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Suprise Me (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2039

Warnings: Kinda smutty (not actual smut, but it’s seriously implied)

Summary: Y/N has found out that her lovely boyfriend is an aphrodisiac, and decides to use it to flip the tables a little.

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A/N: Combining two requests again, woo! Enjoy, children.

“Mmm, good morning.” Ben said, his voice still low and gravelly. I rolled over and smiled at him, placing a hand on his chest.

“As much as I love this sight.” I said, gesturing to Ben’s naked form. He smirked at me and pressed a kiss to my neck.

“I have to get to work, and so do you. It’s Sunday, Benjamin.” I said, pulling the covers off of us. Ben groaned and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me close to him.

“Ben!” I whined, earning a chuckle from him. He took his arm off my waist and put his hands up in the air in a mock surrender.

“I love you!” Ben called as I walked into the bathroom. I chuckled and turned on the shower, sighing as the warm water poured over me.

I picked up the new body wash I bought recently, and poured some of it out into my palm. The scent of raspberry and vanilla filled the bathroom as I used it, and I was almost reluctant to wash it off.

I turned the shower off and dried myself, getting dressed quickly. “The shower’s all yours, babe.” I said, walking out of the bathroom.

Ben smiled at me, but suddenly I noticed something dark cloud his eyes. “Is, uh, is that a new body wash, babe?” Ben said, his voice slowly creeping up an octave.

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Holly Ashton’s Fanfic List

Here’s a collection of fan fiction I’ve written, all inspired by the world Pixelberry has created for us. I don’t own any of the characters. I just really love them and got inspired to create fictional stories for them. :)

The top stories I enjoyed writing the most are: A Love That Isn’t Ours, Parallel Lines, Paper Hearts, Anchor, My Girl (Finally), and Shadows and Light. Have a good read! I’d also appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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I just looked for tickets for the show on November 19th, just out of curiosity, and my browser crashed. It just all shut down. The entire DEH page on Telecharge is not working, for any dates. The power of Ben Platt is too strong.

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100: “You’re the only one I wanna wake up next to.”

(I’m planning on editting the wording a little so that this works better)

Part of my 1000 Follower Fun drabbles set

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When the sunlight first dusted Ben Solo’s nose, he’d wrinkle it.
Little rays of light dappling against his cheekbones, flushing his freckles with a gentle blush. He could lay there for hours, the subtle pools of sunrise warming the bedsheets as he drifted in and out of sleep.
When he’d finally lift his dark lashes and look up; she’d already be sitting on the bed.

She was always an early riser. He should have been; his training should have kept him sharp, vigilant. There were nights where he thought he could take on the world; but mornings were always harsher on his muscles, on his soul.
But she would stir without waking him from his slumber. She’d sit on her nearby chair, braiding her hair in the mirror, washing her face with care. He’d sometimes hear the sound of rushing water and parse his lips; a smile spreading across his features. He’d pretend to be asleep of course; pretend he’d never heard her leave the covers.

Their time together was precious. Few and far between. A secret that he could never speak. He wondered if Luke had seen it in his eyes; wondered if is uncle noticed the nights that Ben slipped away too early, his lightsaber clipped under his robe. Wondered if Luke knew how Ben craved a moment without responsibility, without pretence.

To be himself. To be hers.

He’d blink away the gentle dreams and look up to her eyes, his chest bare and warm. She’d smile at him; peppering kisses against his nose, his neck, the muscles that traced lines on his chest.
And then he’d grow more distant, knowing time was growing short. Knowing there was no reprieve from the forces that held him to his destiny. 

She’d notice, winding a finger through the soft waves in his hair; shorter then, more kept.
“Where are you? Who are you with?” she’d ask, looking to find him as he lost himself in thought.
He’d turn her hand, kissing the back of her knuckles.
“Here. With you. The only one I want to wake up next to, every moment” he’d reply, and she’d laugh softly, music in his ears.

When Kylo Ren awoke, the starlight was cold; his face pale and faultless.
A stranger to himself.
Wanting what a stranger had wanted.
He was a different man.
And yet, the same man, all at once.

Now or Never - Mark x Dani Fanfic

Summary: After years of making excuses, Mark finally decides to tell Dani how he feels. But with how he thinks she keeps texting Ben, he wonders if it’s too late. 

Author’s note: This one’s for the Mark x Dani shippers. :) (Rating: T)

Mark was feeling like the unluckiest man in the world. He watched her giggle at a text that just arrived. Was it Ben?, he wondered. He pretended to concentrate on the TV, but kept sneaking glances at her, watching her from the corner of his eye. When her phone’s screen would light up, she’d immediately pick it up. Her fingers would move deftly, and he imagined she and Ben were exchanging flirtatious messages.

Stop it, Mark thought to himself. They were in his apartment, supposedly watching a sappy chick flick so she could get more ideas for her article. But here she was, texting away, and here he was, pining for the girl seated beside him on the couch, the girl whose mind was somewhere, on someone, else.

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I had a near-death experience today (almost getting hit by a truck because I was trying to juggle in the street) and after hangin' on your blog a bit today I wondered if the YWBF gang + Lee, Libby, and Ben have too? Got any stories? (Idk. Some can be funny. This has nothing to do with the suicide attempts that have occurred! I SWEAR)

Jared almost drowned in a hot tub when he was a toddler.

Zoe one time had a really bad sneeze attack and nearly knocked a bookcase on top of herself.

Libby once choked on a jawbreaker. June had to perform the Heimlich. 

Ben got hit by a neighbor’s car backing out of the driveway as he rode by on his bike.

Connor oh my god where do I even begin with this kid

When he was seven, Lee got separated from his mom while they were hiking in the Black Forest (for like not even ten minutes) and he swears up and down that he saw a bear less than thirty meters away. Was it really a near-death experience? No, but it scared the bejesus out of him, assuming it happened at all.

Little drabble I made. Criticism is appreciated. I headcanon Ben’s daughter as autistic but I don’t have that much experience writing characters with this disability so I want to clarify from the start that I don’t mean to stereotype or insult anybody. Autisim is a disability with a huge spectrum of symptoms (is that the right term?). There Isn’t a lot of poc autistic representation so I just thought it would be neat.
Again I do not intent to insult anybody and I am very open to advice. I kept it short and open on purpose. Gwendolyn is a character that actually appeared in the original series and not my oc, just to clarify this too.

Ben really didn’t know what to expect from his everyday life nowadays. He was just fighting Hex, nothing out of the usual and the next second there is a preteen girl clinging to him like it’s her life line. Ben needed a second to process what happened, Hex said some kind of spell, then there was a bright light and suddenly the magican was lying passed out on the ground and the girl that appeared from nowhere was hugging him.

Ben looked down at the dark mop of hair burried in his chest, she was shaking but her grip on him was really strong. He exchanged a look with Rook, who seemed just as confused and clueless about this situation. “Um hello there.” He started and the girl shifted, finally looking up at him. Ben almost felt the need to gasp as watery dark brown eyes locked with his, ‘Kai?!’ Was the first thing that shoot through his head as he took in her features. The little girl really did look a lot like his girlfriend, almost like a younger version of her and for a solid moment Ben almost thought this might be the case, however there were small differences that made him pause, things he couldn’t pin point for the life of him but clearly still were there.

“Um hello miss, how may we help you.” Rook schimed in, the girl hardly looked at him as she tightened her grip on him again. Ben winced, wow this little girl sure was strong. “Hey there, you’re squching me.” He said as he gently preyed her away from him. He keept his hands on her shoulders more out of instinct then anything else really and she instantly wraped her own hands around them as if she was scared Ben would disappear the second he let go of her. “Hello,” he tried again, “I’m Ben Tennyson and that’s my partner Rook Blonko, we are Plumbers, you know what Plumbers are? I don’t mean the ones who fix bathrooms though.” The girl chuckled at that and Ben felt a warm felling spread in his chest, she then nodded gesturing to the Plumbers symbol on the neck of her blue and white dress.
“That just narrows it down to a gazzilion possible places you could be from.” He sighed, she responded by making a few hand gestures and Ben realized with mild panic that she was trying to tell him something. He looked to his partner for help, “How are the chances that Plumbers Academy teached you sign language?” His question was met with a shaking head and a somewhat apologetic expression on the cat like alien’s face. “Of course. Okay, no problem, we can make this work.” He really didn’t know how they could make this work.

“Okay um you can hear me fine right?” He first tried to clarify, he wasn’t sure if this question was rude or not but the girl didn’t seem to mind as she simply nodded her head. “Cool. Do you recognize this place?” If they were lucky she was simply teleported here from a different location. If not this whole ordeal might become a lot more messy then Ben was hoping for. The girl looked around their suroundings, Ben didn’t know what to make of her expression as he waited for her response. Suddenly she started jumping pointing excitedly at a big bill board that was displaying advertisement for mister Smoothies. Ben raised a eyebrow, “Do you mean the bill board or mister smoothies?” She simply looked confused about this question.
“I don’t think this questioning thing is going to work.” Rook threw in and the girl looked extremely sad suddenly, “It’s not your fault!” Ben clarified quickly, “We are the authorities, if we can’t help you due to lacking the education it’s our fault, not yours.” The girl’s face brightened up and Ben felt himself smile, “We still got to find a way to get you home though, your parents probably are worried sick.”

“Maybe we should bring her to the plumbers base and call miss Gwendolyn, if whatever Hex did brought her here she might know how to get her home.” Ben nodded, Gwen was probably their best bet. “What do you think? Want to come with us?” He asked the girl, she stared at him for a moment before nodding, Ben smiled but paused as he heared a groan comming from somewhere behind them.
“We probably should lock Hex up first.”
The ride was spent relatively silent, the girl (Ben really should find out what her name is), was clinging to his arm the entire time. He guessed car rides made her nervous. She also seemed to keep her distance from Rook as much as possible, something that clearly hurt his partner’s feelings. “So,” he started, “What should we call you?” The girl looked at him and the more Ben stared back the more one name seemed to manifest in his mind, “How about Gwendolyn?”

“Ben you cannot just-” Rook started but the girl nodded vigorously, “See, she likes it.” He taunted his partner who simply roled his eyes as he concentrated on the road again. Gwendolyn stared at Rook for a solid minute and Ben could tell it made him nervous, but Rook keept his attention on the road. Gwendolyn then released Ben’s arm from her death grip as she carefully leaned more into her own seat, she still kept a solid grip on his sleeve though, tugging at it in a 1.2.3 rythem. Ben didn’t really understand why she was doing this but he let her.
“So, any luck?” Ben asked as his cousin inspected the girl, she arrived shortly after Ben called her about it and thankfully Gwendolyn instantly took a liking to her too, Ben wondered what this was about as she seemed to be very reserved around anybody else. Gwen sighed, shaking her head, “I have no idea what Hex did to make her appear or how to reverse it. Sorry kiddo.” Gwendolyn didn’t look bothered as she just giggled while Gwen’s mana touched her skin.

“Well back to square one then.” Ben sighed.

“Maybe she’s from the future.” Kevin threw in suddenly, they all stared at him waiting for a clarification, “I mean, it makes sense. She looks like Kai doesn’t she?” Ben felt butterflies at the implications, staring at the young girl who’s been practically attached to him since she came here. He wouldn’t lie, he would probably love it if this was the case. Gwendolyn was hiding her face in his arm as everyone started to stare at her and Ben felt a sudden need to protect her, shielding her from the gazes of hos friends.

“No way, she’s too cute to be Ben’s kid.” Argit, who was there for reasons, reasons he blamed Kevin for, threw in. Ben glared at him, sure he had a point but he didn’t have to say it out loude. “She does seem to like Ben most though.” Gwen said as she stoped whatever she was doing with her mana. “Well what then? Wait till the problem solved itself? I mean, if she isn’t from this time line or if she’s from the future Paradox should be bugging us soon, right?”

“Well have fun then. I got exams to prepare for and coffe to drink.”

“When did you last sleep?”

“Sleep is a social construct.”

Ben looked after his cousin with mild concerne as she opened a magic portal, “I got this.” Kevin assured him as he quickly went after her before the portal could close. He made a mental note to check up on her more often. He took a look at Gwendolyn, she smiled at him and Ben smiled back. “Well it’s just us three then I guess.” Argit decided this was the right moment to slurp on his smoothie as loudly as possible, Ben glared at him which was met with a indifferent stare. “Why are you even here?”

Argit shruged, “I’m bored.”

Ben sighed, today was going to be very long, he could already feel it.

Fanfic List - Updated (Sept. 3)

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Here’s an updated collection of fan fiction I’ve written, all inspired by the world Pixelberry has created for us. I don’t own any of the characters. I just really love them and got inspired to create fictional stories for them. :)

The top stories I enjoyed writing the most are: A Love That Isn’t Ours, Parallel Lines, Paper Hearts, Anchor, My Girl (Finally), and Shadows and Light. Have a good read! I’d also appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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“You can have kids and still do what you want to do. Honestly. It really doesn’t limit you that much.”

I got out of bed at ten past nine this morning. 

I made myself breakfast - just myself, nobody else - and I had a shower, in peace, with a nice clean towel and nobody banging on the door bellowing they need to pee and have I seen their school uniform.

Then I watched nearly an entire season of The Office, while I produced some more stock for my Etsy shop. 

In the afternoon I got peckish, wandered to the shop and bought myself a snack. My husband got in after five. We made dinner, then made some plans for our getaway in November - a little cottage in the wild somewhere. I’m going to need a bigger suitcase to fit all my books. 

Now the evening is drawing in. We have candles everywhere and I’m listening to Chopin, editing an article from last night, while wondering if it’s too late for Ben & Jerry’s. (It isn’t.)

I can safely say that right now, in my life, I am doing exactly what I want to do.

And I would be fascinated to see someone explain how a couple of kids might fit into that day.

Btw I just want to give a shout out to everyone who loves, supports, and appreciates Miles Kane as a musician and a lovely human being. If you’re a fan of Miles, his wonderful solo band or any of his projects really, I’d love to get to know you! Please come talk to me anytime ^ ^<3

pre TFA ben/poe - “i brought you a flower from the force tree on my home, Yavin IV”

ben always wondered why poe’s presence was so soothing. he didn’t know it was because poe grew up around one of the last force trees, given to Poe’s mother by Ben’s uncle himself. “I always called it the Skywalker tree” Poe told him, and Ben wondered the flower might be too sensitive in the force for him to touch safely. His father had always said he shouldn’t use the force without supervision.

benpoe trash. since Yavin IV scenes were shot in Guatemala, can that mean Poe is a Yavamalan because oscar isaac. #letpoebegay

darkpilot is the single most tragic ship to fly kessel run in all the systems. hypes. outer. space.

🎈 IT WEEK !!! 🎈 ben hanscom. // @gcnenineteen

as the second to last losers to join our own little club, i cannot tell you how happy i was that we finally got our ben. though we have not interacted very much i can honestly say i quite amazed of what i’ve seen so far of aj’s portrayal. from the thread we share with adult ben & bill, other threads with some of the other losers, and the musings posts, aj has a wonderful grasp on ben. its the type of portrayal that ben deserves because that boy gets way too little credit. a wonderful choice in muse, friend! can’t wait to see just where you’ll take him.