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Hey guys it’s been a little while! I wanted to post this here because Ben Luce (who I recently collaborated with) and I are working on this supercool Kickstarter project together! We’re making a music video and it’s going to be really great!

If you want to help out at all I’d be super appreciative because it’s definitely a project that I want to be able to work on, and it would really help me to justify not being able to do school next term as well.

I’ll probably post again later tonight, just for the sake of audience and stuff - hopefully everyone won’t think I’m spamming it haha!

Al di là delle luminose insegne
ci sono spazi più oscuri: lassù
piccoli nidi brumosi di stelle
sembra ondeggino in aria.
Non hanno specifici nomi:
nessun uomo che vaghi nella notte
volge a loro il suo sguardo
per orientarsi, o per puro piacere;
una polvere tanto evanescente
può dar ben poca luce:
è molto meno il noto che l'ignoto,
è molto più il lontano che il vicino.
—  Philip Larkin, Lontano di qui

A few little sneak peeks for the thing I’m doing for the AEPDX event. I’ve spent all weekend working on assets for the collab animation with my partner Ben Luce ( and will be doing the same tomorrow too.

In case I hadn’t mentioned before, they invited 10 illustrators and 10 VFX artists to participate in this event and I was lucky enough to be one of the ones they invited! Essentially we have a week to make a finished animation and we have to present it this Thursday. This week is just insane but fun haha.


So this was a piece that me and Ben Luce ( collaborated on. We were both invited to AEPDX’s “The Burst” event where they paired up 10 illustrators and 10 VFX artists to create a short animation (under 1 minute) within a week based on the prompt “Float”.

Me an Ben concepted out the idea and worked pretty hard on this and I think it turned out pretty good - we ended up winning first place! We got along really well and the ideas came together pretty seamlessly!

I hope you enjoy it!


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