The only two times Iroh ever raised his voice at Zuko was in “Winter Solstice, art 2″ when Zuko was entering Fire Nation waters and asked: “Have you completely forgotten that the Firelord banished you?”; and in “Lake Laogai,” where he doesn’t allow Zuko to get a word in because of the lengths he is willing to go to restore his honor. 

So basically, the only times Iroh yells at Zuko is when he could quite literally get himself killed. 


    ↳ 1.16 Brother’s Keeper
I looked it up. The crane. It stands for familial obligation. Watching out for your own. Maybe it’s my turn to watch out for you.


Newsies opened on Broadway 5 years old. We’re old y’all!


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bone-drew-sle  asked:

Why isn't Asgore stronger than Toriel? If killing makes you stronger in Undertale, then Asgore's stats should be very high after killing six humans. But instead he and Toriel have both have 80 attack and defense. Either Toriel is much stronger than Asgore, and it took killing six humans to become as strong as Toriel, or Asgore and Toriel have taken the exact same number of lives (that is to say, none at all).

(undertale spoilers)

Actually, killing alone does not make you stronger in Undertale. Killing increases your Execution Points. Then a certain number of EXP will increase your Level of Violence, which increases your stats.

The question now is, how much EXP is required for a Boss Monster to gain LOVE? Unfortunately, this is not known. The only one to ever gain LOVE in the game is Frisk, a human. It’s hard to compare a human with a boss monster, which is “the strongest type of all.” We are unsure of exactly how much EXP a human gives a monster.

Furthermore, Asgore is stronger than Toriel. According to the game’s code, Asgore’s ATK is 10. Toriel’s ATK is 6 (or 8 in hard mode). There is also the possibility that the monster checks are not very accurate to the monster’s stats, considering how high these ATKs are compared to the programmed attacks. Read our theory on monster checks for possible reasons for this.