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In case you haven’t seen it, not one, but TWO of Mr. McKittrick’s residents (one current and one former) are featured on Orange is the New Black this season.

Nick Dillenburg is back again as CO Blake, with some fun scenes showing his comedic chops throughout this new season, and Ben Thys plays Gilbert in the final episode of the season, showing off that sexy European “stranger in the bar”  persona in a flashback with Laura Prepon (Alex).


Mr. McKittrick wins by a landslide!!  Yeah…I didn’t watch the debates last night.  On my Tivo.  Maybe I’ll skim through it later. 

  • When I was at check-in last night, the staff member asked me if I had been there before and what number visit this was.  She wrote it down.  Is there some type of poll/list being made? 
  • The lovely Violet and Leopold were on hand last night in Manderley.  Maximillian was apparently Down Under having to rescue his brother Montgomery from incarceration.   Hope everything is okay and that it wasn’t too serious of a charge.
  •  Matthew Oaks as MacDuff last night.  Absolutely superb!  I need to learn how to walk on walls and ceilings.  Must set up a table similar to the one in the Crypt and focus more on my crow pose.  I really wish he had visited Manderley afterwards as I would have really liked the chance to thank him personally for all his tremendous contributions to the show (although I probably would have shied away as I do most of the time).
  •  It is one thing to watch Lady MacDuff’s resurrection from in front of the sofa.  It is quite another to have her limp murdered body in your lap and experience it from this perspective.  Thanks to Mr. Oaks for entrusting me with this moment.  Lily Ockwell – you astound me and I would follow you anywhere.
  • I love love love when the MacDuff’s sing along to the radio.  “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” must be their wedding song.  It was all so tender and full of hope.  Huge smiley face under my mask.
  • I think Nick Bruder’s gaze is like one of those paintings where no matter what position you stand in - it’s always like he’s looking directly at you.   I wasn’t even following his MacBeth last night but every time I was in his presence, I couldn’t look away.  He just invades your mind without even trying. Judy Garland also had this ability. 
  • I must be getting closer to becoming one of Hecate’s familiars.  She tells me her stories and I start laughing along with her.  Maybe she’s starting to finally trust me.  Maybe I’m starting to trust her.  Hmm…
  • Honestly, where does the time go?  It all seemed to rush past me at warp speed last night.  I need to stop wearing a watch.
  • New chanteuse at Manderley?  Vivian Nightshade? Or was it Victoria?  Excellent set!
  • The Pulled Brisket Toast at Gallow Green is incredibly decadent and delicious.
  • Career advice from Annabella up in Gallow Green after Manderley.  I will try to focus more on the big picture and accept what the Universe is giving me now. 
  • Tumblr Tuesday on October 9th.  See you then!

Reaction #9

The one where I almost had my Ms. Novak moment! After dressing him in the shower during the first loop, Boy Witch (Garth) grabbed me by the hand to lead me to the banquet. Down the four flights we went, hand in hand, round and round. And then I lost my footing. Landing on my ass and sliding down about a flight of metal steps! Ouch! Garth picked me up and took both my hands and continued to lead me to the ballroom. Before we entered, he pushed me in a corner and canoodled with me. He never spoke but must have assumed I was OK. Saw him in Manderley afterwards and we talked about it. Both apologizing to each other. Prob won’t be the last bruises I get at the McKittrick.

Other highlights: Ben Thys Malcolm 1:1. And I didn’t lose the feather this time! Hope Davis’s Bald Witch: stunning; thanks for the walkout. David Botana’s Speakeasy. Thank you for the vodka shot and post-show chat. Striking out again with Calloway. One of these days. And spending much more time on the 4th floor. So many characters to learn and follow.

Also chatting with some “blogger people.” Such a nice and friendly community. Thanks Natalia, Mark, Glen, Stephanie, Henry, Dana. Nice to meet you all!

Visit #9: They Check-In (But They Don't Check-Out)

Monday night’s visit started with a new mystery in Gallow Green. Mr. Sweeney and I brought along two new familiars (quite innocent of the ways of the McKittrick) and frightened them terribly with our – or should I say, my – intimate knowledge and love of the show. We had a light supper of appetizers (I highly recommend the pork meat balls and corn costinis) and drinks all around.

I chatted with Elizabeth Cullen and her dear uncle Derek Llewellyn while the band played their blend of Dixie influenced jazz and swing standards. The music, if you’ve not heard, is quite lovely and lively. If you ask the right gentleman in a seersucker suit, he may even take you for a twirl to “Boulder Buff” or “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

I was just about to take another nip of Pim’s Other Cup, when Adela Llewellyn– an unfamiliar and new lady of the Gallow Green – pulled me aside. With her tall regal baring and her large green eyes, Adela looked every bit like a 1930’s hollywood starlet who’d past her prime. She stared at me intently and asked if she could show me something special. Then, taking my hand, she led me to a place I’d never noticed before in the garden. “Wait here,” she said, “I have something I like to show to those who have frequented the McKittrick.” She disappeared behind a door. When she reappeared she said, “Can I trust you ? Do you promise not to tell?“ I nodded mutely yes, even though I was not wearing a mask yet. Then she showed me her private 1:1. Because I swore to secrecy, I can only say it was eerie and melancholy at the same time.

When the train to the McKittrick arrived at 7:30PM, I made a mental note to return soon to Gallow Green and to spend a lot more time there next time.

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Visit #13: The Joy of Forgetfulness

The great thing about forgetting is that it allows you to be pleasantly surprised. It has been over a month or so since I’d seen Sleep No More and in that time the memories of the McKittrick had faded somewhat.

Visit #13 began with the pleasant surprise of running into the fantastic Glamis and Cawdor of thebloodybusiness.  Who knew they would be there?  Not me.  Since my leaky brain had forgotten they’d posted their attendance dates.

Next up, the Manderley Bar. Was it my memory gone wonky, or was the bar extra dim and un-smoky on Sunday night? Is the bar ever smoky? Or did I make that up? Whatever the case may be, it was nice to be in a sparsely attended bar, having a laugh with Maximilian and his new friend, Ariel DeWinter – a “companion” of Mr. McKittrick who is most certainly not Mrs. McKittrick. Her best quip of the night? “Pretty girls don’t cry,” she cooed to my SNM “virgin” guest (who happened to be a gay man), “pretty girls go shopping.”

Maximilian was in a particularly flattering and snuggly mood that eve as well.  If you’ve never danced with the dashing Maximilian, I highly recommend it. This was a first for me and what a treat! He is quite light on his “loafers,” as he likes to say.

As I am a bit short for time these days, I am not going to give a full recap, but rather a few highlights from the night:

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