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Miles Kane and Alex Turner being cute 

in the official music video for This Is Your Life.


You asked it as if nothing else mattered to you.

  • ben solo: has felt the pull between the dark and light tearing his mind apart since early childhood, to such an extent that the turmoil manifests as physical pain.
  • ben solo: was born to parents entirely unequipped to deal with the mental and emotional struggles he faced, who were too busy with larger issues to give him the attention his special needs demanded.
  • ben solo: was force-sensitive from the start, ensuring he picked up on his father's wish that he had been born "normal." had his fears of being unwanted confirmed when those who loved him most sent him away.
  • ben solo: has literally lived his ENTIRE LIFE with a threatening presence inside his mind, twisting his own thoughts against him. was preyed upon, likely from birth, by an adult who meant to use him for his own gain. has been a victim of abuse by this same adult for THREE DECADES.
  • ben solo: had his entire childhood stolen and his identity wrecked before he'd ever had a chance to forge it for himself.
  • ben solo: deals with what appears to be severe mental illness with an abusive manipulator who has no concern for his well-being as his sole support network.
  • ben solo: has never known a moment's peace in his whole damn life.
  • tumblr: wow lol crylo ren sure did have it easy.

So we’re at the top university in the world. (Arguably.) And so are 20 thousand other people. But there are no more than ten in the riot club. The top ten. 

I’m Tired. Aren’t You Tired?

For @darth-maul-official because FUCK YOU LEON YOU MADE ME SHIP THIS OW OW OW MY HEART

Obi-wan stared down the blade of the lightsaber at his oldest enemy. He looked it. Maul’s patterned skin was worn and weathered, the deep, terrifying blacks and reds muted by age and washed-out by the bright blue light.

He certainly didn’t look the terror he had been on Naboo.

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The Last Star

Kylo Ren x Reader

“Kylo Ren killed Ben Solo.”

Those had been the first words Leia had dared to utter when you returned bloodied and beaten, her eyes full of pity. Your best friend, the man you loved, had been killed and you’d been gone while it happened. You couldn’t understand it and you weren’t sure if you even wanted to. You’d just wanted to scream, to cry, to fight it, to run away, but instead you’d nodded and carried on. Instead you’d continued fighting for the Resistance. Instead you’d gotten captured by the very man that had killed Ben.

And as you stood, both arms secured tightly behind your back and the cool metal of a Storm Trooper’s blaster against your temple, you could finally understand why Leia had wanted to fight so badly. Seeing your dirtied reflection off the shiny black parts of Kylo Ren’s mask had ignited a fire deep within you. After Ben’s death, you felt empty, lost, but not Leia. She’d been filled with some urge to fight back, to somehow make up for what had happened to Ben, even if it wouldn’t bring him back. But it made sense now.

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Ben felt abandon by his parents.

Rey was abandon by her parents.


Neither of them met before the events of TFA but he has heard of her


Rey seen him in a vision before actually meeting him


“What girl?” - Kylo Ren

“It’s the motivator.” - Rey


“I will not be seduced.” - Kylo Ren


“Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.” - Kylo Ren


“It is you.” - Kylo Ren


“I can show you the ways of the Force!” - Kylo Ren

ben/poe - i missed you (part II of redemption!verse series)

post-TFA kylo comes back to the light side, back to his family, and most importantly back to his long lost pilot. 

made for BenPoe week day 4 theme: Redemption! BEN IS BACK and Poe does his duty to the resistance and to his friend by loving him enough to keep Kylo ever at bay.