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Flyboys by Gefionne

England, 1941 - Armitage Hux, pilot in the Royal Air Force, has finally gotten command of his own squadron. But instead of a group of well-trained British pilots, he gets twelve inexperienced American volunteers. Among them is Ben Solo, a talented young fighter pilot who would be the best in the squadron if it wasn’t for his temper. As they take to the skies, Hux and Ben find themselves forming an illicit, but powerful bond against the backdrop of a world at war.

I absolutely adore this fic @gefionne worked so hard to get it accurate to the times and the pilots lives, this little WW2 plane nerd is in heaven. So I had to do a small pic for it. This was so hard to get right, but I hope to do more art for it in the future.


You asked it as if nothing else mattered to you.


So we’re at the top university in the world. (Arguably.) And so are 20 thousand other people. But there are no more than ten in the riot club. The top ten. 

The Cost Of Freedom

Request: “Maybe one where the reader was together with Kylo before he turned to the dark side and they’re one opposites sides in a war? The reader is force sensitive and is now together with Rey? I don’t mind angst lolol”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2071


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Ben waited for you, sitting on a rock, twiddling with his training lightsaber while you spoke to Luke inside of the temple. Some fellow students waved as they passed him by, one even stopping to talk to him briefly about how gruelling the past couple of tests had been. Ben had always been somewhat sceptical of Luke’s teaching methods, often being the only one courageous enough to speak out against his uncle. Sometimes, he would even take part in a short boycott of his own design, trying to spite Luke into being gentler, more understanding. But no matter what he tried, his old tutor would always convince him to re-join. By no means did Ben hate his uncle, he just found that as he matured, he could find more flaws in his life, and in the ways Luke intended to shape him into a Jedi.

Ben had never wanted to be a Jedi. He longed to roam on board the Millennium Falcon alongside his father, discovering all the Galaxy had to offer him. Or even taking part in the political affairs that his mother was involved in. But no, they had given him no choice. He thought it was so uncharacteristically cruel of his parents to force him into this life, and then continue to bicker about it, using him as a means to drive themselves further apart from each other. He was both the only reason they stayed together, and the only reason they argued until their love dwindled. Even though they had unequivocally banished him to a life under his uncle’s demanding terms, he still longed to see them. He loved them more than anything, well, anything apart from you.

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A Very Good Thing (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2423

Warnings: Alcohol mentioned, fluff, general father daughter cuteness

Summary: Y/N Rannells is her father’s date to the Tony’s, and despite having met plenty of celebrities, one manages to leave her particularly starstruck.

A/N: In honour of the Tony nominations, here’s an imagine about two of my favourite nominees (featuring a new paragraphing system thing done ever so kindly by @musiclover1072 )

“You want to take me to the Tony’s with you?” I said in disbelief, looking at my dad with wide eyes.

“Of course. Your dad’s out of town, and you’re my favourite and only daughter. If I win, I want you to be there with me!” He said, punching my shoulder lightly.

“My friends are totally going to freak out when they hear that I went to the Tony’s. You’re the best, dad.” I said, pulling my uncle into a tight hug. He chuckled and reciprocated the hug, pulling me tight against him.

“You’re a Rannells, Y/N. You’re my only daughter, and I love you.” He said, ruffling my hair slightly.

“I remember when you took me to the premiere of The Book of Mormon. Dad got so mad, but it was the best night.” I recounted, letting go of him. Dad laughed, a smile blooming on his face.

“You were 13. It shouldn’t have been anything new.” He said, the smile quickly morphing into a smirk.

“Back to the Tony’s. I’m going to need a dress, right?” I said and dad nodded, sitting down at the breakfast bar.

“Of course. You and your aunt can go get that. I’m not going to deprive her of that experience.” He said, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Cool. There’s going to be so many celebrities there, oh my god.” I said and dad gave me a weird look.

“You’ve grown up with celebrities, Y/N. Your godfather is Josh Gad, for crying out loud.” Dad said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Uncle Josh is cool, but the celebrity factor has rubbed off a little for him. There are so many people I haven’t met who are going to be there.” I gasped a little and looked at dad enthusiastically. “I can meet Ben Platt. And Mike Faist. Oh my god.” I said and dad shook his head, rolling his eyes affectionately.

“Let’s not focus on Patti LuPone, or Bette Midler, for example.” Dad muttered, a small smile on his face.

“Dad, you introduced me to Patti LuPone at Broadwaycon last year.” I said and dad’s eyes widened slightly. He shrugged his shoulders apologetically and I laughed.

“Seriously dad, I’m so excited about the Tony’s. Talk about the ultimate father daughter night out.” I said and dad snorted, running a hand through his hair.

“It’ll be perfect, Y/N. Absolutely perfect.”

“Ok. Don’t freak out Y/N.” I muttered to myself in the limo, fiddling with the skirt of my dress. I was wearing a black and gold dress that fit perfectly, but my perfect outer appearance did not reflect my mental situation.

“Y/N, honey, you’ll be fine. It’s just like opening night.” Dad said and I gave him an unimpressed look.

“Except this is being broadcast on live television, and there’s a lot more people.” I said and dad reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Hey. I love you, and you’re my daughter. You were practically raised in the limelight.” Dad said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Then let’s do this.” I said and dad smiled, kissing the top of my forehead.

“By the way, you look beautiful.” Dad added as we exited the car, looping his arm through mine. I smiled widely, despite the flashes from the cameras hurting my eyes.

“Andrew, can we have a quick interview?” A reporter shouted and dad nodded, walking over towards them.

“Hi!” Dad said enthusiastically, waving at the reporter.

“Hi. How are you this evening?” The interviewer asked and dad responded the way he always does. With over the top enthusiasm.

“And who is this lovely lady?” The interviewer asked, gesturing towards me. Dad’s smile widened, and so did mine.

“This is my daughter, Y/N. She’s my date this evening.” Dad said, beaming down at me.

“And who are you wearing, Y/N?” The interviewer asked and my face screwed up a little.

“I have no idea. It’s from Bloomingdales, so.” I said and dad laughed, as did the interviewer.

“Thanks Y/N. Well, good luck tonight Andrew.” The interviewer said, and we waved at him as we walked away.

“He was nice.” I said and dad chuckled as we made our way into the theatre.

“Hey, I’m gonna go find our seats, and maybe grab us a drink.” Dad said, winking at me. Dad was pretty chill about me drinking, seeing as I’m 19, and he was drinking at 19.

“Awesome. I’m just gonna go meet some of the people.” I said and dad nodded, but there was a nervous look in his eyes. “Call me when you’ve found our seats, and lemme know where it is, ok?” I said and dad nodded, looking considerably less worried.

“Have fun sweetie.” Dad said, kissing the top of my head. I waved goodbye and walked off, taking in a deep breath. There were so many people in the theatre, yet somehow I knew most of them.

“Y/N Rannells, is that you?” I heard a voice say and I turned around to see a familiar face.

“Uncle Christian!” I said, tackling him in a hug.

“Hey Y/N. I didn’t think you’d be here. Where’s your dad?” He said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“He’s finding our seats. Seeing as dad’s out of town, he decided he’d take me as his date. Ultimate father daughter night out.” I said and Christian chuckled, patting my shoulder.

“Fair enough. If you see your dad, tell him I said hi. And good luck.” He said and I nodded, giving him one last hug before walking away. I walked around in wonder, realising how many people would die if they met Christian Borle, let alone Andrew Rannells. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t register the person walking right towards me, and I only noticed them when we collided.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” I heard an incredibly familiar voice say.

“No, it’s fine. Honestly.” I said, looking right into the eyes of Ben Platt.

“I take it you’re not a nominee.” Ben said and I chuckled, shaking my head.

“Unfortunately not. I am, however, the escort of one.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened.

“So whose the lucky guy? Or girl. It doesn’t matter.” Ben said and I smiled, laughing lightly.

“My father, actually.” I said and Ben’s jaw dropped slightly.

“I’ve just realised we haven’t been introduced. Ben Platt.” He said, sticking his hand out. “

"I know.” I said and Ben chuckled to himself.

“If that’s a Dear Evan Hansen reference, consider me impressed.” Ben said as I shook his hand.

“It works as a reference and a statement in its own right. Y/N Rannells.” I said and Ben’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.

“You… your dad is Andrew Rannells? The Andrew Rannells?” Ben asked, gaping at me.

“The one and only. Unless you know another Broadway legend called Andrew Rannells who’s from Nebraska.” I said and Ben laughed, the sound beautiful.

“Unfortunately I do not. Can I just say, I think you look beautiful Y/N.” Ben said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Ben. You don’t look too bad yourself.” I said and Ben waved a hand in my direction.

“You’re going to make me blush.” Ben said and I chuckled, smoothing down my dress. My phone rang and I shot Ben and apologetic look.

“It’s my dad.” I mouthed and Ben nodded, giving me a thumbs up.

“Hey dad. You found our seats?” I said, still glancing over at Ben.

“That’s why I’m calling. We’re in seats 13 A and B. Where are you?” Dad said and I paused, furrowing my eyebrows.

“Um, towards the back of the theatre, near the front of the bar. I ran into Uncle Christian before. He said hello and good luck.” I said and dad chuckled to himself.

“That sounds like Christian. You run into anyone else yet? Anyone on your bucket list?” Dad said and I snorted slightly.

“Dad, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do. I do not have a people bucket list.” I said and dad snorted loudly, most likely drawing the attention of people nearby.

“That’s my girl, but I’m serious. Have you met anyone exciting, aside from Uncle Christian.” Dad said and I looked at Ben, shooting him a smile.

“Ben Platt is currently standing in front of me, very awkwardly may I add.” I said and Ben immediately straightened up, fixing his hair. Dad chuckled softly and I imagined he was smiling.

“Tell him I said hi and good luck. Also, tell him that if Mike Faist beats me for the Tony I won’t be disappointed.” Dad said and I smiled, nodding despite being on the phone.

“Got it. See you soon. Love you.” I said, hanging up my phone.

“Dad says hi and good luck.” I said immediately and Ben chuckled, running a hand through his hair.

“Thanks. I should probably go to my seat, but it was wonderful meeting you.” Ben said and I nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

“The same goes for you. I hope you win tonight. You deserve it.” I said, walking off to my seat and not noticing the blush that covered his cheeks.

The opening number was incredible, and I was already on the edge of my seat. The first awards were called, and I found myself clapping and cheering loudly, earning a few strange looks from others. “And now, the nominees for best supporting actor in a musical.” The announcer said and I was immediately alert.

The announcer read the names out, and I crossed my fingers. “And the Tony goes to… Andrew Rannells.” The announcer called and I looked over at dad, who was in disbelief.

“You did it dad! You did it!” I whispered eagerly, pulling him into a tight hug. Dad hugged me back quickly and made his way up onto the stage, beaming our at the audience.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me over my career. My wonderful partner Michael, who is unfortunately not with me tonight, and my beautiful daughter Y/N, who is here tonight.” Dad said, gesturing to me.

The camera turned and my beaming face was projected on the screens. “I love you dad!” I mouthed, earning a few chuckles from people nearby.

“ I remember only a few weeks after we adopted Y/N, I took her to opening night of The Book of Mormon. Michael wasn’t exactly pleased, but it is one of my greatest memories with her, and may tonight be another one of them. I love you Y/N.” Dad said, and I felt the tears well in my eyes. I let out a loud whoop as he walked off the stage, Tony clutched in his hand and tears in his eyes.

“You deserve that so much.” I said, pulling dad into the tightest hug I could muster once he returned to his seat.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me, Y/N.” Dad said, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

“Congratulations.” I heard a voice say and I turned my head to see Ben Platt standing there.

“Thank you very much Ben. I do wish you the best of luck. I’m sure my daughter desperately wants you to win.” Dad said, winking at me as my cheeks flushed pink.

Ben chuckled awkwardly and I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “Dad.” I said sternly, giving him a look of warning.

“She’s quite the Dear Evan Hansen fan, my Y/N/N, and quite a fan of yours, might I add.” Dad continued, shooting Ben a smile. I was fairly certain my cheeks were a crimson red, but that didn’t stop my dad from embarrassing me further. “She wouldn’t stop gushing about how good you were in Dear Evan Hansen. She was actually hoping to meet you tonight, and clearly she got her wish.” Dad said, looking at me with an almost evil smirk on his face.

Ben awkwardly cleared his throat, his cheeks the same colour as mine. “Well, uh, unless she’d like to go to the afterparty with you, I, um, wouldn’t mind her accompanying me to it.” Ben stammered, suddenly looking and sounding very much in character.

“Y/N.” Dad said, raising his eyebrows slightly.

“I’d love to.” I said, smiling brightly at Ben. He returned the smile, and dad suddenly looked very smug.

“Wonderful. Call me when you want to leave the afterparty, sweetie.” Dad said, taking his seat once more.

“I, uh, I’ll meet you after the ceremony.” Ben said, awkwardly shoving his hand in his suit pockets.

“I look forward to it. Quick question, you got a pen?” I said and Ben nodded, a half smile forming on his face. He pulled a sharpie out of his pocket, and he passed it to me. I took it and gently rolled up the sleeve of his suit. I uncapped the sharpie and wrote a series of numbers on his arm. My phone number. “Call me, ok?” I said and Ben’s cheeks flushed, the smile on his face growing wider.

“I’ll make sure to.” Ben said and I took in a deep breath, pressing a kiss to his lips. His lips were soft and warm, and tasted faintly of champagne. I pulled away slowly, Ben’s lips tinted a peachy colour from my lipstick.

“I, uh, um, I’ll see you later.” Ben squeaked out, blushing darkly.

“Ditto.” I muttered, waving him off slowly.

“You’re welcome.” Dad said, making me jump a little.

“Jesus Christ, dad.” I said, pressing a hand to my chest.

“Like I said, you’re welcome. You two never would’ve gone anywhere if you kept dancing around the ‘problem’.” Dad said, putting quotation marks around problem.

“I, uh, um.” I stammered, trying and failing to form a response. Dad chuckled and patted my shoulder, trying to console me.

“It’s all good Y/N/N. You and Ben will be adorable together, I can just see it. He’s pretty easy on the eyes after all.” He said and I scoffed, playfully hitting his shoulder.

“My dad hitting on the guy I’m interested in. This sounds like some messed up soap opera episode.” I said and dad chuckled, nodding his head as the next award was called.

“Our life is nothing normal, Y/N. And that’s a good thing.” He said meaningfully, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “A very good thing indeed.”

walker-of-yggdrasil  asked:

Angs prompt idea :) : Kylo turn back to the light and become Ben Solo again and Hux expect to stay with him in sake of their love (maybe he want to redeem himself too ?) Except that Ben is now disgusted by him/ forgot totally about him and only see him as a fanatic terrorist (I'm sorry :D)


Hux can’t help but stand from the bench in his cell and leap towards the door when he sees Kylo suddenly standing on the other side, finally come to his lover’s rescue. Hux has been imprisoned by these barbaric bounty hunters for weeks now, spending every second of his time in captivity wishing to see his brave and beautiful knight on the other side of the door.

But as Hux stares at Kylo through the reinforced glass, he doesn’t feel the sense of elation he thought he would.

Kylo looks…different. Instead of his infamous black robes, he’s wearing a pair of navy slacks, a white shirt and a black vest. Even his hair; the luscious locks of dark hair that Hux hated to love is tied back into a messy bun at the nape of his neck, hidden as though forbidding Hux from running his fingers through it like he’s missed doing.

Kylo’s dark eyes are filled with light, a sparkle that looks like hope and no sign of any sort of darkness that Kylo’s soul is supposed to be filled with. Hux swallows hard but regardless, as soon as Kylo has opened the door to his cell, Hux’s arms are around his neck in the strongest hug he’s ever given. Having his lover come to his rescue is almost enough to send Hux into tears but he holds them back, burying his face in Kylo’s shoulder.

Only when Hux’s mind has quietened does he realise that Kylo has remained abnormally still.

“Ren?” Hux whispers, frowning. “Why won’t you hold me?”

As Hux’s wishes, Kylo’s hands find themselves on his waist and, for a moment, the galaxy is right.

But even the burn of a sun’s supernova wouldn’t be as painful as feeling Kylo’s hands push him away. Hux stumbles back with a startled gasp, eyes wide with fear.

“Ren?” Hux doesn’t understand. The man in front of him looks like his Kylo but everything about his movements and expressions is screaming at Hux to back away from him.

The imposter flexes his fingers, and Hux can’t help but glance to the lightsaber hanging from his belt and then to the blaster in the holster on his opposite hip.

Kylo despises blasters.

“That’s not my name,” Kylo says, and Hux feels his stomach drop. “My name is Ben. Solo.”

“No,” Hux gasps, shaking his head. “Your name is Kylo Ren. Master of the Knights of Ren and heir to the Dark Side. Ben Solo is dead. You told me so yourself!”

Hux recalls the countless times that Kylo has recited stories from his childhood to him, telling him tales of a young boy called Ben who felt unloved and lost, a boy who was sacrificed in order for Kylo Ren to be born.

Hux shivers, feeling as though he’s staring down a ghost.

“The Resistance has bartered with your captors for your release, General,” Ben says, pulling a pair of thick binders off his belt. “And I’m here to arrest you.”

Hux opens his mouth to speak but a broken heave for air comes out instead, and he wonders whether the sound is his soul shattering into a thousand shards, piercing his heart, threatening to render him to his knees and beg for someone to wake him from this nightmare.

“It’d be best if you remained calm, Starkiller,” Ben sneers, spitting out the nickname that he’d whispered to Hux whilst kissing over his freckles, comparing them to stardust. “The Resistance are going to make you answer for your crimes against the galaxy. And snakes like you don’t deserve mercy.”

Ren, for stars sake! Snap out of it!” Hux cries, backhanding Ben across the face, whipping some hairs out of his bun. He hangs his head, hair obscuring his eyes. “They’ve done something to you! Manipulated you! It’s me, it’s your ‘Tidge, don’t do this. Please.”

Ben brings his communicator up to his lips, face still hidden to Hux’s eyes.

“This is Captain Solo. The prisoner is refusing to cooperate. I’m in need of back-up. Bring extra binders,” he says, and Hux flinches.

Yes, Captain. We’re on our way,” comes the static-y reply before Ben drops the comlink to the ground and stands up.

Hux’s breath is suddenly ripped away from him, an invisible hand curling around his throat as he’s pushed back to the wall, back hitting it with force to the point where he feels winded. Gasping, eyes wide, Hux clutches at his throat, terror swelling in every nerve when he looks up and sees the man he would give his final breath for attempting to steal it from him. Ben’s hand is outstretched, lip curled in a scowl, and Hux believes that his once-beautiful knight is going to kill him.

“K-Kylo…” Hux whispers, voice breaking, eyes slowly closing. “M-my moon and my s-stars.”

Ben falters for a moment, gasping as though in pain as he drops Hux from his Force-hold, and Hux can’t find the strength in his legs to hold himself up so collapses to the ground in a weakened heap, breathing ragged and broken. Tears stream down his cheeks, from the lack of air or from being completely heartbroken, Hux isn’t sure.

Either way, he doesn’t expect to look up and see Ben on his knees in front of him, eyes wide, dark and lost.

Ben cocks his head to the side as though a confused animal, eyebrows drawn together in a saddened frown, and Hux loses the remainder of his strength.

He lurches forwards, taking Ben’s plush lips up in a fervent and longing kiss, fill with desperation, a silent and absolute plea for Hux’s Ren to come back home.

“It’s me,” Hux whispers. “Ren. Wake up. This isn’t you.

Ben blinks hard, shaking his head, mouth falling open as though to finally say something

“Captain Solo!”

Hux flinches back when Ben stands up so abruptly, turning to face the gaggle of Resistance fighters who stand in the doorway, blasters trained on Hux.

“Cuff him,” one of the men says. “Get him back on the ship and lock him in the brig. Scum.”

Hux stares up at Ben, wanting to whisper his name but finds that it won’t come; he doesn’t believe Ben is the name of the man in front of him. They’d kissed—and Ben had kissed him back.

He doesn’t take note of the binders being snapped around his wrists, he doesn’t growl when he’s hauled to his feet, but he whimpers when he’s dragged past Ben and out of his cell, looking back over his shoulder at the lost boy standing alone.

Ben Solo is dead,’ Hux thinks, closing his eyes in some sort of relief. ‘Kylo Ren is alive. He’s alive.’

As he watches the Starkiller be dragged away, Ben reaches up and touches his lips, feeling as though a spark is nestled upon them, sending shivers down his spine, recalling how the General’s kiss had made him feel.

It felt familiar, it felt warm.

And it felt like home, like rushing in to your lover’s arms after a long time away, like falling into bed and sleeping next to each other, like existing with someone inside a bubble and not caring what the rest of the galaxy is doing because this is home.

But Ben pushes his hand against his throbbing temple. This couldn’t be: this is the first time he’s even met General Armitage Hux. That’s what his mother and uncle have told him.

And his family wouldn’t lie….would they?

His Comfort

Note: Kylo relishes being consoled by you on his tiring days because it reminds him of the kind of love and care that Leia had for her little Ben.

Requested by:Anon. I changed it a teensy bit!

Originally posted by augustren

When Ben Solo was young, nothing soothed him more than his mother’s hugs. There was something about being held by someone who had so much love for him that eased any worries befitting a bit of his age.

Of course, it wasn’t long after this brief childhood that he was sent off to train with his uncle. It was then when he realised how much he truly missed the feeling of being loved. Of knowing that someone else cared for him and about him.

But as he grew older, Ben began to distance himself from such an idea. The all-too-pleasant idea of a mother’s love became unfamiliar to him. Unnecessary. For how genuine was a mother’s love when she was the one who had sent you away?

It was because of this that Kylo Ren never imagined he would ever feel anything close to love for anyone. Ever.

As the Commander of the First Order, Kylo’s travels took him to every corner of the Galaxy and not once had he felt a presence as strong as yours through the Force. When he finally saw you on your home planet, all the doubts and mistrust he had towards love disappeared. It sounded terribly cliché, but this was a man who had prepared to go the rest of his entire life unloved and not loving anyone else.

In the middle on and inter-galactic war, a time of absolute chaos and mayhem, you had found each other. A source of comfort and strength at a time you both needed it most. Kylo wasn’t one to believe in fate, but you were. That’s why you agreed to accompany him back on The Finalizer a few years ago.

And in those years, something within Kylo changed. He allowed himself to be honest and open with you. To love you as much as you loved him. He felt like a young boy again, swimming in the love and affection of another who cared so much for him. With you, it was different. You loved him despite everything he had done. But when you comforted him, it was like he became the scared and confused boy again. In need of another’s care to tell him everything would be okay. Of course, this was all within the confines of your shared quarters. Beyond that, he was still the same cold and unforgiving Commander everyone knew him to be. But you didn’t mind that. That’s how he was, how he had to be.

These were the thoughts spinning through Kylo’s mind as he marched towards your quarters. The last week had been terrible and this day had been particularly draining. Kylo was aware how late it was and silently hoped you might still be awake.

He entered your quarters as quietly as he could manage. Returning at this time was later than usual, even for him. You would have been back for hours now. Sure enough as he stepped silently into your bedroom, he saw you sleeping peacefully on your shared bed.

He sighed to himself, he had hoped he would get to speak to you after the day he had just had. Talking to you seemed to ease his troubles just enough that he could get to sleep, even if only for a little while.

He removed his helmet, robe and boots as he watched over you. Even as you slept, there was something so comforting about your presence.

He didn’t bother moving the blanket, instead lying on top of it. As the bed dipped, you began to stir slightly. Kylo cursed himself as he saw you starting to wake up.

“Hmm… K-Kylo?” You mumbled sleepily as you opened your eyes slowly.

“Shhh, Y/N, go back to sleep,” Kylo said quietly, softly kissing your hair before turning to his side.

“Is everything alright?” You asked as you rubbed your eyes, his tone sounded off.

“I’m fine, Y/N,” he said quietly, cursing again at how perceptive you were, “Sleep my love, we’ll speak in the morning” he told you again.

You raised an eyebrow, slowly sitting up. A small lamp you had left on for Kylo gave enough light for you to see his face.

You frowned, “What happened today?” You took in his hollow expression. He looked so empty. Unfortunately, it was a look you had been seeing far too often on him lately.

Kylo shook his head slightly as he leaned up on his elbows, “Nothing that can’t be talked about tomorrow.”

You sighed, leaning over to him and resting your palm against his cheek, “Talk to me know,” you pressed on gently. You both knew he wouldn’t be getting any sleep if he didn’t.

Kylo leaned into your touch heavily, craving more of the warm feeling he had when you skin made contact, “Y/N…” He let out a shaky breath, “I feel so… so lost.”

When he didn’t continue, you took your other hand, and entwined your fingers with his, soothingly tracing circles with your thumb.

“Some days it’s like I don’t even know what I’m doing.”

“Oh darling, we all have days like that, trust me,” you gave him a light smile.

His lips were pressed into a tight line as he lowered his head, “I mean I don’t know what I’m doing here, on this base– As the Commander. Sometimes it all feels pointless,” he looked back up to you, waiting for a response.

“Well that’s not such a ridiculous thought, Kylo. You’re still young after all, you have your entire life yet to live. Surely it’s normal for you to be having these thoughts. Have you spoken to anyone else about this? The Supreme Leader, perhaps?”

He shook his head, “Who else could I talk to about this, Y/N? Smoke would deem it treason to even have these thoughts, let alone speak them aloud. Besides, everyone else be damned, I only care what you think.”

“We could run away,” you proposed jokingly. Your heart swelled as Kylo smiled slightly at your words.

“One day, my sweet Y/N. When this war between Light and Dark is over, I’ll take us both away. Somewhere far from here,” he brought your hand up to his lips and kissed it.

“I don’t think this war will ever truly be over,” you admitted, “The only the thing you can do is choose which side you want to fight for.”

“I would never go back. Not after everything I’ve done.”

You nodded slowly, “Then you have an answer to your worries.”

Kylo nodded too, but you could tell he wasn’t satisfied by hearing that.

You sat fully upright now, letting go of him completely as you extended your arms out, “C'mere,” you whispered.

Kylo reacted immediately, leaning against your chest as you wrapped your arms around him. Your touch was so healing, and this was often how you would end these sorts of discussions because you had learned that it was the only way to soothe Kylo.

You rubbed your hand slowly up and down Kylo’s arm, the other tangled in his hair as he leaned in closer to you, basking in your warmth.

You stayed like that for a few moments before finally speaking.

“I refuse to believe that there is no light left in you, Kylo– Imagine what your workers might think if they saw their Commander being consoled like this by an officer.”

“But you’re not just any officer, Y/N… I’m not in love with all my officers, am I?”

You shrugged, “You tell me.”

Kylo chuckled lightly at that and your smile widened. Nothing made you happier than knowing Kylo was too.

“I mean, Kylo. You’re not all Dark as Snoke might have you believe,” you said, slightly cautious that you didn’t offend Kylo. Even after these thoughts he would have, Kylo still felt indebted to his master.

“You always see the good in people, Y/N. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve you. That I should return you to your home planet and let you live a happy and normal life. Free of all this mess in my life,” he said honestly.

“Nonsense,” you said, kissing his hair, “I love you too much to ever untangle myself from you life. Even if it’s a mess… Besides it’s our mess now,” you added.

“You always know what to say to me,” Kylo whispered, starting to sound sleepy as he finally found comfort in your arms, “I love you, Y/N.”

You grinned, as much affection as he showed you, he didn’t often say those words to you. Of course, you knew how he felt, but Kylo was always reserved in speaking them to you.

“I love you too,” you hummed as Kylo’s breathing shifted. You smiled, glad he was getting some rest. Soon enough, your eyes drooped as you began to drift off too.

Perhaps you were right that Kylo had Light still left in him. Because in moments like these, Ben Solo and Kylo Ren became one. You gave him something he could on to, someone he could trust. And just like that, Kylo felt like Ben again. Enveloped in a feeling of love and warmth. Wrapped in the embrace of someone who loved him as much as he loved them, knowing that they would hold him for as long as he needed.

To Deserve You (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2047

Warnings: Gets a lil raunchy, fluff (seriously it’s so sweet it’s almost cavity inducing)

Summary: Ben and Y/N have been dating in secret, but when Y/N is due to fill in as Zoe, what will happen?

A/N: Hey. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m severity obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen, and Ben Platt is just the best, so here’s another imagine

“Good morning Music Box!” I called as I walked into the theatre, writing my name on the sign in sheet. “Morning Y/N.” Kristolyn said, walking in with a coffee in tow. “Hey Kris. Ready for the day?” I asked and she nodded, taking a sip of her coffee. “Sure am. You excited to be playing Zoe for the first time?” She asked, smirking at me slightly. “Of course. This is my Broadway debut Kris.” I said cautiously, walking up the stairs. “That’s good, that’s good.” Kristolyn said and I arched an eyebrow at her. “You’re acting weird, but I’m gonna forget about it for now.” I said and Kris laughed, making her way towards her dressing room. “I’ll see you later Y/N.” She said and I nodded, waving at her. “See ya Kris.” I muttered, turning around on my heels. I put my hands in my pockets and walked briskly over to one particular dressing room. I knocked on the door lightly, hoping the inhabitant would answer. “Hey Ben, its Y/N!” I called out and the door almost immediately flung open. “Hey Y/N!” Ben said, bringing me into a tight hug. “Hey babe. How are you?” I said, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “A lot better now that you’re here.” Ben said and I rolled my eyes affectionately. “You’re lucky I’m not lactose intolerant, because you are so cheesy.” I retorted and Ben laughed, his eyes bright. “But enough about me. I feel like such a gushy boyfriend, but I’m so proud of you already.” Ben said and I untangled myself from his embrace, sitting down on the couch. “It’s times like this that I’m reminded of how much I love you.” I said and Ben’s cheeks flushed pink as he pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I love you too Y/N, and I’m very excited to actually get to kiss you in front of people tonight.” Ben said and I felt my cheeks heat up. “Getting to play your girlfriend will be a breeze, Benji.” I said, lying down and putting my head in his lap. Ben let out a content sigh and ran his fingers through my hair. “Don’t you wish you could just replay moments over and over again?” Ben said and I nodded slightly, looking up at Ben. “Every time I’m with you.” I said and Ben let out a chuckle, his fingers expertly moving through my hair. “And I’m the cheesy one.” Ben mused and I blew him a kiss. “You know you love it.” I retorted as I sat up, wrapping my legs around Ben’s waist. “Mm, I do love it.” Ben said, his voice lowering slightly. I smirked and shifted forward, the friction making Ben let out a low moan. “Don’t tease me Y/L/N.” Ben almost growled and my smirk only grew. “Don’t make it so easy to tease you, Platt.” I replied, the words barely leaving my mouth before Ben slammed his lips onto mine. The kiss was rougher than anything I was used to, and I loved it. I ran my hands down his chest and slipped them under the hem of his shirt, his skin burning against my fingers. I broke the kiss and lifted his shirt off, enjoying the sight that greeted me. “Like what you see?” Ben said cockily, and I scanned his abdomen quickly. “Oh, you know I do.” I said before recapturing his lips in a fiery kiss. He swiftly removed my shirt and I let out a moan as his hands ran over my torso. “God I love you.” He mumbled as I straddled him, looking up at me lustfully. I moved my hips and Ben groaned, bucking his hips up to meet mine. “Hey Ben, do you mind if I… oh my God!” The two of us jumped up at the horrified voice of Will Roland, faces flushed and hair messed up. “Uh… hi Will.” Ben said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. “What did I just walk in on?” Will said, clearly still mortified. The two of us laughed awkwardly, fully aware that we were both half naked. “You’re a grown man Will. Surely you can make an educated guess.” I muttered, keeping my gaze as far from Will as possible. “I will never get this image out of my head.” Will muttered and I buried my head in Ben’s chest, my face about as hot as the Sun. “So, are you two dating, or just screwing around?” Will finally asked after what seemed like an eternal silence. “Oh my God, Will!” Ben said, and Will laughed nervously. “I’ll take that as a yes for dating.” Will said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Yeah. Now, can you please get out of here?” Ben said, voicing my thoughts exactly. “Ok, but that won’t stop me from telling the others, you know.” Will said as he left and I groaned into Ben’s bare chest. “I knew we were eventually going to be found out, but this was probably the worst possible way.” I said, lifting my head off Ben’s chest. “I totally agree. That was, however, the hottest make out session I have ever had.” Ben said and I playfully whacked his chest. “Oh stop it.” I said coyly, picking my shirt off the ground. “It’s true!” Ben exclaimed and I rolled my eyes affectionately. I slipped my shirt on just before we were interrupted by a knock on the dressing room door. The knock was just politeness, because two figures came barrelling through the door. “I can’t believe you two didn’t tell us you were dating!” Rachel exclaimed, wrapping us both in a big hug. “I can’t believe you had to find out via Will walking in on us.” I said and Rachel and Jennifer both laughed. “I know, sweetie, I know. But, at least it’ll be easy for you two to play your roles tonight.” Jennifer said and I smiled at Ben. “Yeah, it most certainly will.” I said, kissing Ben’s cheek. “Now, I don’t mean to be rude, but can you lovely ladies give Y/N and I a moment please?” Ben said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. “Sure thing. As adorable as mini Platt’s and Y/L/N’s running around would be, just remember to be safe you guys!” Rachel shouted and Ben and I both groaned. “Thanks moms.” Ben said and the women chuckled as they left the room. “I love you Y/N, and you’re going to be a better Zoe than Laura, I can tell.” Ben whispered in my ear, his arms wrapped tightly around me. “I love you too. You’re always there for me, and now I’m glad we can be open about our relationship.” I said, resting my forehead against Ben’s. “You should probably head to your dressing room, but I’ll see you later.” Ben said and I nodded, pressing a kiss to his lips. “I love you.” I said and Ben smiled brightly. “I love you too. Now get your cute little ass out of here.” He said and I chuckled, blowing him a kiss as I left. “Well, well, well.” I heard a voice say and I jumped. “Christ, Will, you have to stop doing that.” I replied and Will chuckled, walking up the stairs beside me. “I am actually very happy for you two.” He said and I smiled, glancing over at him. “Thanks Will. I’m very sorry you had to see what you saw.” I said and Will let out a loud laugh. “It’s all good. To be honest, we were all putting bets on when you and Ben would get together. The sexual tension between the two of you was almost unbearable, but now I know why.” Will said and I whacked him lightly on the shoulder. “That really doesn’t surprise me, to be completely honest.” I replied, making my way over to my dressing room. “See you later Y/N!” Will said as he turned off into his own dressing room. The time before the show passed incredibly quickly, and before I knew it it was time to start Act 1. I was in full costume, and there were 5 minutes to places. “Ben, I’m starting to get really nervous.” I said, wrapping my arms around his waist. “I have the utmost faith in you, and just remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re Y/N Y/L/N or Zoe Murphy, I will still love you.” He said and I gave him a bright smile. “I would kiss you, but I don’t want to ruin any of this makeup.” I said and Ben pouted, a disappointed look on his face. “But I want to kiss my incredibly beautiful, talented girlfriend.” Ben whined, tugging on the sleeves of my shirt. “Benjamin Schiff Platt, you are such a child.” I teased, tapping his nose. “Come on lovebirds. It’s time for places.” Mike said as he walked past, tapping Ben on the shoulder. “Ok, fine. Let’s go Y/N.” Ben said and I smiled at him, waving as we walked away from each other. “You got this Y/N.” I whispered to myself as I got ready to begin my Broadway debut. Act 1 passed in a blur, but my kiss with Ben at the end stood out to me. That kiss wasn’t stage acting, and it gave me serious butterflies. “Oh my God, Y/N, you did so well!” Ben said, pulling me into a quick hug during intermission. “Thanks babe.” I said and Ben squeezed my torso. “I don’t want to watch your life fall apart onstage next act Benny.” I said and Ben shrugged. “It’s all fake baby. I think we’ve gotta get back onstage, but I’ll see you up there.”  Ben said, winking at me as he walked away. I waved at him and prepared myself for another, slightly more gruelling, act of the show. I was wiping away tears by the time curtain call came around, and when I took my bow, thee cheers of the audience blew me away. I looked over at Ben, only to catch him beaming over at me. “I love you.” I mouthed over at Ben and his cheeks flushed as he mouthed back “I love you too.” Once the cast had taken their individual bows I was ready to do the group bow, but Ben’s voice suddenly sounded through the theatre. “Hey guys! This is a little unplanned, and stage management may kill me for this, but I have something I’d like to say.” Ben said and the audience cheered incredibly loudly. “Anyway, how many of you guys noticed that Miss Laura Dreyfus had to step out as Zoe tonight, huh?” The audience roared, and I blushed, looking down at the stage. “Well, I’d like to congratulate Miss Y/N Y/L/N, my incredible, wonderful girlfriend.” Before Ben could continue talking the roar of the audience became unbearable. “Come on you guys! Benjamin is trying to be romantic, so hush.” Will said and the shouts and cheers of the audience quickly became laughter. “I would like to congratulate my wonderful girlfriend Y/N for not only performing exceptionally as Zoe Murphy, but for also making her Broadway debut! That’s right! Her Broadway debut.” Ben said and I looked over at him, the roar of the audience quieting slightly. “You’re gonna make me cry Ben.” I said and the audience laughed, the cast members joining in. “I love you so much, and I am so proud of the efforts you put in tonight, and all the rehearsals before hand. Happy debut Y/N.” Ben said, and I rushed over to him, pulling him into a tight embrace. “What did I do to deserve you?” I muttered and Ben kissed the top of my head, not caring about the audience. “I could say the same thing Y/N.” Ben replied, rubbing my back. “Give it up for young love, both on and offstage!” Kristolyn said and I looked out at the audience, a wave of joy crashing over me. “Nothing will ever, ever beat tonight.” Ben muttered once we were out near the stage door. “That’s very true. Unless, of course, you decide to ask me to marry you.” I said and Ben froze for a second. “"Earth to Benjamin, come in.” I said, waving a hand in front of his face. “"Sorry. I was just thinking.” Ben said and I looked at him quizzically. “About what?” I replied. “"How nice of a ring Y/N Platt has.”

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Dead Boy Walking (Ben Platt X Reader)

a/n: so this has been done a million times, but I changed it up a bit. also, listening to the music while reading makes it a lot more…. yum. It was going to be smut, but I got kinda lazy, so it’s just really sexual.

w/c: 971

Ben walked around on the stage, his skirt bouncing as he clicked in his heels. He was embarrassed by the outfit his co-workers said he had to wear, but not as embarrassed as he would be. Tonight, the cast of Dear Evan Hansen had decided to perform various songs from musicals, and on of course, you and Ben were assigned Dead Girl Walking. You were JD, and Ben was playing Veronica. You were sitting on the DEH stage bed, waiting for your cue.

“The demon queen of high school has decreed it: She says Monday, 8AM, I will be deleted. They’ll hunt me down in study hall, stuff and mount me on the wall. Thirty hours to live— How shall I spend them?” Ben sang, getting really into character. Your hands were sweaty, and you thought about the rehearsals you and Ben has shared, privately. (a/n catch my drift? ;3)

“I don’t have to stay and die like cattle,I could change my name and ride up to Seattle.. But I don’t own a motorbike. Wait—here’s an option that I like: Spend these thirty hours gettin’ freakay! Yeah!”

“I need it hard, I’m a dead girl walkin’. I’m in your yard, I’m a dead girl walkin’. Before they punch my clock, I’m snappin’ off your window lock. Got no time to knock, I’m a dead girl walking!”

“Veronica? What are you doing in my room?“ You laughed when the light on stage lit you up. You stood up from your spot on the bed, only to be pushed back down by Ben.

“Shh,” Ben hushed you. “ Sorry, but I really had to wake you. See, I decided I must ride you till I break you, ‘Cause Heather says I gots to go, you’re my last meal on death row. Shut your mouth and lose them tighty-whities!” Ben straddled you, snapping the white boxers you were wearing.

‘Come on! Tonight I’m yours, I’m your dead girl walkin’! Get on all fours, kiss this dead girl walkin’! Let’s go, you know the drill, I’m hot and pissed and on the pill! Bow down to the will of a dead girl walking!” Ben sang beautifully, ripping your tanktop off.

“And you know, you know, you know, it’s ‘cause you’re beautiful.” Ben gently caressed your face, turning red and smiling. ”You say you’re numb inside but I can’t agree. So the world’s unfair, keep it locked out there! In here it’s beautiful.. Let’s make this beautiful!”

“That works for me, oop!” You said as Ben leaned forward a aggressively made out with you. The lights were dim as Ben stuck his tongue into your mouth and pulled away towards the end of the instrumental break. Your face was red, and you were almost positive Ben had a tent in his skirt.

“Yeah! Full steam ahead! Take this dead girl walkin’-” Ben smirked at you, quickly wiping a bit of saliva off his lips.

“How’d you find my address?-” You sat up, propping yourself up with your arms.

“Let’s break the bed, Rock this dead girl walkin’!-”

“I think you tore my mattress!” You cried, trying not to laugh.

“No sleep tonight for you, better chug that Mountain Dew!” Ben thrust an empty bottle of Mt. Dew into your hand, and you pretended to chug it.

“Okay, okay!” You cried meekly, throwing the glass bottle to the side.

“Get your ass in gear, make this whole town disappear!” Ben cried, getting close up to you again.

“Okay, okay!” You smiled, getting louder and more confident.

“Slap me!” Ben faked slapped you, making you pull his hair next. “Pull my hair! Touch me, there and there and there!” For every there, Ben guided your hands all over his body. He made you squeeze his hips, rub his groin, and grope his butt. Ben ripped his button up shirt off, turning red.

“And no more talkin’-”


“Love this dead girl walkin’!” Ben had started to grind into you as you pushed up to grind into him, to the beat of the song. This was the part where you and Ben had to take a break together, usually alone in your dressing room.

Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Yeah, yeah!” You sang, biting your lip as Ben grind down onto you.

“Love this dead girl!” You and Ben sang together. You felt a heat growing in your stomach, and immediately knew your plans for after the show.

“Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Wait, wait!” You cried, your face going red once again.

“Love this dead girl!” Ben’s voice sang beautifully, only turning you on more.

“Yeah!” Ben had grinded onto you in a lusty way.

“Yeah!” Again.

“Yeah!” Again.

“Ow!” You cried, almost forgetting your line. You were about to moan out and whimper at the much needed friction.

“Yeah!” You both sang at the top of your lungs, the lights going completely dark. Ben stood up and quickly picked his clothes up, pulling you off the stage to go finish you off in the dressing room. When the lights turned on and everyone was expecting you to be there to bow together, you two were long gone.

Will sauntered onto the stage, smirking. “Well, those two are probably getting it on by now!”