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Ben & Sophie arrive at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016
(pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4)


Ben & Sophie at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 3 (pt 1, pt 2)

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After seeing gifs of Martin Freeman pass through my dash I discovered that the thing I love most about him is the way he smiles when he makes someone else laugh. You can tell he really enjoys making other people happy. My favorite gifs are the one where the reporter started laughing after he said "where is my latte" and the one where he's on set with Ben I think during series 3 and Martin stepped up onto the stoop of 221b and Ben started laughing

ASDFASD Nonny what a wholesome post! :D I need people to attach these said gifs to this post, because I did not save them on my hard drive! For now, have this one! This is one of my favourites, because it looked like he was comforting Ben beforehand, and then Ben said something that made Martin smile:

But yes, Martin does have a charming and lovely smile!! 

Much soft! :D

@yorkiepug I feel you can add to this discussion better than me :D

Having a litle EJ time...
  • EJ: *throws a lil salt into the skillet*
  • EJ: *shakes his hips a bit to the music*
  • EJ: *sprinkles a bit of garlic seasoning*
  • EJ: *hums along to loud ass Frank Sinatra playing*
  • EJ: *flips the contents of the skillet*
  • EJ: *sings into the spatula*
  • EJ: *slides the contents onto his best plate, and adds a mint sprig to the top*
  • EJ: *wipes a tear* it's p-perfect...
  • Jeff: you literally just spent an hour and a half cooking that fucking kidney.
  • EJ: Bon apétit.