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Wow! Can't believe Ben's dad bought him a Tony! So impressive!

Okay. *Deep breath*. Here we go. I knew someone was going to bring this up eventually and I’m going to take a few moments to prove how wholly and completely wrong you are.

First of all, I assume this accusation is based off of the fact that Ben’s father, Marc Platt, is a producer.

First and foremost, I will remind you that Ben Platt’s father has no role in the production of Dear Evan Hansen. Here is a list of the shows he has produced:

Notice: Dear Evan Hansen is not on this list.

Secondly, here are the actual producers of Dear Evan Hansen:

Again, no where in this list is Marc Platt. He did not play any role in the making/production/casting of Dear Evan Hansen. He did not have a say in his son getting that role. The two people that did, though, are casting directors Tara Rubin and Lindsay Levine, both of whom have absolutely no connections to Ben.

If you already knew that Marc Platt has no role in the production of Dear Evan Hansen and are merely implying that having a father who is part of show business helps one’s career (which I don’t think you did because of your use of the word “bought”), I will remind you of one thing: There is no one but you and the casting directors in an audition room. 

Sometimes, people can earn roles in shows/movies/etc. based on other factors, but they cannot and will not keep those roles because of those factors. Ben Platt would not have been part of Dear Evan Hansen for 4 years if it weren’t for the fact that he earned his spot there, that he deserved to be there. 

Children of people involved in the arts are more likely to be involved in the arts themselves. That’s just a fact, and that happens because people involved in the arts are more likely to actually value the arts and expose their children to the arts from a young age, not because their children are magically blessed with more talent than anyone else.

The list of people whose parents are involved in acting/music/producing/directing who have made a name for themselves in those fields is astronomical. (It includes people like Liza Minnelli, Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Chris Pine, Ben Stiller, Zoë Kravitz, Emma Roberts, Michael Douglas, and more). That is because increased exposure to something at a young age leads to increased interest in that field, which leads to, “Hey, maybe I could make a career out of this as well!” 

You cannot have a career based solely upon your parent’s achievements; you have to make new achievements yourself. You have to work really hard and for a very long time and be passionate. 

And that’s just what Ben did. He won a Tony based on his incredible talent and only his incredibly talent. You can’t buy someone a Tony. Those awards are based off of merit. He did not win a Tony because his dad produced a few musicals (none of which had anything to do with Ben himself). That logic isn’t sound.

Ben’s dad being a producer (of projects that have nothing do with Ben himself and have no effect on any of Ben’s shows, I will reiterate) did not land Ben a role in Dear Evan Hansen. Ben’s dad being a producer did not make Ben win a Tony. Ben’s dad being a producer did not magically make Ben himself incredibly talented. 

Ben earned his role in Dear Evan Hansen because he auditioned for Pasek, Paul, and Michael Greif and was the best person for that role. He was cast because of his pure talent. Ben earned that Tony because of years and years and years of hard work. He earned that Tony because he put the time in, worked hard, is an incredible singer and actor, and because he is the best performer on Broadway right now. Not for any other reason.

Attacking someone anonymously for something that is completely untrue is not only fucking ridiculous but also really shows just what kind of person you are.

That’s all. 

Steven Yeun is really really hot and deserves to be a leading man. Enough with the Chris Evans Pratt Pine Hemsworthlesses.

Look at him.

what happened in turnabout big top in the anime
  • Phoenix: ok so for the trial tomorrow we're gonna lug this set i made into the courtroom and we're gonna reenact the murder
  • Maya: why can't you just explain it in words
  • Phoenix: and ben and trilo ur gonna be the murderer even though u hate max and moe ur gonna be the ringmaster and maya ur gonna be moe
  • Moe: why cant i be moe
  • Phoenix: and we're gonna make the lights go crazy and theres gonna be a spotlight on ME so i can be all dramatic
  • Maya: Nick why do we have to--

If there’s one request that disney should listen to for Descendants 2, I hope they don’t follow what Dove suggested. She wanted to go back to the isle, where she would meet a boy and then have to choose between good and evil (she also said between the boy and ben.) 

My heart would break if they did that because tbh I don’t care about her boy troubles. I’d much rather get to learn more about the other characters, and have a plot that involves more than love triangles. You’re great Dove, but no thank you. However, the core four did all agree on going back to the isle, so that could be interesting. 

Ticci headcanons

- he’s short

- he stays up late but cant wake up in the morning

- he probably forgets to take his meds so Masky usually has to remind him

- he’s WAY to into Hamilton, Homestuck, and Yuri! On ice //thx Ben jfc//

- he cuts himself thinking if he cuts deep enough, he can feel pain and Hoody and Masky yell at him when they find out bc it scares them goddamnit and they love him ok

- he actually hates waffles

- He probably jumped off a building for $20 and half a ham sandwich, the sandwich was delicious by the way

- did someone say cosplay™

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Does Cloud ever recover his real personality? Can you describe how his personality is like after falling in a lifestream?

Ohhhhhh, I haven’t truly posted anything FFVII in a long while so getting this in the mail was a surprise!

First off, let’s clarify- since you haven’t mentioned if you’re referring to a specific AU, I’m just going with canon. Buckle up, peeps, because this is about to get long.

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I just love Rey Palpatine theory imagine Rey Palpatine zapping Kylo Ren’s butt with force lightning like her great grampa or somethin