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DCEU has zero chill in 2017

- Wonder Woman

- Young Justice S3

- Nightwing movie is coming

- Batgirl movie is coming (although with Whedon directing)

- Lego Batman movie

- Justice League is coming soon

- A new Justice League trailer during SDCC

- A first trailer for Aquaman during SDCC

- Amazing photos of Amber Heard as Mera

- Awesome posters of Wonder Woman and Justice League

- Gotham City Sirens is in production

- Solo Batman movie has a great director, Matt Reeves, who, along with writer Ben Affleck, wants to get this movie right

DCEU got me so fucking whipped

my aesthetic is whenever the losers’ club group hug

... Somehow, Still Talking About This Captain America Shit (Now With Bonus Spider-Man and Agents of SHIELD)

So now Secret Empire has revealed its Shyamalan Twist and given the readers a Good Guy Steve Rogers as well as Hydra Cap, and the kinds of dickbags who, when this whole bullshit began were dismissing people’s complaints with “oh come on, don’t you know how comics works, it’s all going to be put back at the end, blah blah blah…” are crowing I-Told-You-So’s.

But here’s the thing:

Yeah, fucknuts.  We always knew this.

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