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How to Get Away With Murder | Chapter 2
Hux is a District 2 Career who has trained for the Games for most of his life. Ben Solo is an apparently unhinged but extremely skilled volunteer from District 12, and in him Hux begins to see an unlikely ally, at least until they have to turn on each other.
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FINALLY this chapter is done! Sorry to all who are following it for the long wait– I got distracted by a few other projects and was also just lost on this chapter for a long time. It wasn’t one I initially planned to do, so I had to rearrange some things. But I’m glad I did it and I’m excited to write what comes next! I have more concrete plans for the next three parts, so they should be easier to draft– plus Ben and Hux are together a lot more in the future chapters, and those are always my favorite scenes to do, ofc. Thanks to all who asked about this during the hiatus and encouraged me <3

My personal favorite lyrics from each DEH song

Does anybody have a map: no specific line but Rachel Bay Jones is a Queen and kills it through out the entire show.

Waving through a window:

For Forever:
Basically all of it from when Evan climbs up and then falls out of the tree to the end of the song but mostly
-I’m on the ground
My arm goes numb
I look around
And I see him come to get me
He comes to get me
And everything’s okay

Sincerely me (aka the only song that doesn’t make me want to scream or sob):
-Smoking drugs
-The only man that I love is my dad

-I gave you the world and you threw it away
-Cause when the villains fall the kingdoms never weep
-that YOU WERE NOT THE MONSTER that I knew

If I could tell her:
-He thought you looked really pretty er-
You looked pretty cool when you put indigo streaks in your hair
-I love youu I LoVe YoUuuuuu I LOVE YOUUUUU

-Make me more that just an abandoned memory
-No one should flicker out
-All you need is for somebody to find you

You will be found:
-Let that lonely feeling wash away
-There’s a place where you don’t have to feel alone
And every time you call out you’re a little less unknown
-When you’re broken on the ground
You will be found

To break in a glove:
-Or you’re just trying to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost control
(This isn’t that emotional of a song but this single phrase breaks my heart every god damn time)

Only us:
-I don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you
-Try to quiet the noises in your head
We can’t compete with all that
-If you like me for me and nothing else

Good for you
-well I’m sorry you had it rough and I’m sorry I’m not enough
-(JARED!!!!)and if somebody’s in your way crush them and leave them behind
-(EVANNNN) like a train coming off the track cause the rails and my bones all crack I’ve got to find a way to StOp iT sToP It JUST LET ME OOOOOFFF
(this is probably one of my top 5 moments in the show I love Ben platt so much how does he have so much talent)

Words fail: (I have a love hate relationship with this song because it is hands down my favorite song but it makes me sob uncontrollably 10/10 times. The way that Ben platt can be sobbing and still sing so flawlessly wows me to no end)
-I never had that perfect girl who somehow could see the good parts of me
-nothing can make sense of all these things I’ve done
-cause if I just believe then I don’t have to see what’s really there
-I’d rather pretend something other than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that I am (THIS IS THE LINE THAT GETS ME AGGSGHHKK IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK)
-how do I step into the sun

So big So small:
-I knew I’d come up short a million different ways
And I did
And I do
And I will
-your mom isn’t going anywhere your mom is staying right here

-today at least you’re you and thats
-we could be alright for forever this way

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and there is a
.0001% chance that I will ever get to see DEH in New York bc I can’t afford to travel across the country, but tbh I would probably drive everyone out of the theater with the amount of crying that would occur if I ever saw the musical on broadway. So I send my love and thanks from a distance. This musical has had such an impact on my life this year. I’ve never connected to something more in my life and sometimes I get so emotional while I’m listening to the sound track that have to take a break for like a week so I can take a rest from crying. Thank you Pasek and Paul. Thank you Steven Levenson. Thank you Ben Platt. Thank you to the rest of the cast for touching my heart so deeply. You have all made me feel so understood and you’re doing so much more for people than you’re probably ever going to be aware of. Thank you all so much.

Hey guys! So it’s been a while since I posted anything, and I am sorry, shit went down in my personal life and I had to step away for a bit of time. But I am back, and I promise to make my way through the requests I have. I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise.

This one was requested by leonielunatic:

Heya:-) could you do a ben bruce imagine? Like she’s a nurse & meet him in a Hospital ? ( he doesn’t have to be a patient) & fluff fluff fluff :D

Warnings: None

Rating: PG-13


Rain poured from the sky onto the dark pavement outside the ER doors. It was a relatively quiet night on the emergency front, something that is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because no one was getting hurt. It was a curse because it meant you had to spend 10 hours bored out of your mind, except for the occasional tummy ache from a child.

A sigh left your mouth as you leaned back in the desk chair and turned to your co-worker who had just come on shift.

“Anything fun happen today?” She asked you, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Not a thing. Only the occasional kid with a stomach ache. You’d think that it would be worse since it’s raining cats and dogs out there, but apparently not,” you chuckled and sighed once again.

“Well then I might be able to get some studying done for my exam on Friday,” she chuckled as she sat down beside you and pulled out a textbook. She was currently a student trying to get into a surgical program. But you were content being an ER nurse, you get all the exciting cases.

The doors to the ER suddenly opened, catching your attention, but it was just someone walking in to visit a loved one who was already in the hospital.

“How long have you been here?” You suddenly heard.

“Seven hours,” you told her and looked over at her.

“That explains the excitement you just gave off when the visitor door opened,” she laughed and you pouted at her.

“I like it when people come in looking for help,” you explained to her and she shrugged. Then the two of you heard the Emergency doors near the ambulance entrance open and heard a gurney being pushed into the building. Immediately you shot off of your chair and followed the gurney into a trauma room.

“What’s going on here?” You asked and a paramedic handed you a clipboard.

“27 year old male with a head laceration and bruising along the shoulders. He fell off of a stage and landed on a concrete floor. He was unconscious for a few minutes but is now awake,” she ran through his case to you and you nodded.

“Thanks, alright,” you paused and looked at the chart. “Mr. Bruce. I’m (y/n) and I’ll be taking care of you. Rate your pain for me on a scale of 1-10.”

“Probably a 7 at the moment,” he winced as he tried to move his arm.

“I can get another nurse to grab you a sling. Can you tell me what happened?” You asked him and he looked up at you. The second his eyes met yours, a smirk formed on his face.

“Uh, I was performing a show and I slipped on a cord and fell face-first into the barracade and onto the floor,” he smiled and you nodded.

“That head laceration looks pretty deep, I’m going to have to do some stitches, is that alright?” You asked and he smiled.

“Only if it’s you doing the stitches,” he said.

“Okay Mr. Bruce,” you chuckled and then turned to your co-worker.

“Can you go grab a sling for him and also grab a suture kit for me?” I asked and she nodded before walking away.

“How is someone as hot as you a nurse?” You heard from the bed. He must be drunk, you thought.

“I don’t know, how does someone as good looking as you fall from a stage?” You asked and crossed your arms over your chest.

“I knew I was going to meet you so I just had to fall,” he joked and you rolled your eyes.

“So what is it that you do Mr. Bruce?” You asked him as you logged into the computer to update his chart.

“I’m a guitarist in a band,” he started.

“Oh yeah, any band that I’ve heard of?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Asking Alexandria,” he answered and you stopped typing before looking at him. You knew he looked familiar.

“You’re Ben Bruce. I’m actually a pretty big fan. I went to your show last night,” you told him and he smiled bigger.

“I knew you looked familiar,” he flirted and you shook your head.

“Is the rest of your band coming up or are you all alone?” You asked him.

“Not too sure. I think I’d rather be alone,” his eyebrows danced and you rolled your eyes. From behind you, you heard your co-worker walk back in with the items you requested. As she began putting the sling on Ben’s arm,  you opened the suture kit and sat down in front of him.

“Do you want me to numb it or not?” You asked.

“How many stitches do I need?” He asked.

“Three, four at the most,” I answered and he shrugged.

“I can handle the pain,” he said and you chuckled to yourself as you began cleaning the wound. The two of you were quiet for a few seconds before he began speaking again.

“What was your favorite part of the show last night?” He asked.

“The whole thing,” you answered and he chuckled, which moved his head.

“No moving,” you gave him a stern look.

“Sorry,” he apologized. As you got the needle ready to suture the cut, you heard a group of people walk into the room you were in.

“Damn Ben, that’s one nasty cut,” you heard someone comment.

“Okay guys, you can be in here, but please don’t get in the way. I wield a needle, and I know how to use it,” you joked and they all stepped to the other side of the room.

“So (y/n), who’s your favorite member of the band?” Ben asked and you raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not you in case you were wondering. I’m actually quite fond of James,” you giggled and Ben gasped.

“How dare the fuckhead beat me,” he exclaimed and you gave him a stern look again because he moved.

“I told you no moving,” you said and he shrugged.

“She knows our band?” I heard one of the others ask.

“She does and she was at a show last night,” Ben answered and I smiled at them. The room then grew quiet. As I finished with the stitches, the band all began to grow rowdy from standing for the five minutes they were standing there. When I finished, I stood and threw away the suture kit and my gloves.

“Those stitches are going to dissolve on their own so you don’t have to worry about coming back to get them removed. Do you have any questions?” I asked Ben as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Wanna go to a bar when you get off?” He asked and you chuckled.

“For all you know I could have just started my shift,” you said and he smiled.

“Based on the tired look in your eyes right now I’m guessing you’re at the end of your shift,” he said.

“I have three hours left,” you told him and he shrugged.

“I’ll be at Grinchow’s Bar at around 11, if you wanna get drinks with me, meet me at the bar,” he said and then handed me a piece of folded paper.

“Look at that after I leave,” he chuckled as he walked towards the desk. You stood in the trauma room and watched as the band walked away. Did you just agree to go out with Ben Bruce? You opened the piece of paper and saw scrawled on the paper a ten digit number with two B’s under it. Apparently you did.

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mlm books? I kno u made that wlw book post a while ago...

Yeah of course! I’ll try to stick mostly to books written by non-straight authors bc a lot of the ones I’ve read can be vaguely fetishistic abt it. 

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz: This is just the absolute purest book. Main two characters are latino. I know this has been recced 30000000 times but it’s so so so good you just have to read it. 
  • Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda: A triumph of gay lit. Absolutely adorable. Written by a straight author but she did a really good job. 
  • Two Boys Kissing, Every Day, and You Know Me Well by David Levithan: My guess is you’ve heard of him (unless you’re living under a rock). He’s such a great author, he’s just incredible. I really would not recommend Will Grayson, Will Grayson, bc it was really not my favorite, but all of his other stuff is great. Great prose, but if you disliked one of his books you might not love the rest either. 
  • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black: A subversion of typical fairytales. Hazel and Ben, a sister and brother, fight fairies (and fall in love with them too). Again, straight author, but this book is fabulous. 
  • I love the couple in Six of Crows although idk if there’s quite enough content to count EDIT: They got main ship treatment in the second book. Please read this series for the Pure Gay Fantasy Content™
  • We Are The Ants and Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Sean David Hutchinson: Main character gets over depression. Sean David Hutchinson’s books can be kind of instalove but still really really good with gorgeous prose. 
  • Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg: There is a sequel and it’s not tragic. Really really sweet and powerful, the first book is better written in my opinion but both are great. 
  • The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Morrow: Again, straight author. Beautifully written. Made me cry, but I’ve cried at multiple books I gave two stars on goodreads, so that’s maybe not a high bar. I loved it a lot though. 
  • Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: Again, straight author, but an interesting subversion of Harry Potter.  
  • DO NOT READ “fan art”. It was a complete mess. 
A Defense of Tyrion’s ADWD Storyline, Part 8: Buying Steel Swords With Parchment Dragons

Series so far here 

From black comedy to romantic comedy; the relationship between Tyrion Lannister and Brown Ben Plumm takes the unmistakable form of a seduction. First, one calls out to the other: 

“Two thousand,” called a new voice, back of the benches.

They size each other up across the crowd: 

And what would a sellsword want with a dwarf? Tyrion pushed himself back to his feet to get a better look. The new bidder was an older man, white-haired yet tall and fit, with leathery brown skin and a close-cropped salt-and-pepper beard. Half-hidden under a faded purple cloak were a longsword and a brace of daggers.

“Twenty-five hundred.” A female voice this time; a girl, short, with a thick waist and heavy bosom, clad in ornate armor. Her sculpted black steel breastplate was inlaid in gold and showed a harpy rising with chains dangling from her claws. A pair of slave soldiers lifted her to shoulder height on a shield.

“Three thousand.” The brown-skinned man pushed through the crowd, his fellow sellswords shoving buyers aside to clear a path. Yes. Come closer. Tyrion knew how to deal with sellswords. He did not think for a moment that this man wanted him to frolic at feasts. He knows me. He means to take me back to Westeros and sell me to my sister. The dwarf rubbed his mouth to hide his smile. Cersei and the Seven Kingdoms were half a world away. Much and more could happen before he got there.

But it’s a missed connection, they go their separate ways; the memory lingers, however, and then they see each other at a party. The seducer skillfully arranges for a one-on-one: 

Brown Ben Plumm lifted the fallen table, smiling. “Try me next, dwarf. When I was younger, the Second Sons took contract with Volantis. I learned the game there.”

“I am only a slave. My noble master decides when and who I play.” Tyrion turned to Yezzan. “Master?”

The yellow lord seemed amused by the notion. “What stakes do you propose, Captain?”

“If I win, give this slave to me,” said Plumm.

“No,” Yezzan zo Qaggaz said. “But if you can defeat my dwarf, you may have the price I paid for him, in gold.”

“Done,” the sellsword said. The scattered pieces were picked up off the carpet, and they sat down to play.

They read each other again, more closely now, laying the groundwork for payoff later in the relationship. 

As they set up for their third contest, the dwarf studied his opponent. Brown-skinned, his cheeks and jaw covered by a closecropped bristly beard of grey and white, his face creased by a thousand wrinkles and a few old scars, Plumm had an amiable look to him, especially when he smiled. The faithful retainer, Tyrion decided. Every man’s favorite nuncle, full of chuckles and old sayings and roughspun wisdom. It was all sham. Those smiles never touched Plumm’s eyes, where greed hid behind a veil of caution. Hungry, but wary, this one.

The sellsword was nearly as bad a player as the Yunkish lord had been, but his play was stolid and tenacious rather than bold. His opening arrays were different every time, yet all the same—conservative, defensive, passive. He does not play to win, Tyrion realized. He plays so as not to lose. It worked in their second game, when the little man overreached himself with an unsound assault. It did not work in the third game, nor the fourth, nor the fifth, which proved to be their last.

Near the end of that final contest, with his fortress in ruins, his dragon dead, elephants before him and heavy horse circling round his rear, Plumm looked up smiling and said, “Yollo wins again. Death in four.”

“Three.” Tyrion tapped his dragon. “I was lucky. Perhaps you should give my head a good rub before our next game, Captain. Some of that luck might rub off on your fingers.” You will still lose, but you might give me a better game.

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so we all see the blurbs where y/n and one of the boys go to dinner at their parents hand and they sneak their hands up each other's pants and they sneak away from the table - but how about y/n EMBARRASSES the boy by saying something like "um excuse me, please take you hand away from under my skirt thank you :)" AMD MAKES THEM GO ALL RED AND EVERYONE IS OAUGHING AND HE SAYS "I'm so gonna get you baby girl" OH YEA THATS WHAT I, TALKING WBOUT PLEASEE

You and Luke were sitting at his parents dinner table as it was a tradition that you two would come over for dinner with the family sometime in the first week that he was back home. It was actually one of your favorite parts of the blond being home. You got to see Liz and Andy which was always a good time. But it was even better when Ben, Jack, and Jack’s girlfriend Celeste were there. It was a dinner full of joking, never ending conversation, and, of course, Liz’s amazing food. The presence of Luke’s hand on your upper thigh while sitting at the dinner table was nothing but normal for the two of you. He seemed to have some sort of obsession with touching you. It didn’t have to be sexual or mean something more but whenever he was around you, he wanted to be touching you. Holding your hand, you leaning against him, or even just your knee touching his knee was all he needed to be completely content anywhere.

The warm feeling of your boyfriends hand on your thigh made you smile as Ben was talking about something that happened at work but what you weren’t expecting was the way he was tracing small circles into the skin just below the line of your skirt. You turned your attention slightly away from the eldest brother and eyed your boyfriend quickly. He was looking at his brother as he spoke as if he didn’t even realize what he was doing. You turned your attention back to Ben and after a few moments felt Luke’s fingertips slip underneath your skirt. Automatically, your eyebrows rose along with your heart rate and Ben’s voiced slipped into the background.

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