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Endless list of Felicity scenes (7/) | Ben & Felicity

The truth is… I can’t be with you like this. - 2.02


Endless list of Felicity scenes (18/) | Ben & Felicity

It’s weird the idea of not swimming. - 2.10

Thinking of my old OTPs ...

Anyone remember how hard it was shipping Ben and Felicity?  It was the first time I remember there being a second love interest that was nearly flawless and perfectly adorable and lovely in his own right … But Ben was BEN … and all the shit that he and Felicity went through and had to come out of .. that was one freaking EPIC ship.  Ben x Felicity forever man… and don’t even get me started on how perfect Javier was … holy moses!!

Top 5 Ships I’ll Go Down With

College can suck. And also make you so busy you almost forget to do this. 

Thank you the always amazing, @ageoflegends for making me do this. I’m sorry if it’s a little late! 

1. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak (aka: Olicity) - Arrow

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These two will absolutely be the death of me…with all the forehead kisses, eye sex, communicating without words. #relationshipgoals #f*ckingserious

2. Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin (aka: Bellarke) - The 100

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FEEL ALL THE FEELS (bellarke-ers know what I mean). The way these two went from enemies to something else is amazing, balancing the other out: he’s the heart and she’s the brain. #goddamn

3. Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen (aka: Darvey) - Suits

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Talk about power couple. These two. The all-knowing Donna (not kidding) and badass lawyer Harvey, with each other by their sides, nothing is impossible or out of reach. #bestfriendsturnedsomethingmore

4. Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow (aka: Snowbarry) - The Flash

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The chemistry with these two is off the charts. I mean, look at the eye sex! In seriousness though, they are always there for each other and share loss and face their fears together. #notgivinguponthesetwo

5. Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia (aka: Morcia) AND Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss (aka: Hotchniss/Hotly) - Criminal Minds

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I honestly couldn’t choose between the two. Each will always have a special place in my heart. Garcia and Morgan: flirt like lovers, comfort like best friends, fight like a married couple. Hotch and Prentiss: share loss, communicate through glances, so. much. sexual. tension., care for other more than necessary between boss and employee.

Honorable mentions:

-Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope (aka: ???) - Parks and Recreation

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- Daniel Meade and Betty Suarez (aka: Detty) - Ugly Betty

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-Marcus Kane and Abby Griffin (aka: Kabby) - The 100

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Because I need to talk about it,

my favorite Rogue One moments (MAJOR SPOILERS):

-When Chirrut takes out any stormtrooper

-When K2 choke slams Jyn

-Every K2 line

-When Bodhi is kneeling in front of Saw and I realized that Riz looks good with a burlap sack on his head, not in any kinky sort of way, but I think he’s the only person who can pull that look off

-When Jyn steals Cassian’s brilliant hope line at the council meeting

-When the Rebel fleet shows up at Scarif

-When said Rebel fleet smashes two star destroyers together and then both into a third space station

-“You are my luck”

-Jyn gives K2 a blaster pistol and he goes total gunslinger

-Every time Orson gets shot

-Galen’s message to Jyn

-The destruction of the holy city

-The rebel soldiers frantic rush to escape with the plans

-Cassian and Jyn holding each other as they wait to be vaporized

-The volunteering of the soldiers for the suicide mission and the subsequent storming of the imperial base

-Baze and Chirrut are totally gay for each other


Felicity/Ben in Spin the Bottle, 4x20

Ben, seriously, I mean, I’m- I’m with Noel now. Is that why you were all over me a week after you two got together? I mean, c'mon, obviously you know you made a mistake, you just can’t admit it yet. First of all, I was not “all over you.” And second, I mean… Yeah? I may have been a little…you know. I was..I was having kind of a confusing time last week.

My kind of otp is one that is taller than the other and looks at them with amusement and with so much love. While the other is a sweet cupcake that always cheers up or surprises the poor/cute puppy. Both go through struggles but care about each other no matter what. Setting differences aside they could be the biggest dorks around each other.