ben with robert

eddie: you’re the coolest person i’ve ever met and you don’t even have to try

bill: i t-try r-really hard, a-actually

me talking about how attractive I find guys my age:
▶🔘──────── 0:04
me talking about men much older than me:
▶🔘──────── 60:56:19

richie*looks over at the losers* i started looking at all the people that were important to me in terms of what will probably kill them 

eddie*wheezing*  asthma attack 

stan*taking a big gulp of alcohol from the bottle* liver disease 

bill*coughing violently on spit* choking

mike: *excessively working* stroke

beverly*smoking a cigarette* lung cancer

ben: *eating a hamburger* heart disease 

richie: i don’t know… probably stress. 

  • Peter: Dad, Steve.. I-I think I'm gay.
  • Steve: Oh, honey, we love and support you no ma-
  • Tony: HI GAY I'M DAD

What saved me from the sadness of seeing georgies death, is seeing pictures of Bill and Jackson interacting together bts


georgie denbrough: would literally rather get his arm torn off by a savage killer run down ronald mcdonald looking like a wet sock with a jimmy neutron forehead living in the sewers than give up his damn paper boat