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Reuters Pictures of the Year 2014

In this end of November, the famous press agency Reuters reveals like each year the compilation of its best pictures for the category “The Photographers’ Story”. Emotional images, from news topics to the most unusual moments.


In October, I decided to invest some money and time into creating a small book in which I could mail to potential photo-editors and clients.

The book would contain 3 recent photo-stories I have worked on. All three stories are ones in which I pursued on my own and shot on my own time. I didn’t include any ‘on-assignment’ work for two reason; firstly, I believe that photo-editors see assignment work on a daily basis and they would rather see work that the photographer is not told to shoot but rather shots on his/her own time. Secondly, I truly feel that in this day and time a lot of people can take great looking photos and that what sets photojournalists apart is the time and dedication put into their work. I dont want to take pictures of nouns, I want to take pictures of verbs.

I wanted to stay away from the shotgun approach of sending 100 postcards to everyone and anyone. Don’t get me wrong, this would work and undoubtedly reach A LOT more editors, but it just didn’t feel right. I wanted to give them something more personal.

I took a few bookmaking design courses and over the course of a month put together a small run of catalogs titled 'Non-Fiction’. I sent these out to quite a small group of art directors/photo editors. It certainly wasn’t cheap and it was time consuming, but the reward of having a small catalog in your hands at the end of the process was fantastic.

I have four left over, in which I am going to sell for $20, shipping included.

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