ben x kevin


Hope I remembered your favorite couple from 2016 ;)

Partly inspired by Chyme for Rhyme’s idea of Gwen feeding Kevin controlled amounts of mana so he can build up an immunity to her over the years.

I like to imagine it’s become routine now, every so often they swap power. Gwen doesn’t feel as overwhelmingly charged and Kevin gets a safe little boost to keep his urges dulled. It’s dangerous and they know it, but it works for them and they’ve come to treat it as a kind of bonding time.

The Truth About Love - Master

This is a 17 parts series inspired by P!nk’s album, The Truth About Love. Entry for mrs-squirrel-chester Album Fanfic Writting Challenge.

The series tells the story of Y/N and Dean Wichester, throughout the years, switching from differents POVs. It will be post weekly and each chapter would be inspired on a song, following the order of the album, which means the story won’t be in chronoligcal order.

Album order

1) All We Are (Are We All We Are)

2) I Had Enough! (Blow Me -One Last Kiss)

3) Get Up and Try (Try)

4) You Are Not Broken (Just Give Me A Reason)

5) True Love (True Love)

6) Where’s Sam? (How Come You’re Not Here)

7) I know you (Slut Like You)

8) You Are The Person Of My Dreams (The Truth About Love)

9) Burn A Candle And Turn Off The Lights (beam Me Up)

10) No More Bubbles, No More Yum (Walk Of Shame)

11) Lipstick and Cherry Wine (Here Comes The Weekend)

12) Another Man’s Afterglow (Where Did The Beat Go?)

13) The Great Escape (The Great Escape)

14) (My Signature Move)

15) (Is This Thing On)

16) (Run)

17) (Good Old Days) 

Chronological order 

1) I know you 

2) All We Are

3) You Are The Person Of My Dreams

4) The Great Escape

5) Get Up and Try