ben's nose scrunch in the first one

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The Prince had been gone out of his palace for the first time in a while. His mother had suggested that he go out and congratulate the soldier that had just won a very important war. That meant going out to the battle field itself since the soldier were staying there a few days longer to make sure the enemy had cleared out for good. When he arrived he first scrunched up his nose at the smell of blood and death. He never liked war. He never found any true victory in it all.When he made his way to the camp most of the soldiers showed great respect towards the Prince but Ben turned down their bows and simply said “You are the one who deserves all the praise and glory. You risked your lives to save thousands.” After a moment of thought he added “Where is your General?” Once he was pointed in the right direction he went towards the other man.

When the General’s scent hit him Ben felt something stir inside him and he gulped. When the General turned his attention to him all he could do was lower his head in respect but also due to his Omega nature. He could feel his body grow so warm under his gaze but he managed to say “I’m Prince Ben Solo-Organa. It’s my pleasure to meet the man who won this awful war…”