ben perks

musical mashups pt. 1

dear evan hansen what to say to you

you have those eyes

you have that awkward gait

when you fell down on the stage

i cried

‘cause you broke my heart.



By: Lore

Summary: It’s friday night and it’s your weekly tradition to go around the Solo Triplets house to tease Captain Edgelord Kylo about his disastrous dates with Hux, try not to laugh at Matt’s failing career as a radar technician and pretend that you aren’t in love with Ben.

A/N: This was based on a dream I had last night. Except it was just me and this guy I knew in school then I punched him in the face. It was a good dream. Also I wasn’t in love with the guy. I like Kylux and yes I know it’s a terrible ship but may I point out ‘Careful Ren.’ My point proven. Hux doesn’t have a first name because what the fuck Disney are you serious that’s his actual name? Stormpilot is pure love and happiness. Female pronouns.

It was 6pm on a friday night and it was time for you to leave to go to your friends house for the weekend. Kylo, Ben and Matt Organa-Solo were your best friends since high school and there was a unbreakable bond between you all. It never mattered when you turned up but you liked to make an effort for yourself and definitely not for Ben Solo who you definitely did not have a crush on shut up Rey.

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To make your mornings bearable on your commute, enjoy.

If you just need a chill morning playlist:

[Spotify] x [8Tracks]

01. What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong // 02. Bridge - High Highs // 03. Home - Foo Fighters // 04. Drowning - Banks // 05. Habits Of My Heart - Jaymes Young // 06. Conrad - Ben Howard // 07. Youth - Daughter // 08. Caring Is Creepy - The Shins // 09. Lucky Now - Ryan Adams // 10. Navy Blue - The Story So Far

If you need a perk up playlist:

[Spotify] x [8Tracks]

01. No Sleep - Sammy Johnson // 02. Bad Habit - The Kooks // 03. Mrs. All-American - 5 Seconds Of Summer //  04. i - Kendrick Lamar // 05. Lisztomania - Phoenix // 06. Charleston - Set Sail // 07. Cecilia And The Satellite - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness // 08. Sun Shy - Dresses // 09. Restless Youth - Air Dubai // 10. I’m Ready - AJR

Steps To A Relaxing Evening

So recently I’ve discovered the recipe to my perfect relaxation night for stressful days or when I’m in the mood to pamper myself! 

Step 1 (optional): Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea & grab yourself a magazine or book!

I prefer iced coffee, especially during summer months. My current favorites have been the Starbucks Discoveries in caramel macchiato and caffe mocha! They’re sold in-stores and I tend to take an 8oz. glass and fill it 50/50 with the iced coffee and milk. 

Step 2: Draw yourself a bath!

This is the core step for a relaxing evening! Baths are my favorite destresser especially when coupled with Lush’s Tisty Tosty bath bomb! If you’re fortunate enough to live near a Lush store, or order their products online, I definitely recommend this bath bomb for any occasion! It’s scent is delicious, and best of all, once it’s completely dissolved a handful of tiny roses/rose petals float amongst the tub! That just adds to the relaxation!

Step 3: Put on a face & hair mask!

Before you settle in the tub, put on a face and hair mask to cleanse and hydrate! When you’re finished with your bath rinse off both masks and you’ll find yourself fresh and renewed!

Step 4: Air-dry!

This step may seem subtle, but there’s something calming about not immediately getting dressed after a bath that cannot be explained! Try it!

Step 5: Put on comfy pajamas!

I recommend baggy pajama/sweat pants and a hoodie! And if you’re lucky enough to have a significant other, go for their hoodie - they’re always more comfortable than your own hoodies for some reason!

Step 6: Grab yourself a delicious dessert! 

What is more relaxing than food? Nothing, that’s what.

Step 7: Put on a favorite movie or t.v. show!

Clueless is probably my favorite movie to rewatch, along with The Perks of Being A Wallflower, The Fault in Our Stars, Mean Girls, etc.! 

Step 8: Sleep!

A proper amount of sleep is not only healthy, but a key component of living a happy life! The amount of sleep you get directly reflects the type of day you’ll have!

Obviously, what works for me may not work for everyone! You could also include listening to music, painting your nails, sipping red wine, etc.! It’s important for everyone to take the time to relax & de-stress themselves every once in a while! 

Books and Cupcakes’ June Book Photo Challenge

Day 5: Books in a Bag + daisy

I went outside with a bunch of books under my arms and three different bags slung over my shoulder. I sat down in the grass, arranged and rearranged the books a couple of times while I happily took photos of them for at least 30 minutes. This is my first books-cupcakes Book Photo Challenge and it is SO much fun tackling each days theme.

when a headcanon goes too far, and then I started talking to the @theprincessleia about it, and it kind of went from there // more solo family moments! 

He paced in front of their glass door, almost in crisis. 

Finally, Ben made up his mind to go outside. His mind was still frazzled as he approached Rey–if he was thinking rationally he wouldn’t ask her anything, but he’s not thinking rationally and he already knows he might regret this later. 

“Rey?” he asked, crouching down to be at her level at the edge of her sandbox. 

The little girl paused her digging to squint up at her brother expectantly. His tone was slightly nervous but also more serious than usual, so she gave him as much of her attention as she could 

Suddenly he found the wood of the box much more interesting than what he wanted to ask her, “What do girls like?” 

Force, he thought, it sounded even sillier out loud. 

He probably shouldn’t be asking a 4 year-old this question–she was probably the wrong person to ask, in fact he was almost sure of it, but Rey was a girl and he was too embarrassed to ask his mother. 

Ben didn’t exactly have the best examples to go to for romantic advice. His father was kind of a nerf, and he was still trying to figure out he wooed a prize like his Mom, his Uncle Luke was seemingly perpetually single, and he didn’t even want to bother asking his Uncle Chewie for help. 

“Well…” Rey started, she had pondered his question for a few seconds, and she  was almost sure had this one, “Girls like practice saber fights! and helping daddy on the Falcon…and sand!” She said all in one breath. 

Ben shook his head dejectedly, his fingers coming up to massage the bridge of his nose, “Oh no,” he murmured. Just as he predicted, he regretted asking his sister. 

“That doesn’t really help me, squirt.” Ben sighed, “You just told me everything you like… I meant older girls, you’re a girl!” He didn’t think that he was making any sense, and by the look Rey was giving him he knew she was confused. 

In a sudden moment of clarity, “I don’t know Ben. I’m 4!” Rey shrugged, “Why don’t you ask Mommy, she’s an older girl.”

Ben blushed–that was the very thing he was trying to avoid. 

Clearly done with the conversation, his sister went back to her playing as he stood back up to his full height and headed back inside. She was no help. 

“Hey kiddo!” Han greeted as Ben closed the sliding door behind him. 

“Hey dad,” Ben gulped, might as well ask him now–since he’s here, he thought. 

“What’s got you down, kid?”

Ben followed his father into the kitchen and washed for a second as he washed his hands in the sink. He scratched the back of his neck, bashfully. Ben was already embarrassed and he hadn’t even said anything yet. 

“Uh, Dad…” He faltered, “You know how I think you and Mom are gross 98 percent of the time?” 

Maybe it wasn’t the best way to start, but he had a point. 

“Yes…” Han dried his hands, leaned on the counter for support and crossed his arms. 

“Well, you know how this morning you said something dumb, but then you made Mom laugh and she kissed you?” Ben rushed. 

Han raised his eyebrows, a sign for him to continue. His interest was suddenly peaked, as he wanted to know where this conversation was headed

“I still think it’s gross, but I wanted to know how…how…you did that?” He finished weakly. 

“How I got your Mom to kiss me?” Han asked dubiously. 

“No! No. No no no.” He clarified, “How did you get her to like you?”

Han hummed in realization. 

Ben pleaded, “Please don’t make this weird.”

“Well, son–my son,” Han was filled with elation. 

Ben was coming to him for advice–a rare sight these days, and romance wasn’t his exact area of expertise but he’d take what ever he could get. Han was sure he could come up with something to help him. 

“Let’s just say your mother and I had quite a bumpy start,” that was an understatement, Han thought. 

Ben was beginning to feel discouraged, and he wondered if it was just better to ignore his feelings altogether. At least that way he’d save himself some embarrassment. 

“That isn’t really helpful, Dad.” 

“Sure, sure.” Han nodded, “I guess your right.” 

After a beat, “Have you tried saying it with flowers?” Han mentally patted himself on the back for that one, that was pretty good. 

Ben perked up, he stood up right from his slouched position at the counter. 

“No,” he drawled, “Does that really work?” He looked at Han skeptically. 

“I don’t know,” Han shrugged–now questioning his own advice, he’s never actually tried it before. “But I’ve heard other people say it does!” He wasn’t sure he trusted those people. 

“Have you ever given Mom flowers?” Ben raised and eyebrow, he couldn’t recall ever seeing his father bring home flowers–other things yes, but definitely not flowers. 

He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, much like Ben had done moments prior. 

“No. But your Mom isn’t exactly the flowers type… she likes blasters and democracy, and justice.” He said in deep thought. “Blasters I can get, the others I can help with…but I’m not suggesting you get this girl a blaster!” Han tacked on sternly with a finger point. 

“Of course not!” Ben squawked, he’d probably get expelled for that. 

“Flowers are safe.”

“Right. Girls like flowers, right?”

Han was suddenly unsure, “Sure. I guess.” He nodded, some sage advice he had. 

“Hey!” Leia walking into the kitchen after checking up on Rey outside, “What’s going on in here?”

Ben almost immediately began to panic. He didn’t want his mother to know about his dilemma because he didn’t want her to turn it into a big deal. Her son with his first crush? Force, he thought, what if she wanted to invite the girl over for dinner? He’d barely even said two words to her, he certainly was not ready for that! 

“Nothing!” Ben said quickly before he practically ran from the kitchen. 

Instantly Leia knew something was up, she came to stand in front of Han, questioning him with her glare, “Han…”

“I know that look, sweetheart.” 

“He’s keeping something from me. I can feel it.” She said suspiciously, “So are you.”

Han was nervous, but he got the sense Ben didn’t want to tell Leia just yet, and he wasn’t going to betray that. However, he could never keep something from his wife. Even before she was aware of her force sensitivity, she always just  knew

“No!” He sputtered, very smooth Han. 

“Nothing’s wrong. You heard him! Everything’s good. We’re good…you good?

Han groaned inwardly, he’s always been bad at this. If he was trying to come off as cool, calm, and collected, he had failed. 

Okay Han, just commit, he told himself.

He kissed Leia’s cheek before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and dashing out of the kitchen. 

Leia was definitely suspicious. 

The following night during dinner, some where between her peas and carrots–neither of which Rey was particularly fond of–she remembered something very important about her day.

“Momma,” She said excitedly, breaking the silence that fallen on the table as they ate, “Did you know Ben has a girlfriend?” 

Leia dabbed the corners of her mouth with her napkin, “No, baby, I did not.” She looked towards Ben who was sitting in the chair next to his sister, red in the face. So that’s what’s been bothering him, Leia thought. 


Han cleared his throat, suddenly uncomfortable for his son.

Before Ben could speak Rey interrupted him with her version of events.

“He gave her a flower!” She said, her mouth still full. 

“Chew your food, sweetheart,” Han said lowly.

“Oh, right!” It only took her a second to finish chewing. 

“Rey…” Ben tried. 

She ignored him, “ It was so lame Mommy! A flower?”

“Rey.” Han reprimanded, shaking his head sternly.

Leia just stared between her children, one looked like he was waiting for the ground to swallow him whole, and the other was a little too eager to recount her tale at her brother’s expense.

“Ben, you nerf!” Rey shoved him a little, “I told you to get her sand!” She said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the galaxy. 

She raised up her hands in frustration, it was so simple! “Flowers die, sand is forever!”

Ben groaned audibly and sank further into his chair, now would be a good time to disappear, he thought. 

Forgoing her fork and picking up a carrot with her fingers, she pointed it towards her mother and continued speaking, “You know what she said to him?” 

She took a bite of her carrot as Leia shook no her in response. Leia was trying not to laugh at the look of pure indignation on her daughter’s small face, sometimes there was a little to much Han in her, she loved it though. 

“She said, ‘I like you too’” Rey scrounged up her nose in disgust. 

“Okay, I think it’s time for bed!” Han got up from his chair, drawing attention to himself to try and save his son from further humiliation. 

Ben had already pushed his place aside, no longer hungry, his head was his hands, and his ears were burning. 

“I don’t think she likes you very much, bro.” Rey took another bite of her carrot. 

In their house the customary response for “I love you,” was usually followed by an “I know,” She wasn’t sure she knew anything different. 

Leia had had enough. That was enough torture for one night–though she briefly wondered if her and Luke had grown up together if this would be the way they would have been as kids.

“Breha, bedtime.” 

“Yup,” Han agreed. 

Uh-oh, Rey thought, not the full name!

Han came over to her chair and picked her up, put her over his shoulder, Rey couldn’t help but giggle, and Han had to control his laughter on his way out. 

“But what did I do?” Was the last thing they heard before father and daughter disappeared down the hall. 

Cole & Ben

Cole perked up as the smell of an alpha hit him. It was overwhelming not like anything he had ever experienced before. Not that cole had much to compare to since he had only been turned a month ago when he had a chance encounter with an alpha gone mad turning teens. Cole knew nothing about werewolves so he defiently didn’t know what heat was or that the overwhelming smell of an alpha meant that he smelled intoxicatingly good to whatever alpha was roaming the school halls. He didn’t know this would force the animalistic drive in the alpha to mate Cole. If he had known better Cole would have dropped his textbooks and have run.