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I went to see “This Show Is Not Funny” at UCB Sunset and their guests were Tatiana Maslany, Ben Schwartz, Thomas Middleditch, and Gil Ozeri!

The show was AMAZING and afterwards I got to meet both Tat and Tom (Cullen)! Such awesome and wonderful people. Love them both!

Meeting some of my favorite people and watching my fave (Improv) at my favorite place (UCB), what a great night! <3

Not that anyone cares, since there’s like two people left on here in the BBC Our Girl fandom, but I’m finally getting round to writing an update for my Captain Dawsey fic “4,897 Miles Be Damned” [ | AO3], since S3 is now in production. 

I just can’t with these two. Still such an OTP, even if they’ll never be in new series of OG again. 

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