben starts putting more attention to Captain Dameron, thinking he may come to an use at some point for his mother and fellow rebels.
  • But life catches him by surprise when he realizes, despite the uniform he wears, he likes the man that talks so fond of his old memories back at Yavin IV and who admits so easily he admires Ben for what he does even when he obviously can’t believe his fellow Senators attitude. Their relationship, odd and with little meetings here and there, grows from their hands until one day, Rey approaches Ben to tell him “I don’t like the way Captain Dameron looks at you, please be careful”.
  • Careful turns out to be “please don’t be stupid” because he ends up an affair with the captain and he knows things are going to be imposible form now on. Meanwhile, Hux suspects there is something going on between his dear friend and the Senator, but says nothing when he doesn’t have how to prove it; meanwhile Rey finds out about it all and “OF COURSE YOU WILL END UP SCREWING THE EVIL PILOT! Your admiration for our grandparents needs to stop!”, she is 14.
  • But before things can reach their peak, a strange figure named Kylo Ren attempts Senator Naberrie’s life and when he doesn’t success he takes the daughter of Skywalker with him after fighting both cousins. He is trained when they aren’t and when he knocks Ben down, he doesn’t know what happens with his cousin and he and his family assumes the man took her. Devastated, Leia tells him that man works for the First Order and that there was no other way he would have known their location if it wasn’t for someone betraying her trust back the Senate or his own guard, but Ben doesn’t have to even think of it, he already knows who betrayed him.
  • … Problem is, it’s not like that. Poe did not had idea about it all. And when he asks Hux about it, his not-anymore friend tells him they just followed his lead by Supreme Leader’s wishes. Knowing Ben will never believe him when they see each other again at the Senate, something inside him breaks. 
  • Meanwhile, there is a girl in Jakku who was no idea of who she is and what she is doing there, there is a cadet in the Stormtrooper program that promises so much with his incredible record and notes but who also shows and incredible amount of loyalty to his fellow cadets, Ben has become the Resistance’s political figure to the Senate and other affairs, Hux is now general and Poe finds himself hating this masked figure named Kylo Ren and trying to convince himself he must stay loyal to the Order. But he can’t.
Following The Dark Side

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Kylo Ren

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You didn’t expect to get caught up in a fight with someone you loved, but there you were, bloodied and bruised and wanting to just end this for good. 


Word Count: 1864


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