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Don't hurt her - Sammy Wilk Fanfic - Chapter 1

Being the best friend of Emily Wilkinson had its pros and cons. 

Cons being:
 - She’s like 5 years older than me
- She sometimes ditches you for her other friends which is totally understandable
- She is so perfect that I’m jealous 

Pros being:
- She is the most amazing best friend ever.
- She will defend or have your back for anything and everything.
- She is loyal and trustworthy
 And last but not least…
- She has hot siblings

One of those hot siblings happened to be my boyfriend. SAMMY WILKINSON. Sam and I have been together for nearly 3 years. Started dating back in 2013, when we were both 17 and in high school. Now, we’re both 20 and share a house in Los Angeles and we are perfectly happy. 

Chapter 1;

Your POV

Sammy had been acting, weird lately. He would come home around 10pm on most nights, get undressed, get into the shower, get ready for bed, sleep. No a single word to me. No ‘Hello’ or any facial expression. I tried asking him what was going on but he just brushed me off and said he was fine and that i was acting weird as well. Excuse me, I’m not the one not talking to the other. Agh. 

Emily said that he had done this type of thing when he was younger. She said that when he came home most nights, it was late, and he wouldn’t talk to anyone, he would just go up to his room and stay there until there was no one there in the morning, just to avoid his family. 

“Sammy?” I called from the living room. 
“What? I’m busy” He mumbled annoyed as he walked into the room. I took a deep breath and walked in front of him.
“What’s going on?” I asked softly, looking into his eyes which were focused on something else in the room.
“U-uh nothing’s going on, hey listen, I-I gotta go meet up with the boys,” He said pointing behind him,
“I’ll see you later” With that he gave me a chaste kiss and stalked out of the room.
I was gobsmacked. What the fuck just happened?

This morning I was meeting with Em for coffee and then going shopping after.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” She said forwardly.
“What? oh nothing” I said shaking my head softly before focusing on the coffee in front of me. 
“It’s my fuckwit of a brother isn’t it?” She said angrily. I shrugged but nodded at the same time. She just shook her head and let out a breathy laugh. 
“I’m going to murder him, I swear” She mumbled before taking a gulp of her coffee. 

For the whole time we were at the cafe and shopping, Emily only talked about how she was going to make him pay and planning on how she would kill him.

“Em, it’s fine, really, but thank you” I gave her a soft smile before walking into Victoria’s Secret.

“That fucking fuckwit dickhead motherfucker” Emily ranted as she looked at Instagram. 
“Watch your profanities child” I laughed.
“You shouldn’t be laughing..” She trailed off.
“Ahah why?” I smiled, taking her phone. 

Then, my body lost all happiness. All good things in life jut went away. I gave back Emily’s phone and fidgeted with my more-important nail. 

“I swear to god, that kid is going to die” Emily’s fist balled as she huffed.

“Come on, we’re leaving” Emily said before roughly grabbing my hand and pulling me to the car.
“I’m gonna fix this, don’t worry” She comforted. 

Emily’s POV

“SAMUEL FUCKING HOWARD WILKINSON” I shouted as I stomped angrily into his and Y/N’s house.

“Bahaha what Em” He laughed coming out from the kitchen. His smile soon faded as I showed him the post on my phone.
“You are so fucking dead you dick” Sam’s face drained colour and his mouth hung open. 
“You promised. YOU PROMISED ME THAT YOU WOULD KEEP HER SAFE AND YOU ENDED UP BREAKING HER HEART YOU FUCKING ASS” I screamed. Sammy gulped loudly as my face grew redder.

“When you two started dating, what did you tell me Samuel? What did I tell you?” He stayed silent as I kept ranting at him.
“You broke the promise Sam, you broke it, and there’s nothing you can do to make anything better” I shook my head in disappointment as I back out towards the door. 

I sprinted to my car and drove back to my apartment, which Y/N was staying at. 

I Want You (Alternate Ending!)

Aw I loooved the imagine you just posted! Can you do an alternate ending to it where you end up with Ben please ☺️

It’s just a regular chill day, watching movies with Nate, Sam, the Jacks, and Ben.

“What movie?” Sam asks, lazily flipping through Netflix.

“Beyond the Lights!” I suggest, sitting up from Ben to grab the remote from Sammy.

“No! We aren’t watching that movie again.” He declares, putting the remote out of my reach. I pout, and Ben wraps his arms around me, making me smile.

“How about White Chicks?” It was a movie Ben and I have seen before, but we knew the rest of them haven’t. He was just using it as an excuse to talk to me the whole movie.

“Fine.” Sam plays the movie, and it isn’t long before my theory was proven true.

“You know, (Y/N) I think you’re one of the most beautiful women that I have ever laid my eyes on.” He quietly whispers to me, a adorable smile on his face.

“Awe, thank you Ben, you aren’t to bad yourself. If I do say so myself.”

We just shower each other with compliments, laughing and constantly getting shushed by everyone else. We do this the entire movie, until Nate just gets up and storms out.

“What’s up with him?” Johnson asks, and everyone looks just as confused.

“I’ll talk to him.” I get up and walk outside, looking left or right for Nate. I see him turn the corner and I run towards him. “Nate!” I yell, and he turns around.

“ What?” He runs his hand across his cheek, sniffing.

“Are you crying? What’s wrong?”

“I’m not crying, I’m just cold. Really cold.” It was chilly, but not enough for all of this.

“Nate, stop lying. You know you can talk to me right?”

“Nah, I don’t. Because lately you’ve been all buddy buddy with Ben, and-”

“Wait. Are you serious right now Nate? You think you can’t talk to me because of Ben? That’s ridiculous.”

“No. It’s not.” he counters, turning to walk away from me.

“I’m serious Nate. No matter who I’m with, you’ll always be my best friend. You can tell me what’s up.”

“That’s the problem. I’m your best friend. I don’t want to be your best friend!”

“Well if you didn’t wanna be friends anymore, you should’ve said something.” I roll my eyes and walk back to his house. He catches up with me as I’m opening up the door.

“Listen to me, (Y/N). I don’t want to be your best friend.” I open my mouth to respond, but he puts his finger against my lips. “I want to be your boyfriend. Some one you love and share all those cute moments that you have with Ben. I want you to travel with me on tours and support me and what I want to do in life. I want to have collabs with you just for fun, that end up being dope ass tracks. I want to come home from a long day at the studio and have you there to take care of me.” I stand there speechless, watching as he comes closer to me. His arms wrap tightly around my waist, lifting me up. I wrap my legs around him, not liking the feeling of my legs just dangling.

“Nate..” I start, but he shushes me.

“I’m not finished. I want you pull at my hair when I hit your spot. I want you to trace my tattoos and talk to me because you can’t sleep. I want you to ride me with my snapback on because you know it turns me on. I want you to smoke in the bathtub with me all the time. I want you to tease me whenever the guys are around. I want you to purposely make me jealous just to see how I’d react. I want you to wear my sweatshirts because they smell like me. I want to kiss you every single day when I wake up and before I go to bed. I want to be able to call you Mrs. Maloley. I want you to have my children. I want you, (Y/N).”

“Nate.. I’m sorry. I can’t.” He frowns, letting me down from his grip.

“W-What? I thought- forget it. Be happy with Ben, (Y/N). Don’t let me stop you.”

I was a bit surprised, since Nate wouldn’t stop until he got what he wants. But I smile and nod, reaching my arms out for a hug. He gladly accepts, tightly hugging me, as if he doesn’t want to let go of me.

We walk back inside and I curl back up with Ben, kissing his lips softly.

“Come on, (Y/N). Please, not my older brother. I don’t need another sister.” Sammy groans, throwing popcorn at us.

“Calm down Samuel. I’d be a great sister. I’m already like a sister to you anyway.”

“I’m happy for you, lil mama.” Nate whispers to me, and I kiss his cheek, telling him thank you.

Aww, I prefer this one over the original.

Don’t Hurt Her - Sammy Wilk - Chapter 2

I think you guys are gonna like this chapter lol😂


Your POV

I was looking around Emily’s apartment when the door burst open. Emily stood there, her hair a mess and eyes wide. I looked at the floor as my eyes filled with tears. I blinked them back but it physically was impossible. I looked up at Emily to see what has happened at my apartment. She shook her head and her face face went soft as tears started pouring out of my eyes. She rushed over to me as I cried on her shoulder. Oh what this boy has done to me. “Is the photo still on Instagram?” I cried. “Yeah babe, yeah it is” She mumbled. This pushed me over the edge and I lost it. I dropped to the floor with Em still hugging me. I was crying hysterically and I don’t know why it was affecting me this much. I mean I wasn’t jealous or anything, I just felt like I had gone clean out of his mind. Like he wasn’t thinking about me in the moment he posted it. 

After a couple of hours, I was sitting on the couch in Em’s apartment and there was a knock at her door. Emily was doing something in the kitchen so I decided to get it. “Thanks Y/N!” Emily shouted from the kitchen as I answered the door. After that I don’t know what happened… One minute I was opening the door, the next I was running and hiding from a violent drunk Sammy, who had a bottle in his hand and was trying to smash it a Emily for keeping me here. “Where is she?!” Sammy shouted. My hands shook as I called Mama Wilk so she could come and get him and calm him down. “L-Lori, Sam’s drunk and h-he’s violent, he’s at Emily’s a-apartment with me and he’s g-got a bottle and-AHHHHHHHHHH-” Emily lay on the floor with blood pouring out of her head. I covered my mouth, hysterically crying, as Sammy looked satisfied with what he did. I swallowed thickly as I hid behind the kitchen counter, hoping he wouldn’t find me. “Y/N please listen to me, the photo, I didn’t post it okay?! Why would I do something like that to you?” He sounded like he was crying. I hiccuped as I sobbed into my sweater. “If you’re not gonna talk to me, then I’m going” He sounded disappointed as I heard the door slam. “SAMUEL HOWARD” Thank god for Mama Wilk. 

I sat on the couch as I was waiting for Mama Wilk to come back from the hospital with Emily. Fuck you Sam. Fuck you. Sam sat on the opposite couch. Making no eye contact with me whatsoever. I didn’t want to talk to him anyway. He’s already done too much. “Y/N?” I spun my head around as fast as I could when I heard Emily’s strained voice call me. I gasped and tears quickly filled my eyes as I saw my best friend in a wheelchair. I covered my open mouth as I ran over to her. “Hey, hey, hey, don’t cry” She laughed, “I’m still alive, you still have me, I’m not dead, see” I giggled as she held my hand. I looked up at Lori as she nodded and walked into the living area. “Fuck, what happened?” I asked, examining the cast on her wrist and the giant white patch on her cheek. “I had to get stitches on my cheek because, fuck it was a deep cut, I broke my wrist because I’m an idiot when I fell but besides that, I’m the same old sarcastic bitch who loves you” She smirked as I went behind her and pushed her wheelchair to the couch so she could rest. 

That night, Mama Wilk went home but Sammy stayed. We both didn’t want him to but Lori insisted. I was stirring the pasta in the pot when I felt two hands on my waist. My eyes widened as I practically leaped from my spot. I looked back to see the devil himself. “D-Don’t touch me” I stuttered, with a wooden spoon as my weapon. He smiled faintly, “You’re scared of me aren’t you?” A lump formed in my throat as I nodded. 

Chapter 3 up soooon :)

Sainsbury’s can’t tell the difference between antisemitism and anti-apartheid: an open letter

On Saturday 16 July, the manager of a Sainsbury’s store in Holborn apparently removed kosher products, many of which were not made in Israel, from their shelves. Whether they did this because of a supposed support for Palestinians, or because of an unfounded fear of violence from protesters, is unclear.

What is clear is this: Palestinian civil society did not ask for a boycott of kosher food. Only antisemites would want or support that. The call has always been explicitly and openly about boycotting Israeli-made goods, along with other tactics, until Israel complies with international law (which it currently ignores).

These tactics worked against apartheid South Africa, and they’re starting to work against apartheid Israel too.

The way forward is simple. Sainsbury’s cannot morally profit from or work with companies like Mehadrin and EDOM that steal Palestinian land and support the siege on Gaza.

Sainsbury’s knows all of this. The flyers given out at numerous Sainsbury’s stores across the country are unequivocal. The website specifically targeting Sainsbury’s trade with complicit Israeli companies is unambiguous.

We have sent files to Sainsbury’s management making it clear how their policies are harming Palestinian people, and have taken these to the last two Sainsbury’s AGMs. Individuals have asked for meetings to work on how this harm can stop, but the offers have been repeatedly ignored.

Sainsbury’s: if you can’t tell the difference between a boycott aimed at ending the occupation of Palestinian lands, and stopping Jewish people being able to buy kosher food in the UK, then you really need our help.

Signed by, amongst others:

  • London Palestine Action
  • Annie O'Gara Sainsbury’s Campaign
  • Michael Deas, coordinator in Europe, Palestinian BDS National Committee
  • Diana Neslen, Stop G4S
  • Hilary Lang, Frome Friends of Palestine
  • Pamela Manning, Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Shoomi Chowdhury, Ipswich and Suffolk Muslim Council
  • Global Citizens (GC)
  • Grass Roots Muslim Movement
  • Angus Geddes, Portsmouth & South Downs Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Caroline Day, Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association
  • Richard Hering - visionOntv
  • Sue Owen, Chesterfield Pro-peace/PSC
  • Naeem Malik West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign 
  • Dr. Sue Blackwell (Sainsbury’s shareholder)
  • brighton and Hove PSC
  • Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (
  • Azfar Shafi, University of Birmingham Students for Justice in Palestine society
  • Dr mohamed Ali, NHS
  • Paddy O'Keeffe, Brighton Stop the War
  • Ben Maloney - Secretary, Enfield Southgate Labour Party
  • Tim Holmes, Public Interest Research Centre
  • Igor Strapko, Clapton Ultras
  • Rachel O'Brien, Community Action Officer at University of Birmingham Guild of Students
  • John Tymon, Football Against Apartheid