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Dating Harry Hook Would Include

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  • You lowkey being jealous of Uma
  • Him highkey being jealous of Jay/Carlos/Ben
  • Stealing his hat when you want his attention
  • He’d be adamant that you let him teach you how to fight
  • Being able to get to know the real him
  • Always being the little spoon
  • He’d be unbelievably protective over you
  • Running your fingers through his hair when he’d feeling down
  • Being inseparable
  • You knew him when you were kids, and you’ve been best friends since
  • Harry, undoubtedly, gives the best hugs
  • Uma, knowing how much Harry cares about you, makes sure that you’re always under the crew’s protection
  • Convincing Gil to do some of your jobs so you can spend more time together
  • Teasing him by stealing his hook and refusing to give it back unless he kisses you
  • Which he has no problem doing
  • Everyone respecting you but being lowkey terrified of you
  • Harry bringing up embarrassing memories of you when you annoy him
  • You doing the same to him
  • Not having many different places to have dates
  • Hearing his morning voice
  • Uma loving that she has you to keep Harry in line

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For me I am not positive there is another ep but there's 1 thing that keeps me believing out of all the fuckiness. Fireworks. Would this show blow hundreds/thousands of pounds on Ben turning 40? Did they do such an extravagance for others bdays? Yes it's a big bday but it seems very fishy. Unless there's a better explanation it feels very "celebrate something 100+ yrs in the making"

Hey Nonny!

Well, to be fair you CAN purchase fireworks commercially for under 500$ (WalMart sells them around Independence Day and Canada Day, and specialty stores open up around our area for the summer for fireworks), so they could have just got some commercial-grade fireworks to celebrate. Do we know how long / many / spectacular the fireworks for the birthday were?I just recall that they had the SFX team let off fireworks, that’s all.  EDIT: FOUND THE VIDEO FROM TWITTER (They look like commercial-grade fireworks and probably didn’t spend that much on them).

What’s suspicious to me about it though, although I am willing to assume it was just a cheeky easter egg, that Sherlock’s cup in TLD had fireworks on them.

This is a cup we’ve never seen at Baker Street, as far as I recall. So LOGIC part of me is saying this is just a cute nod to Ben’s birthday OR those aren’t fireworks on the cup (the most likely probability), but the Tin Hat me is whispering sweet “something’s fucky”’s in my ears. 

Anyway, I’m not looking too much into it, but I do agree, it does seem rather OTT for a 40th birthday. But then again, they all love Ben to bits, so “why not”.


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Introducing Finn Cole as Joe Cole