ben x sammy


“You’re going to come later, Cassie?”
“You bet I am.”
I promised. Whatever happened. No. Matter. What.
That was all he needed to hear. He pushed the teddy bear into my chest. “For when you’re scared. But don’t leave him.”

“Of course you’re going to see me again, Nugget. I promise.”
“Don’t promise, don’t promise, don’t promise! Don’t promise anything ever, ever, ever!” His little face screwed up with rage.
“Some things you don’t have to promise. You just do.”
I reach into my pocket and pull out Sissy’s locket. Undo the clasp. I haven’t done that since I fixed it at Tent City. Circle broken. I draw it around his neck and hook the ends together. Circle complete.
“No matter what happens out there, I’ll come back for you,” I promise him.