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So my mom asked me about fanfiction

she asked me why people would write more episodes for a show or series once it ended, so I explained to her fanfiction, shipping, fandoms, canons, etc. and her response was, “so people just write about stuff they want to happen? Don’t they have a life? y’know I’m gonna write a fanfiction about Connor and how he didn’t mean to kill himself because I don’t have a life either.” and I nearly cried.

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Why Does Ben... Why He.... Tight Pants

You see what happened was

Once upon a time in the Continental Army, there was an Error with the laundry, a little to-do, if you will. And it was nobody’s fault! It could’ve happened to anyone! No, there’s no blame going around, but the fact of the matter is…the laundry got mixed up.

And Ben, well he’s got a lot going on as well, bless his heart, between flouncing about on errands for Not-Dad, trying to manage his little flock of spies, Stressing Intensely, being both Head of Intelligence and the leader of a troop of Dragoons….it’s a Lot, and so apart from making sure his uniform is on right for the five minutes or so it can be pristine every day, it really isn’t his habit to pay much attention to his clothes.

Which is what made him utterly fail to notice that, um, Wrong Britches. And he kept not noticing. Now, those in charge of the laundry, they had noticed, and been in something of a panic. They were all amongst themselves about how to broach the topic with minimum awkwardness and fix the error, but…once it became apparent Ben hadn’t Noticed, they decided to leave it alone and simply amend the mistake at the next round of laundry.

What nobody counted on (least of all Ben, who remained Steadfastly Oblivious to the entire situation) was a couple of bored officers and the tendency of wildfire to spread.

It started innocently enough, with some elbow jostling and snickering once the officers involved, and I’m not naming names (harrison, lafayette, hamilton, tilghman, etc. <.<) realized that Ben’s new fashion statement was not deliberate. Subtle joking turned into less subtle bet-making, and the whole thing escalated until it was the camp Meme.

By the time the Laundry had the opportunity to fix their mistake, it was all quite out of hand and they found themselves bribed to not only not fix said mistake, but rather to keep making such errors, all for the sake of a Wager that every officer who was any officer was in on. They were hardly going to refuse, now were they? Especially with Hamilton asking so nicely, and Lafayette imploring so genially.

The wager itself was simple: “When will Tallmadge Notice, or will he Notice at all?” the general agreement being that if he failed to notice before the war’s end, those betting in favor of his not noticing would win.

Anyone who didn’t know about this was quickly made aware, and the amount of betting and bribing throughout camp reached a new high within the first month. Those officers with ties to the London Trade started cutting people into the betting from outside the army.

As yet, those betting on Ben not noticing are in the lead, as he’s given no indication of knowing anything is amiss.

Washington, meanwhile, is fully aware of this gamble, but has said nothing. According to some reports, he actually has no small sum riding on it.

The real kicker, though, is that Ben actually caught on quite some time ago, but he isn’t about to approach the Laundry about it and has been very patiently waiting for them to realize their error.

If he only knew the money people have tied up in this debacle. If he only knew.


“Ben, no!” You whispered harshly.

“Why not, sweetheart?” He asked you innocently.

“Because we’re on a mission!”

“Doesn’t bother me,“ Ben mumbled as he nipped at your neck.

“Ben, we’re in the middle of a mission… hiding in a storage cupboard,” you said, rephrasing yourself.

So?” You could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

You didn’t know why, but Ben loved showering you with even more affection while you were on missions together. You thought it was inappropriate. He thought it was romantic.

You tried to push him away from you, but the cupboard was so small that Ben easily dragged you along with him.

“Come on Y/N,” he lowered his head, “What…else…is…there…to…do?” He asked as he placed delicate kisses along your neck and up your jawline.

“Ben…please,” you couldn’t help the small moan that escaped your lips as he continued peppering your skin with kisses.

You signed, finally caving in. Eagerly, you ran your fingers through his hair as you pressed up against him. He responded with a grin, his lips melding with yours as they moved in perfect synchronisation.

His hands snaked around your waist as yours trailed under his shirt, eager to take it off.

But before things could escalate, you heard another voice speak. “Solo? L/N? We have eyes on the target. You’re cleared to leave your hiding spot.”

Ben sighed before speaking into his comms device, “Copy that.”

“Well that was fun,” he chuckled as he kissed your forehead.

You crossed your arms as you caught your breath, suddenly realising what you had just done. But this wasn’t exactly the first time Ben had gotten his way during a mission…

He gripped your hand, “Ready?”

“Wait–” You said, releasing your hand from his, “You should go out first.”


You rolled your eyes, “Just in case!”

“Alright, alright,” he said as he opened the door carefully.

You waited a few moments before emerging from the storage cupboard, quickly straightening out your clothes.

Now that you could actually see Ben properly, you let out a laugh.


“Oh, Ben you’re a mess,” you giggled as you took in his appearance. His hair was all over the place from when you had run your fingers through it, one side of his jacket collar was turned up and the shirt underneath was now crinkled. He looked so… dishevelled.

“Well whose fault is that, sweetheart?” He grinned playfully.

“Good luck explaining this one when we get back to the Base,” you teased.

“I suppose I’ll have to explain this too,” he smirked as he ran his finger across a small bite mark he had left on your neck.

“Oh Mr. Solo, you really are something else.”

“Hmm, and I’m all yours,” he grinned, kissing your cheek.

JT Anon

I wonder why Ben doesn’t employ the same travel methods when he is w family to ensure their privacy? I mean he ended up w his first child’s face exposed and put up on a professional site for purchase and financial profit. He can clearly travel w out being spotted. Why doesn’t he implement the same thing when he is w his minor children and wife? Certainly protecting their babies is as big a priority as keeping himself private w some pap down time, no?


Putting aside the point you’re making for a moment JT, let me remind you that Ben does NOT travel WITH his family.  

The second to last time he was in NYC, he made sure to be sneakily photographed by a sneaky fan (who then later turned out to be a sneaky paparazzo) travelling from London to NYC alone.  When he returned to London from NYC on that trip, he was again sneakily photographed by sneaky fans and sneaky paparazzi, most definitely travelling alone.  As you do.

The last time he was in NYC, was during DS promo of course and he couldn’t afford to be spotted travelling sans wifey.  So… we didn’t get sneaky pics of him and the family in London, but we did get paparazzi shots of him, his bodyguard, Rent-A-Pilo’s blurred-out face (although the high definition pics of the pap walk from 7 months prior were still up for sale on the paid-for pap site with Rent-A-Pilo’s face unblurred in high definition for the world to see) and his wife smiling straight to the paparazzo’s camera.  We didn’t get any sneaky pics by sneaky fans or sneaky paparazzi on the way back of course, because… reasons.

I wont’ remind you how he arrived alone in LAX last year, or the fact that Weirdo arrived in Malibu a day later for the pap walk, cause I feel there’s no reason for it  :P

Sincerely, Me things
  • mike faist nipple rubbin
  • “there’s nothing unrealistic about the love one man feels for another”
  • “kiNKY”
  • “IF I St OppEd SmoK InG  CRac K”
  • synchronized knee wiggles
  • forest expertise
  • “all u gotta DO”
  • “my
  • sis
  • ter’s
  • hot”
  • not gay SURE JAN
  • weird jumping on HEY HEY HEY HEY
  • so many legs
  • seriously mike’s legs are so long how did he not kick them all in the shins every show
  • all u gotta DO pt. 2: return of the DO
  • hetero chest bump
Please Explain To Me

Why am I so obsessed with the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ characters? The ones I’m supposed to hate? The ‘bad boy’s? The ones with shaggy and/or messy dark hair with a brooding personality. The more angsty the backstory the better. Give them to me. I mean just


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hey you know that scene where jared’s like “hey evan wanna hang out this weekend; my parents are gone and their liquor cabinet hasn’t been used since like rosh hashanah 1994, so we can drink, like, whatever we want.” and he says it so nonchalantly. as though he and evan drink together all the time. i think about this a lot.

I can’t believe the shippiest crossover in the world happened back in 2012 and I forgot about it

Honestly guys like can we list off the fanfic tropes these two fulfilled in just two episodes

Like going from enemies to friends in the span of like, two minutes, doing sports together and then


And lest we forget that Ben was literally inside Rex

What even

I’m disappointed this doesn’t have a ship name but I’ve got the file names for these pics listed under BenGen so