ben mund

um hi? well i don’t know how I should start this? i’m not good with words and especially not with english words (my english is not the yellow from the egg höhöhö)
alright, enough joking for today. okay, I want to say thank you! y'know I’m here for almost 4 years but i wasn’t really active since this last year. i’ve met so many gorgeous people on this fucking website, it’s incredible. thank you for always cheering me up, y'know i wasn’t here the last week and i wasn’t (and still not) OK but i came back and it was like to have my family back?
anyways, as i said, i do this follow forever to say thank you. thank you for almost 1000 followers (there are only 3 missing lol). i never expected to reach this amount??? then thanks to all people who make great edits, to all who said nice things to my stuff I’ve posted (i never experienced something like that before tbh) and especially to all my mutuals!

i love you. don’t forget that!

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