ben morgan


You have a sexual affair with all the men below, and one day you happen to attend a film awards show, and so do they. None of them know that they all had one thing in common: you. And when they all approach you to say hello, they finally realize this.

{ By: Anon } 

toronto maple leafs: full names

Frederik Andersen
Tyler Bozak
Connor Brown
Connor Carrick
Frank Corrado
Jake William Gardiner
Matthew John Hunwick
Zachary Martin Hyman
Nazem Samir Kadri
Leonid Aleksandrovich Komarov
Joshua Leivo
Alexey Igorevich Marchenko
Martin Marinčin
Mitchell Marner
Matthew Martin
Auston Matthews
Robert Curtis McElhinney
William Andrew Michael Junior Nylander Altelius
Roman Polák
Morgan Frederick Rielly
Benjamin Alexander Smith
Nikita Dmitriyevich Soshnikov
James Frederick van Riemsdyk
Nikita Igorovich Zaitsev

I’m in a fake-lationship™ with too many hockey players somebody please help