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Narry 2014: March

So this is part 2 of my Narry 2014 master post, i think ill be posting these monthly otherwise it would be one massive post and aint nobody got time for that…. so lets begin….

March 1-11:

Nothing much happened, all five were still on break. Niall was everywhere in London while Harry was in London, Holmes Chapel and L.A. There was multiple comments on when Harry was coming home and more than one wrong date, but he eventually found his way home.

March 12:

Start of rehearsals for the boys, the band had already been rehearsing for a little while.

March 20:

Fallout Boy’s Pete Wenz and The 1975’s Matt Healy pictured with 4/5 posted on Fallout Boy’s instagram. 

Then this happened…A photo of Narry with an au caption, that Lottie (Louis’ sister) liked. It is a possibility that she had no idea that it was there, and she was just liking a photo of 2 members of the same band that her brother is apart of but… the username is a Narry name, and the au is the caption. You tend to read the caption….hint..hint…

March 21:

The boys were quietly rehearsing when we discovered this little gem. The boys taking a selfie for James Corden’s day at The Sun, taken in Louis’ backyard where the boys were reported to be practicing. Notice Harry leaning on Niall.

March 24:

Gym session, possibly together?

(yes there was a million photos of this day, but these were the ones I’m using) At Clevedon Pier video shoot for something

1) the first one i found of all of them together

2)The boyfriends standing next to each other, cuddling together?

3)Harry looking/talking to Niall

4)All together again

5)Niall looking back at someone (i like to think it’s Harry)

6)Together again, they look cold

7)Harry looking back at Niall, subtle

…Later that same day we then get these…


First three photos we can see the coat that Niall is wearing and the last two we see Harry wearing the same coat/similar coat.

Niall gave his coat to Harry because the boy got cold, lets be honest he’d been in L.A. for a while he was no longer expecting it to be that cold, he was affected the most. 

What a good boyfriend…

March 25:


Narry arriving at the studio

Later that night was Lou Teasdale’s book Launch party that Harry attended, Niall attended at dinner at the Buckingham Palace supporting the Irish community…


Harry leaving Lou’s party, note the time this is posted…

Niall Leaving Buckingham Palace at the same time, from a completely different affair…maybe that was planned? Did someone have a date together later that night?

March 26:

Matt Healy from The 1975 calling Narry on Call or Delete

March 29:

KCA Favorite Music Group video message

(Can I just point out their hair…OMG!…)

Video message for their award, boyfriends standing together, and Niall looks so damn good.

Not sure when it was actually filmed but it was sometime this month.

So that seems to be it for this last month, not much I know, they have been in rehearsals so who knows how many moments there could actually be…

Only 4 weeks until the tour…

See you for part 3 April next month…


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Conosci i The 1975? Ti consiglio di ascoltare qualche loro canzone, tipo "Falling for you" Hai detto che ti piace la tranquillità, io credo che loro ne trasmettano tanta


The Day the Revival Came To Town

Ben Healy had mentioned something to him about a little Christian revival coming into Trinity a few days ago and spreading the word of the Good Lord with beautiful Christian songs and moving speeches.

Lucas Buck had ignored the good Christian folks. Though he wasn’t a believer himself, he wasn’t one to go out of his way to block the fine folks of Trinity from getting their spiritualism on.

He hadn’t paid them any mind until rumors had started.

Some of the more ignorant inhabitants had started giving their hard earned money to these Nightingale characters in hopes that the Lord would spare them the flames of Hell or to gain some meaningful insight on life.

He had rolled his eyes at that. For any meaning on life, all one needed was to find him. For and deals that needed to be made for a better life, he could make a better life appear as if he were actaully God himself.

All one needed was owe him a little favor in the future in exchange for a better, happier life. Though on more than one occasion, the person that had come to him seeking the deal had tried to bail on their favor, and that always complicated things for him.

And for some strangers to be coming into his town and screwing over his people seemed to be a slight against him.

He’d have to act soon. People were coming to him complaining about the ruckus the Nightingales had been making.

The act had finally presented itself as he sat in his car, nicknamed the Buck Mobile by the deviant teens in the area, on the side of the road waiting for one of the Nightingales to speed by.

Lucas quickly flipped on the little light that sat on his dash and pulled out onto the empty county road to follow the driver.

It wasn’t long until the car pulled over into the dying grass. He could easily knock a light out and use that as an excuse to take the crooked preacher into custody. He could easily slip a bag of marijuana into the car if it came to that.

As he pulled himself out of his car, he could hear the sounds of crows cawing in the distance.

He didn’t dress like an officer of the law, and he knew that the Nightingale sibling would be suspicious. He smiled as he placed his sheriff’s star upon his tan vest that covered his long sleeved, button up shirt.

It was just another way to make the scamming outsiders feel more like outsiders. They’d expect a cop in a uniform, but not a sheriff that didn’t wear a gun or any symbols of the law.

It had always been a way to lure people in with false security. He was just the good ol’ boy that cared about everyone.

He knocked on the tinted window just as a large crow landed on the owner’s hood with a loud thud and cawed loudly at the driver as if screaming for them to run as far away from Trinity, South Carolina as they could get.

“I’m gonna need you to roll down your window.”