ben kissed me first

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

The School Band Camp 2

characters: Me,18 Ben,14 

It was the following night after I jerked Ben off in his supposed sleep. I was in the tent getting ready for bed, Ben was still awake packing his dirty and smelly shirts. The scent of his smelly shirts filled the tent making me horny and hard. All of a sudden Ben gave me a kiss on my cheek. I was at first shocked, I turned to look at Ben but was stuck for words…..”could we do more?”Ben asked giving me his cute and innocent look. I could not resist myself anymore, I embraced Ben and began kissing him, my hands were exploring every inch of his body. We kissed for a minute before Ben pulled down my shorts to reveal my hard cock, Ben bent down and began to give me a blowjob….without any guidance he sucked my cock like a pro! I was close to cumming when Ben stopped blowing me….he turned around  and bent down showing his beautiful butt to me. “Please fuck me, my hole is hungry for your cock” 

I gladly obliged to his request and started rimming that lovely pink hole of his. In return, he gave a slutty moan. Afterwards,I teased my cock my poking it gently into his hole but not entering it….Ben was leaking so much precum that it was enough to fill a swimming pool. I did not want to tease him much longer so I began to fuck him. I gently slide my 6-inch boner into that tight pink hole of his, letting him get accustomed to the size of my cock in his hole I fucked him doggy style. Starting out gently Ben moaned when I slide my cock in and out, I got rougher with each thrust. Soon both Ben and myself were having the time of our life. I was getting close to climax when Ben auto cummed shooting a total of 5 jets of cum. Not long I came inside of Ben filling his hole with my creamy seed. Spent and tired we both hugged each other before falling asleep…..

We both had more fun during the remaining days of the camp. Having sex when no one was around…….Ben told me that at a very young age he was attracted to men but was unsure if he was gay until that night at the tent when I jerked him off when he truely knew he was gay. We remained friends after I graduated from the school and not long after he found a boyfriend who was as equally as cute and slutty in bed as him.

My House, My Rules

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Paring: Benxreader, Luciferxsister!reader
Word count: 681
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: There will be one more chapter after this.

Part 11 of Lucifer’s Baby Sister

You’d fallen asleep on Ben’s chest, not even thinking of Lucifer. Most mornings your alarm went off, and you would be up before Lucifer would have to get you. That morning, however, the feeling of Ben being yanked from your bed was what woke you. It took you a moment to figure out what was happening. “Lucifer, stop!” You yelled. You’d always called him dad, but you needed to get his attention. “STOP!” You cried out as you scrambled out of bed and after them.

Lucifer had thrown Ben out of your bedroom, and stalked out after him. You could tell that he was pissed, just from his body language. Ben groaned, having such a rude awakening. Without giving him a chance to say anything, Lucifer grabbed him by the throat and picked him up, pinning him to the wall. “What the hell were you thinking?” He growled. “Sleeping with MY daughter in MY house.” His voice was dripping with venom.

Never, in all the time since you’d been able to control your powers, had you used them against Lucifer. Or to get out of trouble. “Fuck.” You sighed. Grabbing the back of Lucifer’s shirt, you pulled, hoping he’d let go of Ben. “Leave him alone!” You snapped at him as Ben coughed, holding his throat. You were between the two of them.

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I’m Real And I Don’t Feel Like Boys, An Eval Ficlet

For Anons and Myself because I’m Eval trash

(gifs belong to dcomgifs)

Note: It’s a modern day au!, Where Evie ended up with Chad and Mal with Ben but they didn’t exactly live happily ever after.  This is also for the anon that wanted a supportive Ben!

Note 2: Girls like girls is kind of a mature video with smoking and drinking so just keep that in mind before reading, if it’s not your thing there are plenty other things to read!

Note 3: I took out a lot of the violence from the video because I just don’t like writing anything too crazy, it just makes me a little uncomfortable. Sorry to anyone wanting to read about Mal beating the crap out of Chad. 

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