ben corbett

I lost count of the nights I’ve spent internet stalking my imaginary celebrity husband and the regretful mornings when I wake up feeling like a sore tit.

D and D alignment meme for Pasta Westerns, some reasons/who’s who under the cut. Please note that I interpret ‘lawful’ as ‘most likely to stick to a defined set of rules/code and not deviate from it’ rather than literally ‘follows the law’.

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So I met Virginia Corbett, wife of Bill Corbett of the MST3k crew, while working on the 31st at my temp job at a Halloween store. I’ve been meaning to do this awhile back, but now that I had incentive I decided to get working on it a whole 10 days after it occurred. She was lovely.

I hope Bill sees this or something, since I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter.


Good Morning from Scotland

Via Flickr:
The Cairngorms as seen at dawn from the summit of Morrone. A stitch of four portrait shots.