ben houge

valos atredum: a celtic fanmix for the dwarves of orzammar. [listen]

i. new tail - john powell ii. diese kalte nacht - faun iii. sentinels of brokilon - rimead iv. mines - ben houge v. to valhalla - antti martikainen vi. dwarven mines - brandon feichter vii. black stone keep - sync viii. dwarven fortress - derek feichter ix. danger room - simon swerwer


Boston-based video and audio artist Ben Houge has created an art installation called Kaleidoscope that, in his words, “takes a live microphone feed of the ambient sound around the gallery and algorithmically layers and filters it into a continuously evolving harmonic soundscape.” He’s started a Kickstarter campaign (see video above) to fund showing it at the Axiom Gallery in Boston; even if you aren’t local, the premiums are pretty cool (including a one-of-a-kind algorithmically generated MP3, or prints from his stunning 29 Giraffes series).


de / by Ben Houge