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Castiel's Past in The Great Escapist

I’ve thought ever since the show introduced Naomi that she was the one who bible-camped Cas and Anna in seasons 4 and 5.

I had no idea it went way further back, and it’s basically swamping me with emotion. 

Do you guys realize what Naomi implied?

Cas was there the night the angels killed the firstborn children in Egypt during the Exodus. And he refused to participate. That or he was so scarred by what they were forced to do that Naomi had to scrub it from his brain, but knowing Cas, I’m going with the first option.

Our little Cas, the foot soldier with a crack in his chassis, has been on humanity’s side since the Old Testament.

And thanks to Naomi, he didn’t even KNOW.

This also means that Naomi has spent literally several millenia trying to get this one unimportant angel under control and she couldn’t do it. He chooses humanity every time.