ben romney

Why am I not surprised Benjy thinks ‘Indian’ applies to both demographics, even in 2017?

I remember reading somewhere that conservative minds have trouble seeing nuance or shades of gray, but there’s a pretty big leap from ‘Romney and Warren are both from Massachusetts, therefore they’re equivalent’ to ‘Indian is still an appropriate term for First Nations.’


Also: Of course Benjy would dig his heels in on Trump’s failed ‘Pocahontas’ quip. Cult of personality, he has to side with Trump on every damn thing.

Someone please go convince Mitt Romney to run for President again.

Is there another Bush somewhere we haven’t thought of?  Has John McCain decided he really is too close to death to run again?  What’s Michele Bachmann up to?  Herman Cain?  Is Mitt Romney busy?  There’s still time.  He can file late before California to cause just enough drama to deny Trump the nomination outright, then the GOP would have a brokered convention and nominate someone who isn’t in the process of making himself persona non grata in every foreign country around the globe.

One of these two creeps is about to walk away with the Republican nomination and it’s probably going to be Trump.

I’m legitimately afraid he might win.  I feel like most of y'all are sittin pretty in the city forgetting about the rest of the countryside.  Y'all don’t know stupid people like I know stupid people.  And y'all especially don’t know stupid white people like I know stupid white people.  They stay in my messages day in and day out and they might actually sneak this bewigged Cheeto up into the White House.

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