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Because I need to talk about it,

my favorite Rogue One moments (MAJOR SPOILERS):

-When Chirrut takes out any stormtrooper

-When K2 choke slams Jyn

-Every K2 line

-When Bodhi is kneeling in front of Saw and I realized that Riz looks good with a burlap sack on his head, not in any kinky sort of way, but I think he’s the only person who can pull that look off

-When Jyn steals Cassian’s brilliant hope line at the council meeting

-When the Rebel fleet shows up at Scarif

-When said Rebel fleet smashes two star destroyers together and then both into a third space station

-“You are my luck”

-Jyn gives K2 a blaster pistol and he goes total gunslinger

-Every time Orson gets shot

-Galen’s message to Jyn

-The destruction of the holy city

-The rebel soldiers frantic rush to escape with the plans

-Cassian and Jyn holding each other as they wait to be vaporized

-The volunteering of the soldiers for the suicide mission and the subsequent storming of the imperial base

-Baze and Chirrut are totally gay for each other


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The truth is… I can’t be with you like this. - 2.02

Top 5 Ships I’ll Go Down With

College can suck. And also make you so busy you almost forget to do this. 

Thank you the always amazing, @ageoflegends for making me do this. I’m sorry if it’s a little late! 

1. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak (aka: Olicity) - Arrow

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These two will absolutely be the death of me…with all the forehead kisses, eye sex, communicating without words. #relationshipgoals #f*ckingserious

2. Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin (aka: Bellarke) - The 100

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FEEL ALL THE FEELS (bellarke-ers know what I mean). The way these two went from enemies to something else is amazing, balancing the other out: he’s the heart and she’s the brain. #goddamn

3. Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen (aka: Darvey) - Suits

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Talk about power couple. These two. The all-knowing Donna (not kidding) and badass lawyer Harvey, with each other by their sides, nothing is impossible or out of reach. #bestfriendsturnedsomethingmore

4. Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow (aka: Snowbarry) - The Flash

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The chemistry with these two is off the charts. I mean, look at the eye sex! In seriousness though, they are always there for each other and share loss and face their fears together. #notgivinguponthesetwo

5. Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia (aka: Morcia) AND Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss (aka: Hotchniss/Hotly) - Criminal Minds

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I honestly couldn’t choose between the two. Each will always have a special place in my heart. Garcia and Morgan: flirt like lovers, comfort like best friends, fight like a married couple. Hotch and Prentiss: share loss, communicate through glances, so. much. sexual. tension., care for other more than necessary between boss and employee.

Honorable mentions:

-Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope (aka: ???) - Parks and Recreation

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- Daniel Meade and Betty Suarez (aka: Detty) - Ugly Betty

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-Marcus Kane and Abby Griffin (aka: Kabby) - The 100

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My kind of otp is one that is taller than the other and looks at them with amusement and with so much love. While the other is a sweet cupcake that always cheers up or surprises the poor/cute puppy. Both go through struggles but care about each other no matter what. Setting differences aside they could be the biggest dorks around each other.