ben squared

Combining Restaurant Chains

Dairy Queen + Burger King = a tenuous marriage with a royal house centered around The Cow

Waffle House + ihop = an ungodly place of breakfast food where time stops existing and God comes to take a nap

Panera + Chipotle = some white guy with a beanie whispering ‘locally grown product’ in my ear while a muffled indie song plays in the background

Olive Garden + Applebees = olives and bees, olives and bees

Chilis + Jack-in-the-box = an unknown emotion, some clouded experience wrapped away in a box, Schrödinger’s feeling if you will  

Bennigans + Ben and Jerrys = the ultimate BEN, Ben squared, wears old man sweaters and smells like the way tweed feels

Five Guys + In-and-out = just a bad porno


London - St Pauls, Big Ben, Notting Hill,  Trafalgar Square, Royal Arcade,  Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Leadenhall Market, Greenwich, Notting Hill

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Il materiale di origine: @paramountuk, @indieboy (Instagram) / Zoolander 2 Premiere at Empire Cinemas, Leicester Square, London (4th February, 2016) #myedit

This has been on my phone forever. Oscar Isaac looking like Sherlock Holmes and Adam Driver looking like Herman Munster. 😂😂😂



- Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, Royal Arcade, Royal Crescent/Notting Hill, Admiralty Arch/The Mall, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, St Pauls Cathedral, Liberty’s & Co/Regent Street, Buckingham Palace