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What saved me from the sadness of seeing georgies death, is seeing pictures of Bill and Jackson interacting together bts


you know what i realized. maybe i’m a leslie knope. maybe i won’t meet my ben wyatt for like another ten years.

you want to know why? because if i met him now, he’d be the mayor of fucking ice town and i can’t handle that shit.

but when i meet him, he’ll be ben. he’ll be sweet and kind and geeky and have a slammin’ booty. it’s a long way away, but that’s okay.

Hi I just want everyone to see this fucking adorable picture of Mike Faist doing scrunchy face™

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 


Im calm, you are calm, everyone STAY CALM! Ya know, its just the usual. The director of a Star Wars film, arguable what has been called the darkest Star Wars film of all time, has called the so called “villain”, evidently not a credible villain because of his innate pull to the light, A SWEETHEART, on his own instagram!

In other words, A LOT of new information and photos and posters and videos of The Last Jedi have been shown today at D23. Six posters with the main characters on them released…. SIX POSTERS! And the director himself has DELIBERATELY CHOSEN to post the poster of Kylo Ren, the “antagonist” of TFA, on his instagram account and has captioned it calling him A SWEETHEART!


Also, on a more logical note, WHAT KIND OF DIRECTOR CALLS THE APPARENT “ANTAGONIST” OF HIS FILM A “SWEETHEART”?? This is a sign fellow Reylos. Most of us want and know that Kylo Ren will undergo a major redemption (that will be iconic imho) and this is a good sign. Calling a “villain” (who is not really a villain because he is a three dimensional, morally grey, light-side born, passionate character without the characteristics of a truly evil villain) a “sweetheart” is essentially the first stepping stone to Rian trying to give a slight nod to the future of his character. He is publicly showing his view on him (an opinion that has been admittedly shared with Adam’s and JJ’s point of view on Kylo Ren). For everyone to know what the director of The Last Jedi thinks of Kylo Ren, one of the main characters he has directed, is important. It is called part of a subliminal marketing strategy, my pals.

Ps: Im going to reblog over and over and repeat it for the next week at least, sorry not sorry.

✏️ the other day, darling @smolwars declared a High School AU day for the kylux fandom! and i couldn’t think of a better excuse to finally make a colored version of this piece (^   O ^) which was already a black and white re-draw (which i can’t find on my blog, oddly? lol!) of the first piece i ever posted on Tumblr! LOL! sooo~ sorry/not sorry that you’ve to see these two three times if you’ve been following me all along! LOL! LOL! LOL! if you haven’t been~ they were my designs for @no-hux-given ‘s high school AU fic “Unintended” which you can read >HERE!< that is still one of my favourite fics ever! <3 <3 <3


Ben & Sophie at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 3 (pt 1, pt 2)

Dinner Conversation on Ahch-to
  • REY: *Cooking a dead porg over the fire*
  • KYLO: Why are you eating those things?
  • REY: There's nothing else to eat on this godforsaken island, unless you count the sea monster. Which I don't, since I can't swim.
  • KYLO: *hesitating* I could help you kill it.
  • REY: Why do you care?
  • KYLO: You can't...*clears throat, gestures to the dead porg* They're...too cute.
  • REY: *sarcastically* Exactly how cute does something have to be before you can't bear to kill it?
  • KYLO: *softly* As cute as you, Rey.
  • REY: ...

anonymous asked:

After seeing gifs of Martin Freeman pass through my dash I discovered that the thing I love most about him is the way he smiles when he makes someone else laugh. You can tell he really enjoys making other people happy. My favorite gifs are the one where the reporter started laughing after he said "where is my latte" and the one where he's on set with Ben I think during series 3 and Martin stepped up onto the stoop of 221b and Ben started laughing

ASDFASD Nonny what a wholesome post! :D I need people to attach these said gifs to this post, because I did not save them on my hard drive! For now, have this one! This is one of my favourites, because it looked like he was comforting Ben beforehand, and then Ben said something that made Martin smile:

But yes, Martin does have a charming and lovely smile!! 

Much soft! :D

@yorkiepug I feel you can add to this discussion better than me :D

Cooking Anime

Lately, I’ve been into numerous of culinary and food-related anime. Perhaps, I’m just too lazy to go out and eat now so I rather snug in my bed, slurping my ramen, and enjoy the indulgent of food-art. If you’re feeling somewhat like me, I definitely think you’ll enjoy this list! Bon Appetit!


Isekai Shokudou/ Restaurant to Another World

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara/ Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma (3 seasons)

Koufuku Graffiti/ Gourmet Girl Graffiti

External image

Mister Ajikko/ Born to Cook

Moyashimon/ Moyasimon, Tales of Agriculture

Wakako-zake/ Wakakozake

Gin no Saji/ Silver Spoon


Amaama to Inazuma/ Sweetness & Lightning 

Ristorante Paradiso


Cooking Papa


Yume-iro Pâtissière/Yumeiro Patissiere 

Yakitate!! Japan

Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique/ Antique Bakery

Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie/ Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie