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I came into the fandom a year or so ago so I missed the Harry and Paige drama. I assumed 'Haige' was the sort of thing where they were seen in public once and the tabloids went wild. But I did some searching and it seems that there was more to it than that? I looked for some info on your blog (I used the search function and tags, promise!) but couldn't find much. Do you remember / have links to anything about it? I'm not insinuating that I think it's real at all, just curious. ;)

This is my third attempt to make this masterpost and I’m going to scream if it doesn’t work. Anyway, here is the story of Haige.

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Harry Styles leaves gig with Ben Winston's wife
The singer could have his pick of the ladies, however, one seemed to catch his eye as he was spied leaving a gig in the early hours of Saturday morning with a mystery brunette.

I know they are stirring shit but this would not have happened a year before that a womanizer rumor is practically killed within hours without a rep jumping in.

do you think ben winston and his wife were going to try for a child but instead decided it’d be easier to just keep harry styles around a lot