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Violence isn’t an answer

The Maze Runner Imagine (Gally)

Request: Could you do a Gally imagine where she is a runner and one day she barely makes it through the doors but when she does she passes out and Gally starts freaking out? Super fluffy please! Thank you :)

Note: Thanks for the request, anon! It actually became a bit different but I hope you like it though! :)

“They should be long back by now,” Newt rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Calm down. They’re going to make it. As always,” Gally replied forcing himself to believe and follow his own words. Calm down. Easier said than done.

It was undeniable that he was afraid. What would he do if they didn’t make it? Nobody had ever survived a night in the Maze. The grievers made sure. “Come on, (Y/N),” he thought as he continued to knead his hands. The other Gladers stretched their necks to get a better view.

All of a sudden a figure stumbled around the corner. Minho. Everybody started to scream his name. Except for Gally. “Come on, Minho!” Newt cried, clapping his hands to encourage him. “You can do it.” Only a few metres more separated him from the Glade. And he made it. Relief was written all over his face. Frypan patted his shoulder.

Gally slashed himself a way through the boys. “Where is she?” Minho looked up. “I don’t know.” “You left her behind to save your own ass?” He was on the brink of punching him. “I’m sorry, man.” A deafening sound filled the air. The doors began to close. Shuck!

“There she is!” Chuck screamed and pointed at the limping girl who prepared herself for the last sprint. The boys gathered around the entrance. The distance between the doors dropped with every second.

“(Y/N)!” Shuck, she can’t leave him. She had to make it. But the odds were against her. “She’s too far away,” Newt muttered earning a punch against the arm from Minho. “Shut up. She’ll make it.” “If you shuck-face had stayed with her, she’d be already here. In safety,” the keeper of the builders hissed. His fists were clenched.

As if she was able to see the hopeful yet begging glimmer in his green eyes she raised her pace one last time. A desperate attempt to survive. She succeed. Completely out of breath (Y/N) reached at the Glade. The cheers of the boys died down immediately when her eyeballs turned backwards. Automatically Gally caught her.

At this moment the only emotion he was able to feel was fear. Pure fear of losing her. He had lost his best friend Ben. His heart couldn’t bear another loss. “Someone get Jeff and Clint!” He screamed, his voice already shaking.

While Minho pulled away from the crowd to afford the command, he tightened the grip around the petite body of the girl. “It’s going to be okay,” he whispered stroking her hair. “You’re not going to leave me.”

Minho returned with the two med-jacks just two minutes later. For him it felt like an eternity. Jeff and Clint began with some trials to try and wake her up. “Do something more effective!” Gally urged waving his hands like crazy through the air. “She’s going to die! Look at her wound!” Clint grabbed one of his arms. “Calm down, shank. We do everything we can. We don’t have magical powers.”

After checking her one last time Clint arrived at a decision. “Let’s get her into the hut. We need to clean and sew the wound. And she surly is worn out. With a few hours of sleep she’ll be the old one again by the end of the week.”

(Y/N)’s POV:

My feet burnt like hell. My lungs felt as if they would burst any moment. My heart was racing. The still bleeding wound on my side didn’t make it any better. But now wasn’t the time to encumber. I had to make it back in time.

I could already hear the deep grinding sound of the doors closing. Minho was probably already back at the Glade. To spur myself I imagined Newt, Fry, Chuck and my other friends cheering for me. I imagined Alby quietly praying for me to come back. And I imagined Gally standing in the front row screaming my name like his life depends on it. With those pictures in mind I rounded the last corner.

The Glade came into my field of vision. Immediately the volume of the screams trebled. The main reason for my return weren’t the (Y/N)’s or the come on’s. It was the expression on Gally’s face. His eyes begging me make it. And I did. At least physically.

As soon as my feet touched the soft grass of the Glade my body couldn’t take it any longer. My vision went black and I fell into complete darkness.


At first I didn’t know where I was until I slowly recognized the bottles of medicine. The med-jacks hut. My head was pounding and my side drew inconveniently. Jeff and Clint had cleaned the wound and deep down in my still dizzy mind I remembered something like, “This needs to be sewn. Just a few stitches, (Y/N).”

Since nobody was here now I decided to crawl out of my bed to stretch my legs. But I didn’t come any further than the closed door because on the other side I could hear the enraged voices of Gally and Minho. It seemed like they were in the middle of an argument. Curious as I was I laid an ear on the cold wood to eavesdrop.

“A shucking griever attacked us so we separated!” That was Minho. “Do you remember the promise you gave me? That you’ll never leave her side not matter what?” Gally spat. “Yeah, I remember and I did everything to not break it!” “But you did break it! You shuck-face left her all alone out there!” “You don’t understand! I wanted to draw the attention of the Griever on me, so (Y/N) had a chance to escape!” Minho’s voice slightly rose with every word. “Then your super genius plan didn’t work because she got hurt. Did you see the wound? After Jeff was finished cleaning it he said if she would have been any longer in the Maze she probably would have died! And now tell me again you just wanted to protect her!”

I was taken aback by Gally’s sudden outburst. “Listen, Gally, little I understand that you’re mad at me and you preferably want to punch me. But I’m sick of you constantly yelling at me for not protecting her. (Y/N)’s not a weak little girl. She is strong and she can handle the pitfalls of the Maze by herself. So quit acting like you’re her boss or whatever and finally go back to work!” Therewith the conversation was past. Wow I never experienced Minho this upset.

Maybe I should just pretend I hadn’t heard… Too late. My thoughts were interrupted by Gally. “(Y/N). Hi, how long uhm have you been standing there?”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Long enough to hear your little talk with Minho.” “Shuck,” he ran his hand through his short blonde hair.

“I didn’t know that the fact I’m a runner now gave you such a hard time.” “No, I’m proud of you for prevailing against the other boys. It just sucks to never know if I see you again or not.” “You’re not going to get rid of me that easy. I’m dogged,” smiling I poked his side.

He slung his arms around my waist. Automatically I buried my face into his chest. “Is it selfish wanting to protect something that’s yours?” I couldn’t help but smile. “No it’s not. It’s actually pretty cute. I’m truly honoured of being able to reveal the nice side of you.” His chest vibrated as he chuckled. “What should I say? You’ve got me under your spell.” A evilly grin spread crept onto my face as I lifted my head. “Good.”

“I love you, shuck-face,” his lips softly brushed my nose. “Love you too, slinthead.” I had to stand on tiptoes to be ever able to reach his lips. “I’m sorry for being such an idiot sometimes.” “You’re forgiven. But please promise me you’ll never going to punch Minho. Violence isn’t an answer.” “You have to admit, sometimes he deserves it.” “I don’t care. Just don’t do it.”

Sighing he rolled his eyes causing me to raise an eyebrow. “Fine. I’m not going to harm that shank even if he’s annoying as clunk.” “That’s what I wanted to hear. And now, you want to grab something to eat? Because I’m starving.” He nodded in agreement. “Sounds good.”