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America Is German, Facts On America’s Crazy Heritage

49,206,934 people are of German heritage in the USA, making it the largest ethnic group in the US, according to this article based on census. “The largest wave of Germans came to the USA during the mid-1800′s. Today, the majority of German-Americans can be found in the non-coastal states, with the largest number in Maricopa County, Arizona. Famous Americans of German descent include Sandra Bullock, John Steinbeck, Ben Affleck, Jessica Biel, Tom Cruise, Uma Thurman, David Letterman, Walt Disney, Henry J. Heinz of the ketchup brand, and Oscar Mayer of the lunch meat brand, John D. Rockefeller, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, Wernher von Braun, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Schwarzkopf, Dr. Seuss, Evel Knievel, Meryl Streep, Kim Basinger, Amanda Seyfried, Harrison Ford, John J. Pershing, Neil Armstrong, Henry Kissinger, and Donald Trump.

steinbecks  asked:

The three new star wars kids and the goth nerd kylo


Kylo Ren/Ben Organa: The Hat hems and haws for about ten seconds. Ben insistently asks for Slytherin, like Grandfather–Darth Vader must have been in Slytherin! We get to choose, right? I CHOOSE SLYTHERIN!!! What do you mean I’m confused? I’M NOT CONFUSED! FIGHT ME

The Hat: GRYFFINDOR, news at eleven

like every Skywalker ever

Poe Dameron: Hufflepuff. A particularly magnificent one, fiercely loyal to the Resistance, an indefatigable leader/teammate, but unable to put his mission above the terrible injustice happening before his eyes. He’s got a touch of Gryffindor temperament–reckless, daring, defiant–but that core Hufflepuff is really his essential self.

Finn: I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think he’s a rare precious Slytherin. He’s a team player, certainly, and without his team he’s lost until he (near instantly) adopts another one. But Hufflepuff, the “earth” house, seems the least flexible. Finn is extremely adaptable, a ready trickster, more interested in his personal loved ones than any cause. His own inclination seems to be talking his way out of trouble or outright running away, though he’ll dare just about anything for his people and sweat the details later. 

Rey: she’s brilliant and has clearly dedicated some amount of time to learning a wide variety of skills. She’s tough, self-sufficient, stubbornly sticks to her principles. But … if there’s any moment when Rey is most Rey, I think it’s when she starts clubbing a stranger because a droid said he’d stolen his coat–all impulsive righteous fury. She’s resourceful, quick on her feet, brave, confident, willful, ready and eager to enter the fray. For all her toughness, she retains a deep idealism and openness, so much so that she closes her eyes to unpleasant truths. But otherwise she never allows fear to control her, her will indomitable, responding to any direct attack with an equally direct one of her own, snapping at Kylo Ren while strapped into his torture chair, fierce in battle.

An utterly delightful, heroic Gryffindor. Welcome to the family :)