ben pix

Thank you!

A really big, huge shout out to all the lovely folks who went to LFCC and shared all their great pictures and stories! I hope y'all had a terrific time. Seeing all those pix of Ben looking so fine has really made my day. 🤗👍🏼👋🏼😍

Don’t come on my blog if you don’t support Benophie!

I just found this morning a note under one of my post (a lovely pix of Ben and Sophie from when they were first engaged) from someone known as “ben and soapy”. This person runs a hater blog and is a very familiar name on a lot of the so-called “Skeptic” sites. I have blocked this person because someone like that is NOT WANTED on my blog at all! And if I find any more like this one I will block those as well.

I abhor the septic haters! As far as I am concerned they do nothing except lie and spread hatred for Ben’s family! My blog is clearly marked as a Benophie supporter (right up front and clearly stated) and the content is obviously supportive of Ben and Sophie.

So why would someone like “ben and soapy” reblog a picture and leave a “like” note?

I figure they did this to cause trouble and invade a non-hater blog. The haters do this a lot and this time is no different. They harass and leave nasty notes on Twitter to anyone who mentions BC’s wife or family no matter how innocuous. They are behind those horrible “blinds” that spread nasty rumours about Ben’s marriage. They are always encouraging (and posting) really negative remarks about Sophie in whatever comments section they come across. And they often slip into non-hater blogs to link into the regular fandom to spread themselves out of their vile corner of tumblr and out across the internet.

They just can’t stand it when anyone stands up to them and shows/talks about how happy and loving BC with his family! It gets under their skin when they see beautiful pictures of Sophie and Ben with his wedding ring!

So I view this incident as encouragement for me to continue in my own small way to keep up my support of Ben, Sophie and their family. Resist the Septics’ lies and hatred! Refute their insults and fabrications about his marriage! Refuse to let the Septics be the loud voices in fandom!

Ben and Sophie’s love for each other should be celebrated by fans of his! He is proud of his wife and family. He doesn’t have to prove anything to me or anyone else (the evidence is clear in every picture and in all the beautiful words he has spoken about his wife and family) but I can and will call out those who want to spread hatred about his life. So if you are a hater/septic you might as well move on and don’t leave any notes or do any reblogs of my posts! I will block you the first chance I get.

For every one else - enjoy my blog!