ben tanton

Unstoppable Spirit

Hovering over waters and
Adam’s first breath,
Olive branch bearer
and Column of Cloud.

Wisdom of Prophets and
Kindness of kings.

Miraculous signs
and behind the scenes

Peace of Mary
Bird at Baptism
Joy of Jesus.

Helping healer and
Last breath prayer.

Earth quaker,
curtain cracker.
Son Resurrector,
and Apostle assurer,

Sustainer through shipwreck
Outlaster of Empires,

Future inspirer and past pardoner
Table setter and kingdom gardner.


the Trinity traits of

The Unstoppable Spirit.

Words: Ben Tanton | Image: Jon White


Sit down, rest.
Eat and drink to your fill-
Know that you are blessed.

Let our hospitality become a warm reality.
From cold or animosity.
From the moment you crossed the threshold,
you were adopted into our family.

Let us learn to love together
from each other,
by both laughter and lament.
Let us put aside our differences and enjoy peace,
Let our our constant chatter,
be the comforting patter of rain on a tin roof.

Let us surprise each other with our beautifully bespoke stories, our lows and our glories.
Encourage us with your creativity. Let’s share ideas and craft memories.

Stay until your heart is filled with enough hope for your next adventure.
Share the moments we made, with those you meet.
That they too may take weight from their feet.

And remember, because you braved to belong,
you are always a citizen of the kingdom that
both does and doesn’t belong to us.


Words: Ben Tanton