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LOST piano lullaby

LOST piano lullaby // arranged by onefine-morning, music by michael giacchino

because I love lost like nothing else and the music is the icing on the cake.

life and death • there’s no place like home • mapquest • parting words/the gathering • moving on • main theme

(My other film score lullabies: Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter)

I read somewhere that an actor who has to cry in a scene should play like he’s trying not to cry. Because most of the time when you cry, you’re fighting it, you want to hold it back. If you go straight for the crying, it can look fake to the audience. After you’ve spent a few years trying to cry, you realize that’s not how your body works. You can trick your body into feeling things, but the way to do it is to try not to do it. Laughing and crying are two things that dog young actors. When you’re 21, it’s your bete-noire: “Oh, God, I have to cry! I can’t cry, I don’t feel it! I have to laugh? But it’s not funny!” As you get older, they’re two of the easiest things. Partly, it’s because you’ve had more life. It’s not hard to think of sad things. I could cry right now.

Michael Emerson about actor’s play (from, 2010) and so in tune now

LOST seasons rated by how many times they shave:

Season 1: Jack tries to shave with something that looks like a sharp rock (What the hell are you doing Jack???). We can assume by his eternal two-days-beard that he’s not very successful but he gets points for trying. Shannon has her legs perfectly shaved all the time, she alone rises the score for the whole season, what a legend. 6/10

Season 2: I told you the 2nd season was the best!!! In the first episode we see Desmond shaving, great start for an amazing season. The following days Jack shaves (with an actual razor and not a rock, I’m proud of you Jack!), Kate cuts Sawyer’s hair (I’m counting this as shaving, both things consist on cuting hair), Mr. Eco cuts his beard and gives it to Henry Gale (????) and in the interrogatory Sayid asks Henry about his shaving method. To wrap up a perfect season in the last episode Tom rips off his fake beard. 10/10

Season 3: We fianlly get to know about the others and one of the big reveals is that they are way better shaved than what they made us think, amazing plot-twist. I assume they also shave Ben’s body-hair for his surgery. Good overall season but still a let down from the previous one. 7/10

Season 4: In the island Juliet shaves Jack’s belly and jokes about her extensive experience on shaving men’s belly-hair. Great content. I got mixed feelings about the flash forwards though. Jack has shaved his chest and I’m counting it double because he had a really hairy chest. On the other hand he has now a weird beard. Btw Kate calls off their enagagement right after Jack decides he’s going to grow a beard, this is not a coincidence people! 8/10

Season 5: Jack finally shaves his weird beard, is a happy day for everyone. Kate is so moved she cries. We feel the same Kate. 6/10

Season 6: Awful season, there’s no shaving at all. No wonder why so many people were disappointed by this show’s ending 0/10

person: i want to watch a show with good character development
me: have you seen lost
person: and deep storylines
me: you should watch lost
person: and relatable characters
me: i would recommend lost
person: and a strong, gripping plot
me: there’s one show i can think of
person: and really good acting
me: have you heard of -
person: and a beautiful setting
me: there’s this show called lost
person: i just can’t find a show like that
me: really tho just watch lost

These are my headcanons for what happens with the surviving characters after the finale. If you have your own headcanon please just reblog and add yours because I would love to read them!

- When Claire meets with her mom again is a very emotional encounter because she still feels responsible for the car crash but her mom tells her it was never her fault and she can finally let the guilt go.

- Sawyer meets his daughter Clementine. At first Cassidy didn’t want him around her but then she finds out it was Sawyer who left all that money to Clementine’s name and realises he always cared about her in his own way and gives him a chance. To Cassidy’s surprise he ends up being a great dad.

- Aaron grows up to be an amazing musician and when poeple congratulate him Claire always says “he gets that talent from his dad”.

- Kate and Sawyer remain best friends for the rest of their lifes and they confort each other when they miss Jack and Juliet.

- When they leave the island Aaron still thinks Kate is his mom and she and Claire decide to rise him together as the son of both. They live together and Aaron simply has two moms now.

- Claire actually has Charlie’s DS ring (we know Sun found it so let’s assume she gave it to Claire off camera) and when Aaron is older she gives it to him and explains his daddy was a hero who died to save all of them.

- Sawyer starts using his real name “James Ford” and asks to never be called Sawyer again. When Kate’s asks why the change he answers “I don’t need to pretend to be something else, not anymore”.

- In the island Hurley gets rid of the stupid old rules from Jacob and now people who live in the island are allowed to leave if they want to or go to the mainland from time to time to visit their friends and family. Hurley himself goes very often to visit the rest of the gang.

- Kate travels to Seul every year for Ji Yeon’s birthday and gives her a present. And Hurley uses his new powers to have an eye on Ji Yeon and make sure she’s well and happy.

- Desmond and Penny don’t need to hide anymore so they stop living in the boat and they buy a house near to Claire’s and Kate’s. Aaron and little Charlie grow up to be best friends.

- Penny meets with Eloise Hawking and learns Faraday was her half-brother. She decides to honor his memory and uses her wealth to start “The Daniel Faraday Foundation” which provides young scientists with resources to further their investigations. Eloise publishes Faraday’s investigations and he will be remebered in the science community as a genius.

- After leaving the island they all thought the sassy Miles wouldn’t keep in contact with them but they were wrong. He often visits Sawyer and keeps calling him “boss” or “LaFleur” to annoy him.

- After Hurley and Ben bring adult-Walt back to the island he talks with the ghost of his father and helps him to move on so Michael is no longer stuck there.

- Walt lives the rest of his life in the island and eventually becomes the new protector of the island after Hurley.

- When he is an adult the island “calls” Aaron because he was born there and he lives his own crazy adventures.